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1950s Style Dress Vintage
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1950s Style Dress Vintage Outfit Ideas

If you are going to a cocktail party soon and want to wear something very creative, what about surprising your friends with a vintage look by wearing a 1950's dress? This usually means a swing dress that comes with a vintage design. Although I have no idea what happened in the 50's, but the lovely and classic swings dresses seem to be the most trendy to wear in that era. Remember to style your hair in a vintage way to pair with your vintage dress. Anyway, to better show you how to style it, I've put together a list of some of the best 1950s dress apparel apparel. Let's dive in. 

Teal and white lace 1950s dress

Let me start with the list of a very interesting vintage schoolgirl look that will be your next cocktail party outfit idea. This 1950s dress here is a teal and white swing dress that comes with the white lace collar detail. Pair it with white heels and a small green clutch bag to complete this vintage look. 

Navy blue and white Polka Dot Halter Neck 1950s style dress

navy and white polka dot halter neck 50's style dress

This dress here may be something you already have in your wardrobe, but to unlock the vintage look, you must also style your hair in a 1950s style. In detail, wear this navy blue and white dotted halter neck swing dress with pink rounded toe heels to get a ladylike look. 

White and blush pink floral printed style 50's dress

white and pink pink floral printed 1950s dress with swings

A floral printed dress can also give you that vintage feel, especially when the dress comes in white and pink. In detail, it is a pink and white floral printed midi swing dress. Pair it with a pair of pink heels with ribbon details. The result is a very vintage and playful look. 

Dark green deep V-neck 1950s dress with turn

dark green deep v-neck in 1950s style dress

Sometimes it's the color that gives you the vintage feel. Here, for example, is a dark green deep v-midi swing dress that has the vintage look in it. To design the dress you can simply wear a pair of black shiny leather heels to complete the look. 

White and blush pink floral printed swing dress

white and blush pink floral printed swing dress

If you are not sure why this beautiful dress has that vintage feel to it, look at the top of the dress. It has a button up design that makes the dress look so beautiful and nice. In detail, it is a white and blush pink floral printed vintage swing dress. Wear pink heels with open toe to complement the costume female. 

Pink dress with pink halter neck

pink halter neck floral tube swing dress

This is the kind of dress that you can imagine ladies in the picnic time clothes, at least it is so it seems based on what I learn from the movies. Anyway, to achieve this look, you can simply wear a pink swing dress with pink halter neck tubes filled with exaggerated floral print. Wear brown heels with sandals to complete this stunning look. 

White V-neck Maxi 1950s Maxi Swing Dress

white max neck maxi from 1950s style maxi swing dress

This beautiful white dress can be considered a vintage wedding dress. Having it as one of your wedding dresses in your wedding photo shoot can be very interesting. To form this outfit, you can simply wear this white v-neck maxi swing dress with white pointed toe heels to complete this completely white look. 

Blue and white vertical striped Midi Swing Dress

blue and white vertical striped midi swing dress

This is a very uniquely designed dress that is filled with so many stylish and vintage details. Generally it is a sky blue and white vertically striped midi swing dress but there is more in the dress. It also has some lovely button-down details at the top of the dress. Pair it with pale pink strappy heels to complete the look. 

White lace sleeve, combed edge in 1950s style Swing Dress

white lace sleeve in combed edge in 1950s style dress

This outfit has an intense feminine feel in it thanks to the details of the house. It is a white mini-swing dress with lace sleeves and combed neckline and hem. To build a vintage look around this beautiful dress, simply use pale pink pointed toe heels and wear a pair of vintage pearl earrings. 

Black half-heated dress with v-neck

black half-heated deep v-neck dress

For those of you who want to try on a 1950s dress without really following a vintage hairstyle, you can still look great but the 50s feel can hardly be seen. Here is, for example, a black half-heated deep v-neck dress in the v-neck that can give you the vintage look. Yet you simply wear the dress with black heels and a modern hairstyle will give you a trendy and stylish look instead. 

Blush Pink Floral Embroidered Chiffon Tube Maxi Swing Dress

blush pink floral embroidered chiffon maxi swing dress

To get a very lady-like look, wearing something pink will give you a great chance to do just that. Here, for example, is a flowery pink floral embroidered maxi swing dress that is made of chiffon and tulle. Pair it with black suede heels to complement a very elegant and lovely outfit. 

White sleeveless double layer Maxi Swing Dress

white sleeveless double layer maxi swing dress

This white vintage dress can also be worn as a wedding dress. If you want more variety for your wedding photo shoot, you may want to wear this white sleeveless maxi swing dress with two layers. Simply pair it with pink rose heels with an open toe to complement this vintage look. 

Black and white polka Dot Swing Dress with white felt hat

black and white spotted dress with white felt hat

Sometimes you can use accessories to bring out the 1950s style in your outfit. For example, you can wear a black and white polka dot midi swing dress with black heels. To turn this into a vintage look, just use a white felt hat to add that magical touch. 

Black scalloped neckline Style Swing Dress from the 1950s

black peeled neckline in 50s dress in style

This is a very interesting dress. Usually you will find the peeled detail shown at the bottom of the dress, but for this dress it will be shown in the neckline. In detail it is a black peeled midi swing dress in neckline. Pair it with black suede-ankle strap ballet heels and and black and white striped vintage leather handbag. 

Here are some really interesting and beautiful ideas for dressing gowns from the 1950s that I just shared with you. Next time you go to a cocktail, don't be afraid to surprise your friends by wearing something similar to the above outfit ideas. 


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