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Bermuda Shorts Outfit Ideas

Bermuda Shorts Outfit Ideas

Let's be clear from the start. Bermuda shorts are not for everyone. You need to know your body and what suits you best. After that you can try it, as it is one of the most beautiful and comfortable images ever.

"They are so called because of their popularity in Bermuda, a British overseas territory, where they are considered appropriate business suits for men when made of costume-like material and worn with knee-length socks, a dress shirt, tie and blazer," Wikipedia says.
Girls love bermuda shorts. They wear it with simple tee, button downs and elegant staples. In this post you see all this. I have prepared many outfit ideas on how to wear bermuda shorts on various occasions. I hope you will like them as much as I do. Let's start.

Necessary for summer

bermuda shorts jeans

The bermudas can be difficult to design but trust me, and they are necessary for hot summer days. If you have to choose between jeans and shorts, which one will you choose? The bermudas paired with a white linen shirt and brown leather sandals are the perfect combination for every day.

Black Bermuda Shorts and Blue Button Down

bermuda shorts button down

Shorts may be unsuitable for some situations, but this is definitely not the case with bermudas. Their length lets you wear them without fear that you will overlook the line. You can put in your striped buttons, put on a pointed toe apartments and you are ready for everyday activities. Nice and stylish outfit in ten minutes, right?


bermuda shorts black and white

You know what I will say – black and white clothes are the best. And they really are. You do not think about matching the right colors and clips together. Go minimal with two neutral colors and don't worry.
You can add a beautiful necklace and striped sandals for a more elegant look. This combination can also be your workwear inspiration.

Flowers for spring

bermuda shorts flowers

Red floral bermudas are a good staple that you can wear even during your working hours. They sing spring songs, and they look very comfortable. You can design them with a relaxed and large striped top and add more flowers by carrying pointed toe bags and the clutch bag which also has this print.

Straight and minimal

bermuda shorts clean polished

Sometimes you want your outfit to be clean, polished and straight cut. And that's totally okay. You can wear this long top in snow white shade, pair it with black bermuda shorts and nude banded sandals. This look is perfect for many different occasions. You can design it for each day, while with the addition of some jewelry it becomes a fantastic formal outfit.

Elegant and modern

bermuda shorts parisian chic

Tweed bermuda pants are perhaps the most elegant one you will see in this post. They look fantastically elegant and very French. Paired with a black cashmere sweater and red scarf gives you some Parisian chic. You can design it with a pair of brown leather boards for an ultimate office look. This combination is also perfect for everyday wear.

All-White Everything

bermuda shorts all know everything

Aimee from the Song of style blog wears this lovely all-white combo as a summer outfit for the evening. Don't be afraid to wear white. It's perfect for summer and hot nights you spend in any open nightclub.
Pair these beautiful bermudas and cropped tee with black strap sandals and add an attractive belt.

Stay neutral

bermuda shorts neutral shades

Sometimes it's a good way to keep your outfit neutral and not so attractive. You can always add some color, but the key is to stay minimal in the right way. This outfit proves that it's not such a difficult task to do. Black bermuda shorts, gray blazer and white shirt, combined with black platform heels and olive bag are anything but boring!

Sailors Stripes

bermuda shorts stripes

Blue and white stripes are perfect for summer use. You can pair them with a simple white top and they will still be a statement piece in your outfit combination.
If you are a fan of blending materials and prints, style your striped bermudas with animal print espadrilles. This look is perfect for beach walks.

Silk Bermuda Shorts

bermuda shorts silk blue

Silk is one of the most flattering materials. It looks luxurious and sophisticated. But silk is usually used to make very relaxed staples as well. It doesn't matter, either way, you will feel amazing and look amazing.
These blue bermudas look elegant, paired with a crop top and designed with black strap sandals. Add a red shoulder bag and you're ready to go out!

Color Blocks

bermuda shorts color block

On the other hand, some girls want their clothes to be a rider. To achieve this, they usually wear bright colors or make a popular block of color, with few fluorescent colors at the same time.
The pink sweater with super sweet print is in pairs with yellow bermudas and blushing blue pointed toes. I have to admit that this looks interesting, but I'm not sure if I would wear it.

Keep it relaxed

bermuda shorts casual

If you are not such a big fan of color blocks, you can always go back to the basics. Black-cut bermudas, interesting top and uneven high heels. Let's be honest here. You will look like a parent editor. I would love to look like one of them!

Sexy and elegant denim

bermuda shorts denim shirt

Who said denim couldn't be sexy? If you undress the button down and pair it with printed bermudas, you have everything you need. Pull the eggshell white blazer over your shoulders and put on super high heels.

The layers

bermuda shorts embroidered

White embroidered bermuda shorts are paired with a black crop top and layered with lace under it. At first, this outfit may look a bit confusing, but in fact it is very modern and elegant. You can wear it for many elegant occasions – weddings, cocktail parties and birthdays. Make sure the shoes are similar to these. Why? Because they absolutely speak!

The bermudas are definitely a pair of shorts that you need to have in your wardrobe. It is very important to design them properly as their length can be a bit complicated to wear.
I hope you liked these outfit ideas, and I hope you will try to recreate some of them.


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