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Black and Gold Dress Outfit

Black and Gold Dress Outfit Ideas

After talking about many black dresses and gold dresses in other blog posts already, I decided to explore what happens when the color of black and gold is put together. I admit it's a little adventurous to wear a black and gold dress for a cocktail party or a prom, but that's exactly where the ball comes from. I'm not asking you to wear such a unique dress every time you go to a party, but do it sometimes to give your friends a nice surprise. In summary, such a dress is unique and beautiful at the same time. To help you dance around the edge of your comfort zone, I will share with you some of the best dresses for dresses in black and gold. Let's dive right in. 

Black and gold long sleeved floral bodycon dress

To start with the list, I'll show you a truly unique dress that has traditional Chinese style detail. It is a black long-sleeved bodycon dress with some golden flower pattern. Just wear it with black heels to complement the eye-catching costume. 

Black sequin dress with gold random stripes

black sequin robe dress gold random stripes

It is no surprise that I will mention a sequin dress as it often comes in the form of a black dress or a gold dress. This is a stylish black sequin dress that has some random curly gold stripes. A pair of nude sandals would be the perfect choice for shoes. 

Black fit and flare mini dress with cute cute pattern

black fit and flare mini dress gold cute pattern

When I see this cute dress, it simply got my attention and I just have to put this on the list, regardless of whether some of you may think this is simply "too cute". It is a black fit and flare dress which comes with some gold animal shaped pattern. To be consistent with the sweet look, wear black ballet flats instead of heels. 

Half sleeve gold and black sequin bodycon dress

half sleeve gold and black sequin bodycon dress

This outfit is a fantastic one that has gold and black applied to all pieces. To achieve this remarkable look, you can wear a bodycon dress with gold and black sequin with a pair of black open toe heels that comes with gold wristbands. Press the envelope further by carrying a black and gold clutch bag. 

Strapless Black Flare Dress with Subtle Gold Element

strapless black flare dress subtle gold element

If you are still a little hesitant to wear the aforementioned super high profile dresses, here is a black and gold dress is much more low key and you can feel very comfortable wearing it for a cocktail party. It's a strapless black flare dress that comes with just a little gold element near the bottom of the dress. Just pair the dress with black ankle strap with open toe heels to complement this gorgeous and naturally stylish outfit. 

Gold, black and white striped sleeveless flare dress

gold black white striped sleeveless flare dress

Here is another casual dress that should fit well within your comfort zone. It is a gold, black and white striped flare dress. You can simply wear it with black heels. You can even wear it as a street outfit and you don't feel awkward at all. 

Gold and black strapless mermaid dress

gold and black strapless mermaid dress

For an absolutely elegant and wonderful look that makes you shine in a walking ball, you can wear this gold and black strapless mermaid dress. To add an extra touch of elegance, wear gold earrings that fit perfectly with the dress. 

Wear with black leather jacket

black leather jacket outfit

What jacket should I wear with a black and gold dress. Up to this point, I still haven't answered the question, but I'm pretty sure you've already guessed the answer. The answer is the black leather jacket, the type of jacket that I call the most versatile jacket. As an example of such an outfit, wear only a black leather jacket with a black mantle dress that comes with some gold flower pattern. Complete upholstery with socks and foot leather in black leather.  

Black knee length halter dress with gold trunk pattern

black knee length halter dress gold tribal pattern

I just have to say that I absolutely love this black halter dress that comes with some gold stem pattern. I love the idea of ??being beautiful and looking good without showing much skin. I think this dress can help you achieve just that. The tribal pattern can bring out the artistic character in you. Just pair the dress with black ankle strap with open toe heels. 

Gold collar Black Bodycon Mini dress with cutout

gold collar black bodycon mini dress with cutout

This black bodycon dress with gold collar has some nice cutouts just above the chest area. I like how the dress is so subtly sexy. Just pair the dress with nude sandals to complement this elegant and natural look. 

Black sleeveless dress with a wide gold belt

black sleeveless shift dress wide gold belt

If you are looking for a black and gold dress that is relaxed enough then you can wear it naturally as a business casual outfit, you might want to consider this black shift dress that comes with a wide gold belt. For the shoes, wearing naked heels with open toe would make the outfit very suitable for work. 

Black semi-pure Chiffon tulle dress with gold pattern

black semi sheer chiffon tulle dress gold tribal pattern

This is a chiffon black tulle dress that has some gold trunk pattern. It also has half clean sleeves that make the dress look even more elegant. Wear black heels to make this relatively mature look. 

Two Toned Crew Neck Tulle Dress

two toned crew neck tulle dress

Here is a natural stylish two-tone dress with the upper part of gold and black halter and the German chiffon dress. It is a great choice for a cocktail party if you want to look both beautiful and elegant. 

Gold Bodycon Mini dress with subtle black pattern

gold bodycon mini dress subtly black pattern

This is almost an all-gold look except that it has a subtle black pattern in the gold dress. To achieve this sexy and stunning look, simply use this gold body with bodycon with gold heeled sandals. 

Gold shift dress with black half shirt overlay

gold shift dress black semi pure overlay

This is a low key golden shift dress because the gold layer is covered by a black, semi-pure chiffon layer. Wear black knee-high suede boots to complement this outfit. 

I hope this kind of black and gold dresses ranging from casual dresses to super high quality dresses inspires you to bring your outfit idea to the next party you go to. Let's have fun playing a trial and error game. Dance around the edge of your comfort zone and you can slowly expand it. 


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