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Black Ankle Strap Heels Outfit

Black Ankle Strap Heels Outfit Ideas

What are the black ankle straps? They are simply black heels with a strap wound over the front of the ankle. It's magical how a thin strap like this can add so much elegance to your outfit. Next time you go to work, take a closer look at what heels people wear. You will notice that there are lots of heels with heels everywhere and that they just take the suit to another level silently, without sounding "why". Now you know that well kept secret. To help you use it as a trick you own, I will share with you some of the best ways to wear the black ankle strap. 

White tank shirt with white skinny jeans and black ankle heels

I start with the list of the absolute minimal outfit that consists of a white tank top and a pair of white skinny jeans. Wear them with black heels with open toe and you should see the magic that the heels can bring to the table. It simply turns an excessively simple outfit into an elegant and elegant outfit. 

Wear with white blouse & cuffed skinny jeans

white blouse in cuffed skinny jeans

This outfit idea is a timeless and feminine casual outfit that you can simply wear every week. Wear a white comfortable blouse with cuffed skinny jeans. Most importantly, you wear the black ankle strap on the heel to get the elegant look. Try to imagine the super casual variety of this outfit with the heels replaced by white sneakers. Now you may even appreciate how the heels add so much style to the outfit.  

White sequin with black heel with open toe heel

white palette top black open toe ankle strap heels

Another benefit of wearing the black ankle strap is that it never takes the focus away from your shirt or dress. It simply adds a bit of elegance to the outfit quietly. It follows the universal law of "never exceed your master". As an example of this, wear a silver or white sequin top and black shorts with the heels for an eye-catching casual look. 

Black long sleeve top with white floral shorts

black long sleeve top white floral shorts

An outfit consisting of a black top and black heels can often look well balanced. As an example, wear a black long sleeve sleeve with white floral shorts to go along with the black heels. The result is a simple yet elegant style. 

White high neck fit and flare dress with black heels

white high neck fit and flare dress black heels

To design a white dress, I often recommend people to wear either bare heels or black heels. Nude heels often look more natural while the black ones often look more artistic. As an example of the latter, wear the black open-toe heels in the ankle strap with a white high-neck fit and flare dress for an artistic and feminine look. 

Wear with oversized white button top and black skinny jeans

oversized white button up shirt black skinny jeans

As you may have already noticed, the black ankle strap blends perfectly with a black and white outfit. As another example of that, wear a big white shirt for the top and pair it with black skinny jeans and black heels to get a nice unisex look. 

Tiffany Blue Chunky Knitted sweater with black heels in the heel

tiffany blue chunky knitted sweater black ankle strap heels

Similar to the previous outfit, but this time the white shirt is replaced by a tiffany blue chunky knit sweater. It results in a dramatic change. Instead of the artistic and unisex look, the outfit now gives a more feminine and adorable feel. You may also want to check out our blog post on how to style chunky knit sweater. 

Wear with white vest top and black long line cardigan

white vest top black longline cardigan

For an absolutely stylish street outfit, a long-line cardigan can play a key role. To get this look, wear white vest with slim jeans and black open toe heels. Use the long black cardigan for the critical artistic feel. 

Black heel with flap with open toe and band with striped tee & leather skirt

black open toe ankle strap heels leather skirt

Here is another black and white outfit and this one looks very relaxed and cozy. Just wear a black and white striped long sleeve t-shirt with black leather skirt. Complete outfit with black heels with open toe. The white clutch bag also matches perfectly with the outfit. 

Wear with white blouse and denim shorts

white blouse denim shorts

This outfit is a sexy and stylish one. Wear a white v-neck blouse with a black leather jacket draped over the shoulders. Pair them with ripped denim shorts and black heels in the heels for an elegant finish. 

Ankle strap with open toe with black shift dress

open toe ankle strap heels black shift dress

This outfit must be the simplest suit among the list, but it is the best demonstration of "less is more". Simply pair a plain black shift dress with black open toe heels. That's all. It's already very neat. You can make the suit more complete by carrying a white handbag with a minimal design. 

Wear with yellow jacket & black leather shorts

yellow jacket black leather shorts

I feel I just have to mention a yellow and black outfit idea because there is always someone out there who loves the contrasting combination. You can wear a black v-neck t-shirt with black leather shorts and black heels. Then add to the yellow part by wearing a lemon yellow blazer. This is one of the clothes you would wear there sometimes just to give your friends a little surprise. 

Wear with Heather Gray Tee & Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

heather gray t-shirt ripped skinny jeans

This is another example of a super casual street outfit. You can wear the black heels with a heather gray t-shirt and black ripped slim jeans to get this nice look. 

White collar shirt with black long sleeve dress

white collar shirt black long sleeve dress

For a stylish, college-girl look, you can wear a black long-sleeved dress over a white collar. You may want to wear a pair of shiny black ankle heels with this outfit. 

Wear with brown suede jacket

brown suede jacket outfit

For a slightly more mature look you can wear the black heels with black jeans, white top and a brown suede jacket. Carry a brown cheetah clutch bag that fits with the jacket. 

Black open toe ankle strap heels with white skater skirt

black open toe ankle strap heels white skater skirt

For a young and energetic look, you can have black heels with open toe with a black top and a white skater skirt. Pull a jeans jacket over your shoulders to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing the black ankle strap on the clothes I just shared with you. Try to replace your normal black heels with the heels on the ankle and you will be surprised at the result. 


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