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Black Knit Dress

Black Knit Dress

Knitted or sweater dress is a perfect fall and winter staple. It keeps you warm and stylish at the same time. Not many garments can do that, right? The dress is very versatile and easy to work with. In this post, I will concentrate on showing you how to wear a black knitted dress. Get ready, because I've prepared some very impressive outfit ideas for you!

In winter you just need to feel warm. But fashion girls like us can't go out without feeling trendy and elegant too, right? That is why this dress is ideal for us to show the world how you can be cozy and fashionable at the same time.
The knitted dress is excellent for wearing thigh high boots, stilettos or ankle boots. You can design it alone or cover it with long coats, leather or duster jackets.

Let's see some of the best outfit ideas I've collected just for you! Enjoy.

Turtleneck black knitted dress

black knitted dress in turtleneck

Flattering dresses are the best. This black knit dress has partial A-line cut white body parts are bodycon with a turtleneck. It's perfect for colder days because of its long sleeves.
The length is ideal for pairing with pointed toe boots in the ankle.

Open back knitted dress

black knit dress open back

For more elegant occasions, choose this beautiful flattering open-back dress. You can tie it with a long white strap. The necklace is a turtleneck, while the length is perfect – midi. As I said, this is the perfect length to style with ankle boots.
You can wear this knit dress for many different occasions, from casual to formal.

Mini dress – Long coat

black knit dress long jacket

The balance between short and long staples is essential. If you decided to wear something mini, like this black knit dress, you should also choose a longer coat, which will perfectly hide your legs and warm you up on cold winter days.
Another option is modern thigh high boots. They will keep you cozy and very elegant at the same time!

Green stripes

black knit dress band

Wearing all black clothes can be tedious at times. But not for me, but I have to admit that all you sometimes need is something like: straps that make your dress interesting. The combination of neutral black and light green stripes is good, and you will feel that you do not wear almost completely black everything.

Large knitted dress

black knit dress oversized

Sometimes all you want to do is turn yourself into something fluffy and warm. This long and oversized straight dress is perfect for that. Long sleeves and maxi length keep you warm, even if you choose white sneakers instead of boots. It's minimal, yet beautiful outfit combination that you can wear for everyday occasions.

Matchy Set

black knitted dress slit

When I first saw this outfit I thought it was just a black knit dress. But it is not. This outfit has two parts: loose and thick turtleneck and matching slit skirt. But besides that, it still looks fantastic! You can wear it for everyday activities or for work. It pairs perfectly with pointed tendencies.

Gigi loves black

black knitted dress gigi

Gigi Hadid is known for his street style clothes. She always combines stylish and flattering garments. This black dress is paired with a cape and suede thigh-high boots for an ultimate urban girl look.
This combination is great for having a cup of coffee or a leisurely stroll and shopping with your friends.

Everything is in detail

black knitted dress red bag

Even with any black outfit it is important to add a splash of color. It can be a bag, boots or scarf. That way your clothes don't look dull or too minimal.
Add a red bag as a perfect accessory for your black knit dress combination. White sneakers are also a perfect idea to add some light color.

Camel and black combo

black knit dress camel black

If you asked me a few years ago if I would combine black and camel in an outfit, my answer would definitely be no. I just had a bad opinion about this mix and I avoid it.
But I learned that these two shades look perfect together.
Look at this combination. It's perfect for every day.

Ruffle Hem

black knitted dress ruffle home

Young and cute, this dress is a great staple for spring days. Its cut is mini with ruffle. The dress is made in black knit, with the exception of two thin stripes in yellow and white around the rub of the dress and sleeves.

Model Off Duty

black knit dress model off duty

Anja Rubik is a super model known for her long legs and perfect blonde hair. She is wearing a bag of black turtleneck with suede high boots and shoulder bag.
This outfit is perfect for casual wear. Sit in a cafe, bring a book to read and enjoy the weather but from the inside.

Cool shoulder black knit dress

black knit dress cold shoulder

Cold shoulder ring is very trendy for a few years now. So buying a dress like this is a smart idea. You can wear it with a fur coat or leather jacket. The knee-high boots will do a great job if you decide to pair them with this black knit dress.

Knitted dress

black knitted dress cable knitted

Cable knit dresses are very interesting and elegant to wear. This one is in pairs with blue duster skirts and suede shoes in the same shade as a rock. You can make this dress even more interesting by putting the thin belt around your waist.
One thing is certain: you will feel completely warm in this outfit combination.

Chunky and oversized

black knit dress chunky

I don't know about you, but I love big staples. They are super comfortable and very flattering. You can rest assured that you will look great when you plan to wear this embroidered embroidered dress.
Make sure to pair the black knit dress with these interesting sandals.

As you can see, the black knit dress is very versatile and so easy to style. You can even wear it on icy winter days without fear of getting cold.


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