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Black Puffer Jacket for Women
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Black Puffer Jacket for Women Outfit Ideas

When winter time comes, you can basically see black puffer jackets everywhere. They can really keep you warm. They are probably better known as a functional object, but that doesn't mean you can't look good with them. In fact, the black puffer jackets you can get these days have really nice cuts that don't make you look clumsy as long as you know how to design them. In this blog post, I'm going to share with you some of the best outfit ideas that can make you look good with a black puffer jacket. 

Black puffer jacket with gray knit sweater & leggings

As mentioned, black puffer jackets you can get these nice cuts these days that do not make you look clumsy at all. As you can see in this outfit, the jacket is a form of fit. You can pair it with a gray sweater, leggings and ankle boots. You can look even more adorable by wearing a white knitted hat. 

Wear with color pad sweater and black leather pants

color block sweater black leather pants puffer jacket

For a nice and dark look, you can wear the puffer jacket with a black and gray sweater. Wear black leather pants and ankle boots at the bottom. 

Black puffer jacket with black and white knit sweater

black puffer jacket knitted sweater

As a slight variation of the previous suit but with a softer tone you can wear a black and white wide striped knitted sweater. Wear black skinny jeans and brown leather boots to complement the suit. 

Wear with Gray Tee & Running Tights

black puffer jacket gray t-shirt

For a casual and sporty look, you can wear a gray t-shirt with a black puffer jacket. Wear running tights and yellow sneakers for the bottom. 

Wear with gray T-shirt & skinny jeans

gray t-shirt skinny jeans puffer jacket

As a casual and comfortable stylish fit, you can wear a gray t-shirt and a black puffer jacket for the top. For the bottom, wear cuffed skinny jeans with suede boots. For an extra touch of elegance, choose a black puffer jacket with fur hood.  

Puffer jacket with white sweater & loafers

puffer jacket white sweater loafers

This is another casual outfit that is decent and looks enough to wear to function as a casual casual outfit. Wear a white v-neck sweater with a puffer jacket. Pair them with black skinny jeans and black bread. 

Black and white horizontal striped tee and boyfriend jeans

black puffer jacket striped t-shirt boyfriend jeans

For a smart, boyish look, you can wear a black and white striped t-shirt with a puffer jacket. Complete outfit with boyfriend jeans and white sneakers. 

Long buffer jacket with Faux Fur Vest & Ripped Jeans

long buffer jacket in fur vest

There are times when you want a long black puffer jacket to keep your body even warmer. To design a long puffer jacket, you can wear it with a fur coat, ripped jeans and white sneakers. Use a knitted hat to look even better for the cold weather. 

Wear with gray knitted sweater and oversized white tee

gray knitted sweater black puffer jacket

Here is an outfit idea that shows a good use of layers. The outfit consists of a long black puffer jacket with fur hood, a gray knitted sweater and a white large t-shirt for the top. Wear black skinny jeans with leather sole boots for the bottom. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog on how to wear leather ankle boots. 

Black puffer jacket with skirt and high boots in the knees

black puffer jacket skirt knee high boots

After mentioning a lot of clothes that involve jeans and leggings, let's talk about one who uses a black skirt as part of the outfit. You can simply wear a high neck sweater and a black puffer jacket for the top. Wear a black skirt with socks and high suede boots at the bottom. 

Wear with running pants and black sneakers

black puffer jacket spring pants

One thing I really like about puffer jackets is that they don't really make you sweat if you wear it on a walk. Something like a wool coat would make me sweat a lot if I wear it on something like a 30-minute walk. This outfit is a good example of a sporty outfit you can wear in winter. Simply wear a puffer jacket with linen pants and running shoes. 

Long jacket with navy blue sweater

long puffer jacket navy blue sweater

A beautiful way to wear a long puffer jacket is to pair it with a comfortable navy knit sweater, skinny jeans and cloth shoes. As you can see from this outfit, a puffer jacket does not make you look good if you style it properly. 

Wear with gray knitted sweater & wool skirt

wool skirt black puffer jacket

This adorable outfit idea is easily my favorite among the list. Just wear the puffer jacket with a light gray knit sweater from the crew. For the bottom, play with layering by wearing a gray wool skirt over black leggings. Wear black ankle boots to complete the suit. Why I love it so much is that the color combination of gray and black outfit only has that winter feel and the gray wool skirt is such an elegant item to wear with a black puffer jacket. 

Wear with white button shirt & skinny jeans

white button up shirt slim jeans puffer jacket

For a casual street look, you can swear a puffer jacket with a white shirt and skinny jeans. Complete outfit with black suede heels. 

Wear with printed jeans & boots

puffer jacket printed jeans

Even though the weather is extremely cold so you have to flash long on your puffer jacket, you can still look great by wearing printed jeans and ankle boots. 

I hope you enjoy the list above with some of my favorite ways to wear a black puffer jacket. One of the purposes of writing this blog post is to demonstrate that something can work and look beautiful at the same time. By the way, the clothes mentioned here are just so easy to pull off. You don't even have to be in really good shape because the puffer jacket covers for you. If you like this post, make sure you also check many other outfit ideas that you can find on this site. 


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