Black Turtleneck Dress

Black Turtleneck Dress

I've talked about a lot of good looking and sexy dresses in other blog posts in the past. If it's not your cup of tea, no worries, showing some skin or looking good isn't the only way to look beautiful at all. Let's see a counter-intuitive way to look beautiful. It is to cover your body and neck with a black turtleneck dress. You can easily build a simple and beautiful outfit around it. To better show you how, I've actually put together a list of some of the best black turtleneck dress outfit ideas and I'll show you right now.

Black turtleneck long sleeve midi dress

To start the list, let's just look at a very typical black dress with turtleneck as a warm-up. This is a midi dress with long sleeves in turtleneck that looks simple but beautiful and elegant. By simply pairing it with a pair of black and white ankle straps with open toe heels, you will definitely look great for a cocktail party.

Black turtleneck-knit sweater Mini dress with high boots in the thigh

black turtleneck knitted sweater mini dress high boots

For a super chic street look, instead of wearing heels, you should try some pretty boots instead. For example, you can wear a black shirt in my shirt. Pair it with black suede thigh high boots and show just a little skin in your legs. This is a totally elegant and feminine minimal look that is surprisingly easy to pull off.

Black turtleneck dress with long wool coat

black turtleneck dress long wool coat

I like clothes that can make people look crazy. By being delicate, I do not mean it in a bad way at all. I simply mean not to look aggressive to look more adaptable to a point that the people just want to protect you. Here is a good example of that. You can simply wear a black turtleneck mini dress with an oversized black long wool coat draped over the shoulders. Pair the pieces with black socks and black suede ankle shoes to complement the outfit with an elegant touch.

Ribbed belt sweater dress with boots

ribbed belt sweater dress boots

Sometimes the small details can make a big difference. For this beautiful black ribbed sweater dress, it is the narrow black belt that makes the dress look so much more attractive. To create a super chic look around the dress you can wear black socks and a pair of black knee high leather shoes to complement the outfit elegantly.

Wear with black long coats and gold boots

black long coats in gold

A visual trick for making your legs longer is to wear a long coat that is longer than the dress you are wearing. For example, you can wear a black turtleneck mini dress with a long black wool coat to look long and slim. The ankle boots in gold leather give this outfit a very glossy and interesting twist.

Black turtleneck swing dress with felt hat

black turtleneck swing dress blanket hat

For a lovely and slightly artistic look, try throwing a felt hat in your outfit. For example, you can wear a black turtleneck mini-swing dress with socks and a pair of burgundy suede ankle boots. That combination would make a very beautiful outfit already. Now pair them with a black felt hat to take this outfit to another level. If you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar hats, you may want to read our blog post on how to design a black felt hat.

Black sleeveless turtleneck dress with gray cardigan

black sleeveless turtleneck dress gray cardigan

For a neat and youthful look, you may want a sleeveless black dress in turtleneck instead of a long sleeve. Pair it with a gray cardigan that is slightly longer than the dress. Also, drape the shoulder on the cardigan a little to show some skin in the shoulder. Finally, wear a pair of black suede thigh-high boots and a black leather clutch bag to look completely stylish and feminine.

Black Bodycon Midi dress with slit

black bodycon midi dress with slit

For a more casual street look, you can simply wear a black bodycon midi dress that comes with a slit. Wearing a bodycon dress may be a little too formal as a street outfit, but you can definitely balance the formality with a pair of black and white cloth shoes.

Black Turtleneck Mini Skater dress with high boots in the thigh

black turtleneck mini skater dress thigh high boots

This is the kind of minimal clothing that you can hardly criticize. It reminds me of the wise quote of "less is more". To achieve this remarkable look, you can simply wear a black turtleneck mini skater dress with a pair of gray suede high boots. This is easily my favorite outfit among the list.

Wear with royal blue heels and black coat draped over the shoulders

royal blue heels black coat draped over the shoulders

This pair of royal blue striped heels simply gives the little twist that makes the outfit so eye-catching. For the rest of the suit, wear a black midi bodycon dress with a black wool coat to look simple and beautiful.

Black Mini Bodycon dress with high boots in the knees

black mini bodycon dress knee high boots

This is almost like the textbook to stylize a black bodycon mini dress. It works just as well for this particular turtleneck one as another as crew neck and mock neck. To achieve this look, you can simply pair the dress with black suede knee high boots. This is the power of two simple pieces that work flawlessly together.

Large black sweater dress with leather pants & sneakers

oversized black sweater dress leather shoes pants

For a very stylish layered suit you can get very creative by adding a black turtleneck sweater dress over black leather cropped pants. To make this outfit more casual, you can pair the pieces with a pair of low top converse.

Fuzzy turtleneck sweater dress with leather boots

fuzzy turtleneck sweater dress leather boots

For a delicate and unpleasant look, you can wear a shabby and thick black sweater. Pair the dress with black socks and black over the knee boots to get a lovely look that has an elegant touch.

Turtleneck Shift Dress with heeled ankle boots

turtleneck shirt dress heeled ankle boots

This is an elegant look that simply looks minimal. To get this look, simply wear a black midi shift dress for turtlenecks. The shoes really make this outfit so special. There are a pair of black suede ankle heels that look slim and elegant.

Black long-sleeved turtleneck swing dress with camel boots

black long sleeve turtleneck swing dress camel boots

For a windy look, you can wear a black turtleneck long sleeve swing dress. I know it's not often the words breezy and turtleneck in the same sentence. But the above picture proves that it is possible. Pair the pieces with a pair of black crew socks and brown suede boots to complement this unique and lovely look.

Here are the black turtleneck dress outfit ideas that simply look fantastic. It is no surprise that they are actually quite easy to pull off. Try these ideas and I am pretty sure you will love many of them.

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