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Blue Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas

Blue Maxi Skirt Outfit Ideas

Today I will talk about the blue maxi dress, which can make you look sharp and happy in a very natural way. Styling it is actually quite simple. You can simply wear it with a white fitted top whether it is a t-shirt, a vest top or a long sleeve top. It can also make you look airy and refreshing if you keep your outfit simple and clean. To explain how to design it in an easier way, I’ve put together a list of some really nice blue maxi skirt outfit ideas for you. Let’s dive in now.

Blue Maxi skirt with red and white striped T-shirt

As mentioned, styling a blue maxi skirt is not difficult at all. To start this list of outfit ideas, I’ll show you a really relaxed outfit that you can easily pull off. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a white and red striped t-shirt with a blue slightly flared maxi skirt. Wear gray-heeled sandals to look lean and refreshing.

Black T-shirt with brown belt & blue Maxi skirt

black t-shirt with brown belt and blue maxi skirt Here’s another casual street outfit. This time it is a little darker and more stylish. You can simply wear a black fitted t-shirt with a wide brown leather belt. Pair them with a blue maxi skirt. Wear black sandals to keep the dark theme consistent and still look casual.

White Scoop Neck Tank Top with Royal Blue Maxi Flared Skirt

white top with shoe neck with royal blue maxi-extended skirt This is a sufficiently elegant suit that you can actually wear for cocktail parties or other semi-formal events. Wear a white chiffon top with top in scoop. Pair it with a royal blue maxi high waist skirt. Add a brown leather clutch bag and a pair of pale pink rounded toe heels to the mix to look more ladylike.

White chiffon blouse with blue Maxi Velvet skirt

white chiffon blouse with blue maxi velvet skirt Here is a really feminine and attractive outfit that you can wear both for work and semi-formal events. For the top, you can wear a white long-sleeved chiffon blouse. Pair it with a blue waist high skirt. Wear light gray suede high heels and a baby blue stylish leather bag to complement this attractive and easily accessible look.

White T-shirt with Blue High Split Maxi skirt

white t-shirt with blue high split maxi skirt To look more elegant is a relatively simple way to make it wear something of chiffon. For example, this white chiffon t-shirt also looks very elegant. You can pair it with a blue maxi high split skirt to look low-key sexy. Use navy blue open toe heels to complement the outfit beautifully.

Black halter top with pleated maxi skirt

black halter top with pleated maxi skirt Showing your curves in a way that makes you look lean and tall, having a fit and flare dress is a very good option. Another good alternative is to wear a fitted fit top with an extended skirt to simulate the effect of a fit and flare dress. For example, you can wear a fitted black halter top with a blue colored pleated maxi skirt. Wear blue heels to complete the look.

White Spaghetti Strap Vest Top with Blue High Waisted Maxi Flared Skirt

white spaghetti strap top with blue high waist skirt For a lighter and refreshing look, you can simply wear a white chiffon spaghetti strap top with a blue maxi-blown high waist skirt. Wear a pair of pale pink heels with open toe and a white necklace to look stylish and youthful.

White tank top with yellow belt & blue high split skirt

white top with yellow belt and blue high split skirt Here’s another refreshing and airy look. Just wear a white tank top with a blue high split maxi skirt. Use a narrow yellow belt to give these pieces a nice separation. Wear black strapped heeled sandals to look refreshing and stylish at the same time.

White and black form fitting short sleeve top with blue skirt

white and black shape that fits short sleeve top with blue skirt To achieve this slightly vintage look, you can wear a white and black polka dot shape that fits short-sleeved blouse for the top. Pair it with a blue waist high skirt. Wear brown suede high heels to give an elegant and mature touch to the overall look.

White sleeveless cropped print sweater with blue elastic midi Maxi skirt

white sleeveless cropped tee with blue elastic midi skirt To get a sexy and stylish look with a key, you can wear a white sleeveless cropped tee to show some skin at the waist. This outfit is especially for those who have a slim waist. Change a blue floor length skirt with flat camel shoes to design the crop top.

White deep V-neck cropped vest top with maxi skirt

white deep v-neck cropped vest top with maxi skirt To form this sexy outfit, wear a white shape that is fitted with deep v-neck cropped vest. Pair it with a blue maxi-extended skirt to tone out the outfit a bit and look more relaxed. Wear a colorful statement necklace and a pair of nude sandals to complement the outfit.

Scalloped Hem Lace Vest Top with Blue Skirt

peeled edge lace vest with blue skirt To create this elegant and refreshing look, you can wear a white sleeveless lace at the scalloped hem with a royal blue maxi skirt. Pair these pieces with silver metallic sandals and a pink leather clutch bag to look smart and shiny.

White sleeveless Butt-Up shirt with Blue Chiffon pleated Maxi skirt

white sleeveless button up shirt with blue chiffon pleated maxi skirt This is a very elegant and attractive outfit that you can wear in the office. Wear a white sleeveless chiffon button up shirt. Pair it with a blue chiffon pleated maxi skirt. Wear light pink ankle strap with open toe heels and a black leather case to give an extra elegant and feminine touch to the look.

Cropped Vest Top with blue and white striped Maxi skirt

cropped vest top with blue and white striped maxi skirt To achieve this beautiful and low-cut sexy look, you can wear a white form-fitting cropped vest top with a blue and white striped high waist flared skirt. Wear white heeled sandals to make this outfit even more refreshing and airy. I hope you liked the blue maxi skirt outfit ideas that I just mentioned above. As you can see, these clothes can really make you look sharp in a very natural and easily accessible way. Just test them and you’ll be amazed at how good the results are.

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