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Bow Blouse Outfits

Bow Blouse Outfits

The bow blouse is something that can make you look stylish and easily accessible. One thing I really like about it is that you can easily wear it both as a work suit and as a casual outfit. It is very easy to style. To make it easier for you, I've put together a list of some of the best ways to wear bow blouse. Let's look at it now. 

Black wool coat with white bow blouse & red skirt

I start this list with a very eye-catching and adorable black, white and red suit. Simple wears a white bow blouse with a red mini skirt. Wear a black long wool coat that is slightly longer than the mini dress to make the legs look longer. Pair these pieces with a pair of black knee high suede boots to complement this amazing outfit.  

Blush Pink Bow Blouse with black pencil skirt

Blue black pencil skirt with pink pencil

You may have already used a blouse and pencil skirt combination to work a lot. It's a typical work suit that looks decent but a little unattractive. Now replace your typical blouse with a pink blue bow and also use a pair of open toe white heels. You would now have a very feminine and attractive look. 

White bow blouse with Camel Wool Blazer

white rosette blouse camel wool blazer

This is an interesting unisex suit that uses ladylike pieces like bow blouse and stylish pieces like jeans. The contrast created with these pieces makes this outfit look so stylish and unique. To get this look, you can simply wear a white bow blouse with an oversized camel wool blazer for the top. Wear light blue jeans and black ankle boots at the bottom. 

White chiffon blouse with black bow

white chiffon blouse with black bow

This is another great unisex outfit. However, this one is much more relaxed. It consists of a white chiffon blouse that comes with a black bow and black thin pants. Simply pair these pieces with black heels to complement the elegant and artistic black and white look. 

Pale yellow semi-colored chiffon blouse with gold bow

white semi pure chiffon blouse gold bow

This pale yellow bow blouse has some very pretty details. It is a semi-pure blouse that comes with an elegant stylish gold bow. To design it, wear half the blouse over a black vest top. Pair the blouse with a black pencil skirt and black ankle strap with open toe heels. The result is a ladylike and low-key sexy outfit that is perfect for work and friends. 

White blouse with camel mist dress

white blouse camel suede dress

Although the white bow blouse is very similar to the ones already mentioned, this outfit idea shows a very unique and beautiful way to design it. Wear the black bow blouse with a sleeveless suede dress with camel. It would allow the collar and sleeves of the blouse to peek out. I recommend that you wear black ballet heels to be consistent with the adorable look. 

White bow blouse with gray matte leather Mini Skirt

white bow blouse gray matte leather mini skirt

This is an interesting outfit that has two very contrasting pieces. One is the ladylike white bow blouse and the other is the gray matte leather with zipper at the front and has a very coarse feel. You can simply pair these pieces with either black heels or light pink heels to complement the outfit with an extra touch of elegance. 

White and Black Polka Dot Bow Shirt with Skinny Jeans

white and black polka dot bow shirt slim jeans

This outfit is easily my favorite among the list. It shows how to put together a polka dot shirt and a plaid skirt. It's hard to imagine how these pieces can be put together and I'm surprised when I see the results. To achieve this absolutely gorgeous street look, wear a white and black polka dot bow blouse with a blue plaid wool coat draped over your shoulders. Pair them with cuffed skinny jeans and yellow pointed ankle boots. As beautiful as this outfit looks, it's actually not that difficult to pull off. I recommend you try this outfit. 

Wear with black Maxi Blazer and gray control patterned chinos

black maxi blazer gray check patterned chinos

If you are already very bored with your typical work suit, this elegant and elegant outfit may be for you. You can wear a white bow blouse with a black maxi blazer, gray chinos and black heels to get this look. By the way, this is one of the most ladylike ways to wear the gray chinos I've ever seen.  

White sleeveless bow blue with black skinny jeans

white sleeveless bow blue black skinny jeans

This suit is an artistic costume that you can either use for friends or you can wear to work if you work in a creative industry. It consists of a cool stylish white sleeveless blouse, black skinny jeans and the red heels which gives a little intense contrast. 

Wear with black blazer & gray pencil skirt

black blazer gray pencil skirt outfit

Imagine what this outfit looks like if the bow blouse is replaced by a typical white blouse. It would have been a typical suit consisting of white blouse, a black blazer, a gray pencil skirt and black heels. The formal suit would still look nice and beautiful, but not as feminine and elegant as the bow blouse version. 

White Chiffon Bow blouse with black blazer & jeans

white chiffon bow blouse black blazer jeans

This outfit is a less formal version of a black suit. It consists of a white chiffon bow blouse, a black blazer, black skinny jeans and black ballet heels. It is still a very professional outfit, but it can make you look much less serious and much more appealing. 

Blue shirt with Camel Blazer and black wide leg gown pants

blue shirt camel blazer black wide leg dress pants

This outfit shows some creative color use. Wear a sky blue bow blouse with a camel blazer on top. Complete dress with black dresses with wide legs and white shoes. I would actually suggest an alternative for the lower section to look more professional. I recommend that you wear black skinny pants with black heels. 

White shirt with red knit cardigan and black leather legs

white shirt red knitted cardigan black leather leggings

This is a smart stylish red, white and black outfit. Simple wear a white shirt with a red knitted cardigan. Pair them with black leather pants and black heels to complement this elegant outfit. 

White bow shirt with gray pencil skirt

white bow shirt gray printed pencil skirt

This is a very nice look on the girl. To achieve this, you can wear a white bow blouse with a gray printed pencil skirt and pale pink heels. It's such a minimal and refreshing outfit. 

White blouse with Burgundy scalloped hem mini skirt

white blouse burgundy peeled neckline in min

For a minimal and elegant look, you can wear a white chiffon bow blouse with a burgundy peeled mini skirt and nude sandals. Wear a cheetah clutch bag to add a touch of elegance to the outfit. 

These are the beautiful bow blouse ideas I want to share with you. These clothes look good and are quite easy to pull off. Let's try and expand your outfit game. 


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