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Cable Knit Cardigan Outfit

Cable Knit Cardigan Outfit Ideas

In another blog post I have written about how cardigan is something that you can pair with any casual outfit and can instantly turn a stylish outfit into a beautiful one. Today I will talk about a very specific type of cardigan that is even more magical, namely knit cardigan. You can easily design it and build a beautiful outfit around it. To make it even easier for you, I've compiled some of the best ideas with knit cardigan and I'll show you right now. 

Gray long knit cardigan with white lace mini dress

To start with this exciting list, I am going to show you a very lovely and feminine outfit. To achieve this amazing look, you can wear a gray long knitted cardigan over a white lace skater mini dress. Make sure the cardigan is a little longer than the dress so your legs look longer. Complete suit with black socks and foot leather in black leather to give an elegant touch. 

Ivory knitted chunky cardigan

ivory cable knitted chunky cardigan

Now let's look at an adorable outfit that consists of a really thick cardigan. To create this lovely outfit, you can wear a dark gray tee with an ivory knitted chunky cardigan. You can wear a green knitted scarf to look even more beautiful. Pair them with black skinny jeans and white sneakers to complement the outfit in a simple and casual way. 

Gray long knitted cardigan with skinny jeans

gray long cable knit cardigan skinny jeans

Here is an elegant and artistic look. Without a cardigan, this outfit is just an unattractive one consisting of a black top and a pair of dark blue skinny jeans. Adding the gray long cable knit jacket simply changes everything. To make the suit even more stylish and artistic, you can wear a pair of black oxford shoes. 

White Cardigan Over Plaid Boyfriend Shirt & Tee

white cardigan over checkered boyfriend shirt tee

This is a very interesting and stylish layered outfit. For the top, you can wear a gray t-shirt with an unbuttoned gray and navy plaid boyfriend shirt worn on top of it. Now give another layer by wearing a white knitted cardigan on top of the boyfriend shirt. It is a very rare way to create a three-tiered top like this one but the result speaks for itself. It's really cool. Pair the pieces with black skinny jeans and a pair of low top converse to complete the costume. 

Gray knitted chunky cardigan over tee and mini shorts

gray knitted chunky cardigan over tee-mini shorts

One way to make your legs look longer and make you look slimmer is to wear a long chunky cardigan over mini shorts. For example, you can wear a black tee with a tie-dye mini-shorts. Wear a gray long chunky knitted cardigan over these pieces. Pair all these pieces with white sneakers to look stylish and low-key sexy. 

White oversized cable knitted cardigan

white oversized knitted cardigan

This suit is just a very low profile and casual outfit that you can wear when you just want to go into a friend's house. To get this cozy look, just wear a white t-shirt with a white oversized cable knit cardigan for the top. Full dress with black cropped slim jeans and nude sandals. 

Burgundy knitted cardigan with green scarf

burgundy cable knitted cardigan green scarf

Now let's look at a very happy and passionate look that can easily make you stand out from the crowd. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a burgundy knitted cardigan over a crepe color dress. Wear a green knitted scarf to pair with the red cardigan and create a happy feeling. Wear a pair of black leather shoes in the shoes for the shoes to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Beige cardigan with black belted mini dress

beige cardigan black belt mini dress

You can definitely pair a cardigan with a business casual outfit. Here is a good example of that. Pair a beige cable knit sweater with a black mini shift dress that comes with a slim brown leather belt. Pair these pieces with black socks, brown leather boots and a brown leather bag to look beautiful and professional. 

White belted knit cardigan with floral dress

white belted knit cardigan floral dress

For a wonderful and stylish winter look, here's an outfit you might want to consider. To get a dreamy winter look, you can wear a windy floral skater dress. Over it, wear a white belt cable knitted cardigan. Pair these pieces with a green knitted scarf, white leggings and brown leather in mid-calf shoes to create a little Christmas feeling. 

Dark green Midi length knitted cardigan

dark green mid length cable knit cardigan

For an absolutely stylish look you can add some leather clothes to the mix. For example, you can wear a white shirt neck t-shirt with black leather pants. Above them, wear a dark green long knitted cardigan to make this outfit a cool layered outfit. Finally, pair the outfit with black lace-up heels to create a feminine and elegant feel. 

White knitted cardigan with black shift dress

white cable knit cardigan black shift dress

This outfit is simply a windy and artistic one. To form it, you can wear a black shirt dress with black leggings and black leather mid-calf boots. Pair them with a white knitted cardigan to create an intense and beautiful contrast. Wear a black felt hat to give an elegant touch to the overall look. 

Burgundy cardigan with T-shirt and jeans

burgundy cardigan t-shirt jeans

Without a cardigan, this outfit is a simple and decent look consisting of a gray t-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans. With the wine red knitted long cardigan, it can simply transform the outfit into a beautiful and deep suit in a second. Pair the outfit with black ballet flats to look casual and minimal. 

Crepe cable knit cardigan with long gray T-shirt

crepe cable knit cardigan long gray t-shirt

Here is an interesting outfit that has a certain boho style in itself. To get this look, you can wear a long gray t-shirt. Wear a crepe color long cable knit cardigan on top of the sweater. Complete outfit with gray skinny jeans and nude sandals. Don't forget the magic piece that gives the boho style to the suit, namely the crepe fringed knit scarf. 

Light gray cable knit chunky cardigan with black top

light gray cable knitted chunky cardigan black top

The great thing about a chunky knitted cardigan is that, not only does it not make you look chunky, it makes you look really slim. To make the effect even clearer, you can wear black tee and black skinny jeans in a light gray knit cardigan. Pair the outfit with black and white low top converse to give a relaxed touch. 

Pink oversized cable knit cardigan with white tee and black jeans

pink oversized cable knit cardigan white tee black jeans

To look feminine and ladylike, just throw a little pink to the mix. For example, to make the white printed tee and black skinny jeans look beautiful, you can wear an oversized pink pink knitwear over them. Pair them with white sneakers to complement the costume in a simple and relaxed way. 

Here are the knitted cardigan outfit ideas that are really easy to pull off, while the results are fantastic. It would be good to have one in your wardrobe so you can always have an option to turn a regular into an extraordinary one. 


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