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Cape Dress Outfit Ideas

Cape Dress Outfit Ideas

Are you looking for a beautiful dress for your next cocktail party or even a formal event? If you are bored with all these stylish dresses or sexy dresses that you see everywhere in the cocktail party, you will probably like what I am talking about today, the wedding dress, something that is unique and beautiful. The coolest and most obvious feature of a cape dress is the fact that the cape dress covers your arms without actually having sleeves. To show you how to style it, I've compiled some really nice ideas about the cape dress outfit and I'll show you now. 

Black Cape Shift Mini Dress with Strappy Heels

A cape dress is something that is very unique and beautiful in itself. To build a stylish suit around it, you really don't have to complicate things at all. Just wear it a beautiful shoe and possibly a necklace. As an example, you can wear a black cape-shift dress with a pair of black strapped heels to create a simple yet elegant look. 

Navy Cape Sheath Midi dress

Navy cape mantle midi dress

For a slightly more relaxed look, you may want to choose a cape dress that has the crease shoulder section. Here is, for example, a midi dress with navy blue cape that looks beautiful and relaxed. Simply pair it with pale pink ankle strap with open toe heels to complement the outfit in a feminine way. 

White Cape Shift dress with pale pink heels

white cape shift dress light pink heels

If you want to look beautiful and stand out from the rest in a cocktail party, you can either wear something very sexy and stylish, or you can counter intuitively something refreshing. For example, you can wear a white cape shift mini dress with light pink heels to form a feminine and refreshing outfit.   

Blush Pink Lace Mermaid Dress

rouge pink lace maid dress

As you have seen from the previous clothes, it is very natural for fashion designers to transform a gown into a gown dress with a small or knee length. It's not as intuitive to have a maxi cape dress, but with that said, this particular pink pink lace maid dress is a rare and beautiful exception. Simply pair it with silver colored ankle strap with open toe heels to complete the suit. 

Black Semi-Sheer V-neck Cape Mini Dress

black semi sheer v-neck cape mini dress

If you are familiar with cocktail dresses, you should already know that the fabric or structure of the dress makes a big difference. For example, if you want to look feminine and elegant, a good bet would be to wear a black cape dress with black chiffon v-neck. Pair them with black suede strappy ballet heels to give an extra elegant touch. 

Royal Blue Cold Shoulder Dress

royal blue cold shoulder dress

For those who like a lot of cocktail parties, it's much more fun to have different styles instead of simply sticking to the same black cocktail dress every time, even if the black dress looks good on you. Here is a cocktail dress that looks really bright and it should create a new style for you. It's a royal blue cold shoulder dress. You can simply pair it with white heels to complement this eye-catching outfit. 

Navy Deep V Neck Wrap Cape Mini Dress

navy deep v-neck wrap cape mini dress

Here's a more mature look. At first glance, it is also like wearing a navy suit. It is actually a very elegant and elegant navy blue dress with cape mini. You can simply pair it with black ankle strap with open toe heels to complement the suit in a simple and elegant way. 

Red Cape Shift dress with black ballet heels

red cape shift dress black ballet heels

Looking minimal or simple doesn't mean you can't be eye-catching. One way to really shine among others is to wear something bright, like this bright red gown. You can simply wear it with a pair of black ballet heels and a statement necklace to complete this minimal and attractive look. 

Blue mini dress with Strappy Open Toe heels

blue mini dress with buttoned flaps with open toe

Sometimes the subtle difference between a decent outfit and a good suit lies beneath some subtle details. One detail that you must look at is how the shoes are paired with the dress. As a good example of wearing the right shoes, a pair of blue strappy heels is chosen to pair with a blue mini-cape shift dress. 

White Chiffon pleated Maxi dress with silver sequin details

white chiffon pleated maxi dress silver sequin details

Although this white chiffon pleated maxi dress is probably not formal enough to be worn as a formal wedding dress, it should be perfect for wedding photo shoots. The dress comes with some silver details in sequins that make it more elegant and attractive. Just pair the dress with silver open heels and you are ready to take some great pictures. 

Brown Belted Semi-Sheer Cape Dress

brown belt semi pure cape dress

This is a rare two-layer kappa mini dress that looks deep and mature. More details, it is a brown belt cape dress, with the outer layer being a clean mesh overlay. You can simply pair it with light pink open toe heels to complement this unique and beautiful outfit. 

Gray Mock Neck Cape Midi dress with white heels

gray mock neck cape midi dress white heels

Although many dresses with very similar clipping to this gray dress have already been mentioned, the use of colors for this outfit really makes this outfit stand out from the rest. For this outfit, the gray cape dress is paired with white heels and a pale pink leather clutch bag to achieve a refreshing and minimal look. 

White lace Cape Boydcon Midi dress

white lace cape bodycon midi dress

This dress is also a two-layer dress, with the inner layer a mini-white dress and the outer one is a lace-cut semi-gloss dress. You can simply pair this lovely dress with wide heeled sandals to complement the outfit. 

Neon Pink Cape dress

neon pink cape dress

To get an eye-catching look, one of the simplest ways would be to wear something shocking pink. For example, you can wear this shocking pink dress with light pink pointed toe heels to look feminine and beautiful. 

White and blue floral printed Cape dress

white and blue floral printed cape dress

To look elegant and refreshing you can try this white and blue floral kappa mini dress. Pair them with white ankle straps with open toe heels to keep the color tone light and to keep the refreshing feeling of the outfit. 

I hope you find these gown dress outfit ideas that I just mentioned above useful. If you like these ideas, the best thing you can do is to imitate these clothes and then gradually adjust things here and there to make these cool ideas your own. 


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