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Capri Jeans & Pants Outfit
  Ideas for Women

Capri Jeans & Pants Outfit Ideas for Women

Looks like we've recently put a lot of effort into putting together some great ways to wear jeans, denim shorts, dresses and skirts. Something that has become very popular over the years has been missing from our discussions. In this blog post I will share with you some of the most beautiful ways to wear capri jeans and pants. Before we look at the outfit ideas, let's first remind you what capri jeans are.

Capri Jeans Meaning

The definition of capri jeans is jeans that are longer than shorts and shorter than pants. They usually end around the mid-calf area. Capri jeans or pants outfit ideas that I will talk about in this blog post work equally well for both jeans that are designed to be capri jeans and even DIY capri jeans that are created by cuffing them. By the way, for those who are interested in cuffed jeans, you may want to check out my blog post on cuffed jeans outfit ideas. Okay, back to capri jeans, let's get to the outfit ideas now. 

Boyfriend shirt with Capri Jeans

tee capri jeans boyfriend shirt outfit

If you are looking for a smart casual look it should be good. You simply need to pair a t-shirt and a boyfriend shirt with low raises by capri boyfriends. Use converse or white shoes for the shoes. Wear a belt to complete this smart autumn street. The interesting thing about this outfit idea is that you probably already have all the items you need in your wardrobe. Test them and see how it suits you. 

Cardigan with Capri Jeans

cardigan t shirt capri jeans vita sneakers

Another casual outfit idea for the fall that is a little more feminine than the former is to replace the boyfriend shirt with a cardigan. You will also want to remove the belt and release your tee for this more relaxed outfit. 

Vita Capri Jeans & Black Crop Top

white capri jeans black crop top converse

This outfit shows a cool way to wear white capri jeans. Not only that, it is also an interesting example of black and white clothing. You simply have to pair a black crop top and white capri jeans with black sneakers. For white reasons, it always seems difficult to pull off white jeans. Not with this outfit idea. It's just a really laid back look. And you can replace the crop top with a tank top if you feel more comfortable with it. 

Midcoat, Capri Jeans and boots

midrock capri jeans boots

From the aforementioned outfit ideas, you should have noticed that capri jeans and sneakers, especially conversion shoes, work wonderfully together. Now I'm going to show you a more creative winter costume. You can wear a mid skirt with capri jeans and boots. Wear a hat for a more playful look. 

Striped sweater with black Capri pants

black striped sweatshirts capri jeans

Let's move on to a minimal chic style now. You can simply pair a black striped sweater with black capri pants. For the shoes, black heels or flat shoes fits this outfit perfectly. 

White blouse with Flare Capri Jeans

wide leg capri jeans white blouse

Flare capri jeans can make you look very unique. But you really have to test yourself to see if they fit your body type. A common casual outfit is to pair a white blouse with flare capri jeans. Be careful that this outfit is not as easy to pull off as it seems. 

Light olive Capri pants and leather jacket

white t shirt black leather jacket capri pants

When it comes to leather jacket clothing, it's a no-brainer to pair it with a white tee, jeans and boots. Let's try a more elegant way to design it. Try to pair the black leather jacket with a white t-shirt, light olive capri pants and heeled sandals for a more feminine look. 

Trench coat and olive Capri pants

capri jeans long line jacket

Here is a very playful and stylish outfit that you may want to try only occasionally. Pair a white shirt and olive capri pants with a dyke skirt and black boots. This will definitely make a unique winter costume. 

White sweater with Capri Jeans and white sneakers

white sweater capri jeans white converse

This is a good example of "less is more". These are probably the best minimal casual ideas among the list. Simply pair a white 3/4 sweater with capri jeans and white sneakers. What makes this outfit so simple and beautiful is the matching of 3/4 top and 3/4 trousers. You should try this outfit for an outdoor hangout, especially in the spring. 

Capri Jogger Pants

capri jogging pants

The Capri pants also play a big role in sports fashion. Capri joggers look great whether you pair it with a hoodie, a t-shirt or a vest top. 

Flowers Capri pants

white flared blouses floral capri pants

For a more creative spring outfit, you can try pairing a white blouse with floral capri pants. This outfit idea is not for everyone. You have to have that special character in you that makes the floral design look beautiful instead of cumbersome.

White cropped sweater and black Capri pants

cropped sweater white tee black capri pants

For a black and white white suit, try putting a cropped sweater on top of a white t-shirt and pairing them with black capri pants and nude flats. 

Black wide leg capri pants

capri wide leg pants black suit

This outfit is a unique way of wearing a dress for work. Just wear a black suit that comes with black wide leg trousers. Try this idea if you are a little bored with your typical costumes. That being said, if you need to wear suits to work, you may want to check out our blog on ladylike ways to wear a suit.

Gray sweater and wide leg Capri pants

black wide leg capri sweater

If you need to dress to be formal in order to work but you do not need to wear suits, you can consider dressing elegantly by pairing a gray sweater with black wide leggings. 

Capri jeans and trousers can help you look more relaxed and relaxed. They are especially suitable for autumn and spring. If you like Capri pants outfit ideas that I shared, make sure you also check out our other blog posts about various interesting outfit ideas. 


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