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Cashmere Poncho Outfit Ideas

Cashmere Poncho Outfit Ideas

Sometimes the fabric makes as much difference as the use of color. When it comes to ponchos, one of the most popular types is cashmere poncho. For those of you who do not know exactly what cashmere is, my best way to explain it is a slightly softer and thinner version of wool. But it is actually easier for you to just look at the following images and you should realize that you actually see a lot of cashmere ponchos without knowing the fabric. Anyway, to show you how to design it, I've compiled some of the best cashmere poncho outfit ideas for you. Let's dive in. 

Light gray cashmere poncho with White Vest Top & Jeans

A poncho is often best when used as part of a casual outfit. To start with this list of cozy and casual outfit ideas, I will simply show you an outfit that is very easy to pull off. You can simply wear a light green cashmere poncho over a white western top. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and pale pink heels to look relaxed and fun. 

Ivory Cashmere Poncho Over White Mock Neck Sweater

ivory cashmere poncho over white sweater with hollow neck

For a slightly more dressed look, you can wear a white hole shirt under the poncho instead of wearing a vest or a t-shirt. For the poncho, you can choose an ivory cashmere poncho to look more refreshing and feminine. Pair these pieces with dark blue cuffed skinny jeans and pale pink open toe heels. 

White and pink turtleneck Cashmere Poncho

white and pink turtleneck cashmere poncho

Most of the time, a poncho is similar to a wrap that comes without a clear neckline. But this one is a rare yet beautiful white and pink cashmere poncho that comes with a turtle. You can pair it with black skinny jeans and black suede boots to complement this unique and beautiful outfit. 

Teal Sem-Sheer Cashmere Poncho Over White Button Up Shirt

teal semi sheer cashmere poncho over white button up shirt

Very rarely would you see a semi-pure cashmere poncho as it usually requires some special technology to do so. Here is a rare and very ladylike teal semi-clean poncho layered over a white shirt. Pair them with gray skinny jeans and light pink heels to look beautiful and feminine. 

Black cashmere poncho with skinny jeans

black cashmere poncho skinny jeans

Usually, a completely black look would give people an impression of darkness and seriousness. But because this particular outfit involves a black cashmere poncho. It does not make the outfit look a little more cozy despite the use of black. Simply pair the poncho with black skinny jeans and black ballet heels to complete the suit. 

Bright red Poncho with black skinny jeans

light red poncho black skinny jeans

If you are looking for a more eye-catching outfit, this outfit is just for you. To achieve this bright and smart look, you can wear a white western top with a red cashmere poncho for the top. Pair these pieces with black skinny jeans and black ballet heels to complement the outfit in a simple and elegant way. 

Black long Poncho over white shirt & plaid trousers

black long poncho over white shirt plaid pants

This is a black long cashmere poncho has a very special cut. You can even call it a maxi cashmere vest if you like. Simply put the poncho over a white button shirt and a pair of gray and navy blue trousers. Complete outfit with black leather heeled ankle boots to give an elegant touch to the look. 

Light gray Poncho with all black upholstery

light gray poncho all black outfit

For a simple and low profile look you can easily pair a poncho with a completely black outfit. In this case, a light gray cashmere poncho is selected. You can pair it with a black t-shirt and a pair of black jeans with wide legs. For the shoes, wear black ankle strap with open toe heels to add some elegance. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to design black footrest heels. 

Gray cashmere poncho with black skinny jeans

gray cashmere poncho black skinny jeans

Although most cashmere ponchos you can get from the market are completely colored, there are some color-blocked ones that also look really nice. Here, for example, is a gray and pink cashmere poncho that looks lovely. Just pair it with black skinny jeans and black ballet heels to make them look minimal and adorable. 

Wear with white button shirt & skinny jeans

white button up shirt slim jeans

To look smart relaxed you think you've already done is to wear a fitted knit sweater over a white shirt and let the collar look out. Here is a small variation of such a smart look. Instead, you can wear a black cashmere poncho over a white shirt. Pair them with skinny jeans and black leather boots to complement the outfit. 

Dark green cashmere poncho with white shirt and black chinos

dark green kashmirponcho white shirt black chinos

Very similar to the previous suit, but with a little color change, the outfit looks a little less smart but more feminine. To achieve this look, use only a dark green cashmere poncho with a white button up shirt. Pair them with black chinos and pale pink pointed toe heels to complement this business attire. 

Light green Poncho with Chinos & Heels

light green poncho with chinos heels

For a clean and relaxed look, you can simply wear a light green cashmere poncho with black chinos. Pair them with black ballet heels to complement this minimal outfit. 

Pale pink cashmere poncho with white skinny jeans

light pink cashmere poncho white skinny jeans

For a ladylike and lovely look you can wear a light pink cashmere poncho with white skinny jeans. To look even more refreshing, wear white heeled sandals to take this outfit to the next level. 

Wear with white T-shirt and dark blue skinny jeans

white t-shirt dark blue skinny jeans

A poncho can often turn a very simple outfit into a very elegant and feminine one. For example, the suit consists of a white t-shirt, blue skinny jeans and black ballet flats. It would have been a pretty neat casual outfit. But now, with the gray cashmere poncho, the outfit is simply beautiful. 

Red cashmere poncho with gray skinny jeans

red cashmere poncho gray skinny jeans

It is an interesting attempt to wear a red cashmere poncho with a long boho style necklace. They look surprisingly good together. Complete outfit with a pair of gray-blue skinny jeans and nude sandals to give a refreshing touch to the outfit. 

I hope you enjoy reading about the aforementioned cashmere poncho outfit ideas. You should be able to tell that these clothes are really easy to pull off. Try them out and see if any of the clothes are right for you. 


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