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Checkered Pants Outfit Ideas
  for Women

Checkered Pants Outfit Ideas for Women

When you are not wearing a dress, skirt or pair of shorts, there is a good chance that you are wearing jeans, likely skinny jeans and boyfriends. They definitely look good, yet you want to extend your outfit game for fun and beauty? Today I will explore with you how to style the plaid pants. I would define the plaid trousers loosely as black and white plaid trousers that are strictly filled with squares of the same size, although I will show you some that do not have the same squares to make this blog post filled with more exciting outfit ideas. Let's check out the exciting outfit ideas now. 

Cropped checkered pants with black turtleneck form fitting sweater

cropped checkered pants black turtleneck shape matching sweater

To start with this list, let me show you a ladylike and lovely outfit idea. To achieve this look, you can wear a black shirt from the shirt. Pair it with cropped checkered pants. Pair these pieces with a pair of glossy leather heeled ankle boots to complement the outfit with style. 

Checkered trousers with brown suede jacket

plaid trousers with brown suede jacket

Here is an elegant layered outfit that you can wear to the outfit. Wear a black sweater for the top to look feminine and stylish. Pair them with cropped checkered slim pants. Complete outfit with black leather sneakers and a black leather bag to make the outfit look more elegant and glossy. 

Checkered leather pants with gray chunky sweater

plaid skinny trousers gray chunky sweater

A nice little trick to make the legs look longer and slimmer is to wear a chunky long sleeve top with a pair of skinny pants. For example, you can wear a gray chunky knit sweater with a pair of checkered skinny pants to achieve this effect. Pair them with black leather shoes to look nicer. 

Dark green sweater with raised cuffed plaid trousers

dark green sweater with high height cuffed plaid trousers

Another trick for looking long and slim is to wear a pair of cropped high-waisted trousers, which results in a visually higher waist and longer legs. As an example, you can wear a dark green sweater with a pair of high waist checkered pants. Complete outfit with white sneakers and light pink handbags. 

Wear with black v-neck casual fit sweater

black v-shirt with a relaxed fit

Sometimes it doesn't take much to look relaxed and stylish. This minimal outfit is a fantastic demonstration of it. To achieve this look, you can simply wear a black relaxed-fit v-neck with a pair of cut checkered pants. Complete outfit with black oxford shoes to look stylish and minimal. 

Checkered trousers with color blocks knitted sweater

checkered pants color block knitted sweater

For a cute and easily accessible look, you may want to consider wearing a colored black knitted sweater like the one that uses royal blue, yellow and white colors. Pair your shirt with plaid pants. Very creative, wear white heeled boots to complement the outfit in a refreshing and elegant way. 

High waist plaid trousers with white crop top and denim jacket

high waist checkered pants white cotton top jacket

This is a playful and creative outfit that is simply fun to wear every now and then. Wear a white cropped form fitting t-shirt with a slightly oversized blue denim jacket. Pair them with high waist checkered trousers and a pair of black leather boots. Finally, wear a small black felt hat to give a playful and artistic touch. 

Wear with black blouse & white blazer

black blouse white blazer

This is a pretty interesting attempt to integrate a pair of checkered pants into a work suit. The result is quite successful and beautiful. Wear a black blouse with a white blazer on top. Pair them with cropped checkered trousers, white pointed toe heels and a white leather bag to look stylish and elegant. 

Relaxed Fit Checkered Pants with Black Form Fitting Turtleneck Knitted Sweater

casual fit plaid trousers black form fitting sweater neck knitted sweater

This is a very simple and relaxed outfit that can make you look lean and smart. To get this look, just wear a black turtleneck-form knit sweater with casual fitting wide leg plaid trousers. For the shoes you will need black boards to add some extra style to the suit. 

Wear with black sweater & leather Moto Jacket

black sweater of leather moto

To get a nice and dark look you can add some leather elements to your outfit. For example, you can pair the plaid pants with a black sweater and a black leather jacket. Wear a pair of black loafer to make this outfit more stylish and a little unisex. 

Checkered pants with black leather jacket & knitted hat

plaid trousers black leather jacket knitted hat

Here is a more relaxed way to wear a black leather jacket. You can pair it with black printed tee to tone down the darkness that comes with the jacket. Wear these pieces with checkered skinny cropped pants and a pair of black leather heeled ankle boots. Wear a black knitted hat to add the icing to the cake. 

Black cropped t-shirt with skinny checkered pants

black cropped t-shirt skinny checkered pants

If you've put a lot of effort into keeping yourself in good shape, this super-minimal outfit will make you look low-key sexy and stand out from the rest. To get this look you can wear a black cropped fitted t-shirt with a pair of skinny checkered pants. Use black leather boots to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Checkered cropped trousers with black leather jacket

checkered cropped trousers black leather jacket

This is a very elegant and elegant business suit. To form this outfit you can wear a black button up shirt with a black leather jacket for the top. Pair them with plaid trousers and white ballet flats. Wear a black leather shoulder bag to make the outfit more elegant and professional. 

Black sweater with checkered pants & red purse

black sweater checkered pants red purse

Here is a business-casual casual outfit that looks beautiful and easy to get to, and more importantly it is very easy to pull off. To get this cute look, you can simply wear a black shirt with plaid pants and black ballet flats. Carry a nice red handbag to complete the costume in a girly way. 

Here are the plaid pants I want to share with you. As you can see from the above ideas, the plaid pants are not as difficult to style as they can sound. Let's just try and see how they fit you. 


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