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Cold Shoulder Sweater Outfit

Cold Shoulder Sweater Outfit Ideas

When you blend knitted and interesting neckline you get a cool shoulder sweater. This article should be one of the basic staples in your wardrobe. Why? Because it is versatile, flattering and it will keep you warm. At the same time, this sweater will keep you stylish and fashionable. The cold shoulder appeared a few years ago, but the trend is still alive. That's because many girls count this sweater as one of the elegant ones, and they wear it for years.
In this post I will show you how to design different toned and cropped cold shoulder sweaters. Scroll down to see how nice they are in different combinations!

Layering Game

cold shoulder sweater camel

Stock is this girl's other name. She worked perfectly with few layers of wardrobe. Camel cold shoulder sweater is a statement piece that she decided to combine with a black dress and white over-the-knee boots. For some of you, this look can be a bit eccentric when it is actually chic and very high fashion.

Concerned cold shoulder

cold shoulder shirt worried

Gray sweater looks stylish and very elegant. Concerned with one side and left whole with others, this knitting seems very interesting and unique. If you are wondering if this sweater is suitable for work – it is. You can wear it with black cargo pants and add interesting handbag or any other type of bag. Style it with ankle boots or round everything with white superstar sneakers.

Cable knitted turtleneck

cold shoulder sweater turtleneck

Cable knit turtleneck looks very comfortable and warm. It has cold shoulder sleeves, which are very interesting. In combination with jeans you can design this sweater for cold days in the office or to wear it as a casual meeting suit. It's on you. Choose some comfortable shoes – ankle boots with block heels or boots with knees.

Patent Leather Skirt

cold shoulder sweater patent leather

Patent leather has long dominated the fashion scene. The reason for this is street style outfits that were full of vinyl boots, skirts and ditches. If you were considering buying a vinyl skirt, you may find some inspo when looking at this combination. The soft pink sweater can be a good item to work on with your new patent leather skirt.

Everything black everything

cold shoulder sweater black

All black clothes are such an inspiration to me. They always show us how we look recently interesting and elegant, while kept dressed in black. The key to black clothing is in details. Sparkling skirt in combination with a black sweater or belt that wraps up the skirt – these are some of the items that can help you get an elegant look, even if you wear all black.

Olivia's sweater

cool shoulder sweater olivia

Olivia Palermo is one of the best dressed girls in the fashion industry. This is not just my opinion, it is the opinion of many who follow what she does. She chose a cold shoulder sweater with metal details on the neckline. These studs give the sweater an even better wild vibe. The skirt is midi and flowing. Olivia chose strappy sandals and wore a small black belt around her waist.

Ruffled skirt and Matchy cool shoulder sweater

cold shoulder sweater asymmetrical skirt

This street style look is very chic and elegant. Asymmetrical denim skirt with ruffles is matched with striped navy blue ruffled sweater. If you thought you would wear this look, I can help you with that. Style it for office hours, business meetings or occasional events. It is versatile, so any occasion is suitable for this look.

White and Beige Combo

cold shoulder cashmere

Even Kendall Jenner couldn't resist the trend of wearing cold shoulders. She mixes her white cashmere sweater with cropped track pants. For shoes, she picked nude banded sandals, with not so high heels. This look can be perfect for some meetings, casual lunches or dinners or simply for a cup of coffee. Recreate this Kendall look and get a super chic and casual outfit.

Ripped Turtleneck sweater

cold shoulder shirt worn

In the same way, like the gray sweater I have shown you, this knit has a cold shoulder. Unlike the gray, it has a neckline and it is made of navy blue knit. This fashion girl decided to pair it with khaki chino pants and white ankles. These are good business women. Eccentric, but chic, right?

Frayed Home Jeans and Black cold shoulder sweater

cold shoulder sweater black casual

Frayed home jeans are one of the most flattering and for ankle boots the best jeans you can wear. You can design them with black cold shoulder sweater and black leather mules that have block heels. This outfit is one of the casual ones that you can design for every day, as well as for elegant occasions. With the addition of some jewelry you can turn it into a formal look.

Gray details

cold shoulder sweater gray

Instead of wearing completely black clothes, try to style gray items. It seems much easier, and you can always cheat by adding some color. This girl decided to settle into a wool coat – she adds the sweater and ripped jeans. This look is rounded off with a gray shoulder bag and elegant but not boring black patent leather pumps.

White sweater and plaid trousers

cold shoulder sweater plaid trousers

Plaid was one of the most viewed prints this year. These lovely trousers have wide leg cuts, and are perfect for your workwear inspiration. You can pair it with a white cool shoulder sweater. The top is romantic and delicate, while the pants are more formal than the rest. You can create a perfect balance between these two items.

Fishing net tights and checkered buttons

cold shoulder sweater fish socks

Two items from the title are two main details for this look. Without them, this outfit would be like the rest of other casual outfits. But with these details everything looks much tougher and more fun. Fishing net tights are very trendy so don't hesitate to try them. In the beginning, start them under ripped jeans. Knit a button down at the waist and you're ready to go!

I hope you liked all these outfit ideas that I have prepared for you.


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