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Combat Boots for Women

Combat Boots for Women

Combat boots are the tough lace-up boots that are usually slightly longer than ankle boots. They come mostly in black or brown. Much like the relationship between Converse and white canvas sneakers, when people talk about combat boots, they refer to Dr. Martin for the most part. Fight boots are such iconic items that you would at least want a pair of them in your wardrobe. For this blog post, I’ve put together some of the best ways to design combat boots. Let’s check them out now.

Wear with flannel plaid sweater and denim jacket

flannel plaid denim jacket combat shoes I will start with the list of ideas with an outfit that uses some smart stock tricks. Wear a white shirt with the top of a flannel plaid shirt on top. Then add another layer with a denim jacket. Complete this elegant look that has a lot of character with leggings and black combat shoes.

Black boots with denim jacket and black skinny jeans

As a casual autumn and winter costume, you can wear black combat boots with a white t-shirt, a denim jacket and black skinny jeans. Wear a scarf and a knitted hat to complement this comfortable stylish and elegant outfit.

Brown boots with arm jacket and skinny jeans

brown combat army jacket skinny jeans Brown combat boots look fantastic with jeans. As an example, just wear a black sweater and an army jacket for the top. Pair them with skinny jeans and brown combat boots. Wear a brown or red scarf to complete the suit. I see this as the perfect outfit for casual hangouts in the winter or fall.

Wear with gray sleeveless print Tee & cuffed black jeans

gray sleeveless print t-shirt black combat shoes As the name suggests, “combat boots” can make you look tough and good looking. Let’s try to wear it in a way that has a more “fighting” feel. First you want to show your arms by wearing a sleeveless printed t-shirt. Wear black skinny jeans. You would like to cuff jeans so that it looks like you are ready to really move your body. And of course, finish off the look with the black combat boots. To keep the look consistent, do not carry a feminine handbag. It’s sometimes fun to dress up so for friends to gather just to give them a little surprise while still looking decent.

Wear comfortable white knitted sweaters and black leggings

comfortable white knitted sweaters brown combat boots For a delightful and feminine look, a comfortable white knit sweater works almost always. Pair it with black leggings and brown combat boots. Upgrade your beauty further by wearing a gray knitted scarf and a knitted hat.

Black leather jacket, gray tee & ripped jeans

combat boots with black leather jacket Here’s another costume that actually brings out the “combat” feeling in the combat boots. The suit is very simple and typical. Just wear a gray t-shirt and jeans with a black leather jacket and combat boots.

Wear with oversized fluffy knitted sweaters and leather legs

oversized fluffy knitted sweaters of leather For an eye-catching outfit that has a very contrasting top and bottom, you can wear a large fluffy knit sweater for the top. Pair it with leather clothes and black combat boots. Carry a black handbag so that these pieces blend into each other.

Magnified black knitted sweater with leather skirt

black combat shoes black knitted sweater leather skirt This is a completely black outfit that looks surprisingly beautiful and stylish instead of looking dark. This is easily my favorite outfit idea among the list. Wear an oversized black knitted sweater for the top. Pair it with a black mini leather skirt and black combat boots. These pieces just look so perfectly matched when put together. You should try this minimal and elegant outfit. It doesn’t seem very difficult to pull off.

Black mini dress, denim jacket, socks and combat boots

black combat boots mini dresses As seen in the previous example, a combination of mini skirts and combat boots looks good without socks. That said, you can still wear socks with them. The suit will only have a more sophisticated feel instead of a more refreshing one. Using this outfit as an example, wear a black mini dress with a denim jacket layered over it. You can see the black combat boots put together with socks. You can imagine that the look will be more refreshing and young if there are no socks. As a result of wearing the stocks you get a more mature and feminine look instead.

Wear with Maxi dress and black leather jacket

maxi dress black leather jacket combat shoes This is a more unique outfit. A maxi dress usually doesn’t work well with combat boots because they make you look too clumsy when you put together. To fix it, the maxi dress you wear has to be just a little shorter so there is probably an inch of skin between your combat boots and the dress. You will also want to balance the lumpy chunk with a smart stylish leather jacket.

Brown boots with green nice sweater & leggings

brown combat boots green comfortable sweater leggings For a minimal, yet comfortable look, you may want to consider this costume whether you’re wearing a workout or causing hangouts. It is a simple outfit that consists of a green comfortable sweater, black leggings and brown combat boots. Add a little extra feminine touch with a linen scarf. It is one of those clothes that is so easy to pull off but still makes you look good but does not require much attention from others.

All black with sleeveless tee and leather pants

sleeveless top leather leggings Here’s another “combat” outfit. It is a completely black that does not make you look dark and tough, but also makes you look taller and slimmer. Wear a long sleeveless t-shirt with leather pants and black combat boots to get this cool look. So there’s a list of my favorite ways to wear combat boots. I have to admit that I am a big fan of iconic shoes like all white Converse and black Dr. Martins. They only have that special character in them that never fades with time.

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