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Criss Cross Dress Outfit Ideas

Criss Cross Dress Outfit Ideas

The Criss cross dress is a very sexy dress type that is available in a variety of shapes. Sometimes the cross is in front of the dress, making it an open chess dress. Other times, it appears on the back of the dress, making it a backless dress. Sometimes it appears at the waist, which makes the dress look like a two-piece dress. Regardless of where the criss cross is exactly displayed, the result is often a feminine and sexy look. Sounds a lot of fun? Let's dive right into some of the best ideas about cross-dress costume right now. 

Black Criss Cross Halter High Split Maxi Dress

It is not a surprise that the color of black is the most popular color when it comes to the criss cross dress. Here is a very typical and timeless design. It is a black criss cross maxi dress with high split. It requires that you show some skin just below the chest area. The high split cutting also allows you to show off your legs. To get a touch of elegance and to make the legs look longer, a pair of open toe heels of silver would be the perfect choice for the shoes. 

Navy blue and white striped Criss Cross Back Midi dress

navy and white striped criss cross midi dress

As mentioned, the cross can also be seen on the back of a dress. As an example, this is a really adorable navy blue and white striped, criss cross midi flare dress. The dress is paired with cream heels to achieve this minimal and lovely semi-formal party costume. You can wear this dress to date as well, just be careful not to wear something like this sexy for the first time. 

Burgundy Velvet Criss Cross Front Body Sheath Dress

burgundy velvet criss cross body skirt dress

Here is a burgundy deep v-neck dress that has criss cross design right at the v-neck area. For those of you who do not care about showing some skin but do not want to show it in a high profile way, the straps can only help you achieve what you want. To complement the suit elegantly, you should only wear naked heels with an open toe. 

Criss Cross Fit and Flare Chiffon Mini Dress

criss crosis fit and flare chiffon mini dress

For an absolutely cheerful and windy look, you must consider wearing this pale pink criss cross-front, fit and flare chiffon dress. Very interesting is that the dress is linked to boho style with brown heels in brown style to make the airy feeling even stronger. 

Red Criss Cross Front Bodycon Dress

red criss cross bodycon dress

Compared to the really sexy deep v-neck dress that I have shown before, this one has a smaller opening under the collar. I would argue that this bodycon dress is even nicer than the super sexy deep v-neck dresses. The cut and amount of skin shown feels just right. You can simply pair the dress with open toe gold shoes to make the outfit more eye cat. 

Two-piece dress with white halter top and white floral mini skirt

two-piece dress white halter top white floral mini skirt

This is a very creative design that uses a criss cross design at the waist to connect a halter top and a floral mini skirt and turn it into a two-piece dress. 

Criss Cross Halter Maxi dress with high slit

criss cross halter maxi dress with high slit

"Criss cross" and "high wear" work wonderfully together. As an example, here is a wonderful and stylish black maxi dress that has both the criss cross-neck and the high slit function. You can simply wear it with black heels with open toe to complement the outfit elegantly. 

Gray Criss Cross Shift Dress

gray criss cross shift dress

Gray is an underrated color when it comes to jeans and dresses. People love black, white and red because they are clear and loud. But gray has its own little world that represents a more relaxed type of attitude. To design a gray criss cross-shift dress like this, you can pair the gray suede short boots to complete this cozy and appealing look. 

Black Breezy floral dress

black windy floral dress

For me it is always interesting to see if any sweet element can be integrated into a dress with sexy cut. For example, here is a black windy floral dress with an open chest cut with a cross. The result is surprisingly fantastic. To design this windy and beautiful chiffon black dress you can simply wear it with black open toe heels. Alternatively, wear nude sandals to give a boho-style touch to match the windy feel. 

Black Criss Cross Back Skater Dress

black criss cross back skater dress

As mentioned earlier, the position that the cross appears in a dress can often be very creative. This black skater dress actually has criss cross design at the back near the waist area. So instead of being a backless dress, it's more like wearing a crop top with a skirt when viewed from behind. This outfit is a sexy low key street outfit that can be worn casual with a pair of cloth shoes. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how you can design canvas shoes. 

Navy blue backless mini dress

navy floral backless mini dress

If you have a beautiful back and, even better, have beautiful skin, this is a chance for you to stand out from the rest of this navy floral criss cross backless mini dress. What I really love about this dress is the beautiful pattern that makes it so unique among all the solid dresses in a cocktail party. I recommend that you pair the dress with boho-style brown sandals to complement the outfit with style. 

Two-piece dress with Cream Crop Top & Pencil Skirt

two-piece dress cream crop top pencil skirt

The creamy bodycon midi dress is a two-piece dress that uses the criss cross design at the waist to connect the top and bottom. You can be more creative with colors by wearing gold heels with open toe. 

Purple long-sleeved dress with high boots in the thigh

purple long sleeve dress dress thigh high boots

Among this list, this is a really casual purple shift dress that is perfect to wear as a street outfit. For an elegant and relaxed look, pair the dress with gray boots with high suede. 

Silver and white sequin and chiffon dress

silver and white sequin and chiffon dress

This is a sexy open-breasted mini dress that consists of two parts. It's a combination of a silver top and a white chiffon pleated mini skirt. Wear silver heels to complement this wonderful and youthful outfit. 

Gray Bodycon Midi sweater dress

gray bodycon midi sweater dress

Here is a minimal look that involves a gray knit dress. The dress has a fit and an open chest cut. You can simply wear nude sandals to complement this feminine and sexy outfit. 

I hope you enjoy the ideas I have shared with you on the criss cross dress. Before you go, make sure you also check out our thousands of other outfit ideas that you can find on this site. 


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