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Crochet Shorts Outfit Ideas

Crochet Shorts Outfit Ideas

You do not necessarily have to have the nicest legs to look tall and slender. Sometimes a nicely designed mini skirt or pair of mini shorts can help your legs look longer and slimmer. Today I will talk about something both refreshing and low-key sexy, namely the crocheted shorts. Usually crocheted shorts are available in white or black. The white is probably the nicest color of all in this case. To show you how to style them, I've compiled some of the best crocheted shorts outfit ideas for you. Let's dive in.

Gray buttoned up denim shirt with white crocheted shorts

Although crocheted shorts seem like they are not as simple to style as objects like denim shorts, you can surprisingly pretty much pair them with any top and you would get a pretty good result at least half the time. Here, for example, is an outfit that tries to pair the white crocheted shorts with a gray denim shirt that comes with some silver details in sequins. The result looks surprisingly good. Pair these pieces with brown open-toe heels to complete the costume.

White semi-clean chiffon shirt with pale pink crocheted shorts

white semi pure chiffon shirt pale pink crocheted shorts

For a stylish and low-key sexy look, you can wear a white semi-clean chiffon shirt over a black tube top. Pair them with a pair of light pink crocheted mini-shorts. Tie a light blue shirt around the waist to look better. Complete upholstery with black ankle strap with open toe heels to give a feminine touch to the look.

White crocheted shorts with black cropped t-shirt

white crocheted shorts black cropped t-shirt

Here's another low key sexy outfit. This time it's a very minimal outfit. To get this look, you can simply wear a black cropped t-shirt with a pair of white crocheted shorts. Wear a pair of gray and silver ballet heels for the shoes. Wear a black studded clutch bag to add some extra style to the outfit.

Black crochet shorts with oversized Chambray shirt

black crochet shorts oversized chambray shirt

After looking at some refreshing clothes built around white crocheted shorts, let's take a look at one built around the blacks. To get this nice and beautiful look, you can wear the black crocheted shorts with a white vest top. Wear a large chambray shirt as if it's a denim jacket. For the shoes, keep the outfit slim and simple by wearing light pink ballet flats.

Black crochet mini-shorts with white printed button up shirt

black crochet mini-shorts white printed button up shirt

Here is a very interesting attempt to wear the black crochet mini shorts as part of a semi-formal outfit. To achieve this attractive look, you can wear a white print slim fit-up shirt and put it on in a pair of black crocheted mini-shorts. Wear a pair of neon pink bread shoes to take this outfit to another level.

White shorts with gray vest top and heels

white shorts gray western heels

Here is a very simple look that would have looked too casual if the white crochet shorts were replaced by denim shorts. You should now have an idea of ​​how the crochet shorts can easily make the outfit more elegant. To get this look, you can simply wear a gray western top with white mini-shorts. Complete outfit with pink heels with open toe.

Wear with black shape to fit long sleeve tee & felt hat

black form fitting long sleeve tee blanket hat

For an artistic and beautiful look, let's create a black felt hat to spice things up. In detail, wear a black long-sleeved t-shirt with white crocheted shorts. Pair them with black socks and black suede ankle boots to complement the suit. To add an artistic feel to the costume, you can wear a black felt hat.

Gray printed tank top with white crocheted shorts

gray printed tank top white crocheted shorts

For a more youthful and energetic look, do not be afraid to wear a rather exaggerated printed top. For example, you can wear gray printed tank top untucked and pair it with a pair of white crochet shorts. Wear light pink sandals with silver sequin details to complete this youthful and girly look.

White shorts with red boat neck buttonless blouse

white shorts red boat neck buttonless blouse

To make your outfit more eye-catching, one way to do it would be to add some red element to the mix. For example, you can wear a red chiffon buttonless blouse with a pair of white crocheted mini-shorts. For the shoes, you can wear a pair of white platform sandals to look more refreshing.

White crocheted mini shorts with blue chambray shirt

white crochet mini shorts blue chambray shirt

To look more natural and beautiful, one color combination you should try is the light blue and white combination, the colors of the sky and the clouds. For example, you can wear a light blue chambray shirt and knit it in a pair of white crocheted shorts. Wear a narrow brown leather belt to give a little separation to make the waist more obvious. Pair them with nude sandals to complement this elegant and refreshing look.

Orange Cowl Neck blouse with white cardigan

orange cabbage blouse white crochet shorts

In addition to wearing a red blouse, you can also look very eye-catching with an orange. For example, here is an orange cabbage blouse that simply captures people's attention. Pair it with white crocheted shorts and gray suede ankle boots to complement the outfit with an elegant touch.

Wear with white and black cropped printed sleeveless top

wear with white and black cropped tee

The white crocheted shorts can be worn as cover shorts for your bikini. As an example of a low-key sexy and refreshing beach suit, you can wear a black cropped sleeveless printed tee with white crochet mini shorts. Strappy nude sandals would be the perfect shoes to wear with this outfit.

Black shorts with white vest Top & Chambray shirt

black shorts white vest top chambray shirt

This is a pretty successful and interesting attempt to make the black crocheted shorts a part of a work suit. To do that, pair the black shorts with a white vest top. Wear a blue comrade shirt as if it's a cardigan. To make the outfit more elegant, you can wear black ankle straps with open toe heels and a black leather bag.

Light blue Chambray sweater with white crochet shorts

light blue chambray pullover white crochet shorts

Here is an elegant and refreshing look that is perfect to wear to date. To get this look, wear a light blue chambray shirt and pair it with white crocheted shorts. Wear a pair of gray suede boots for the shoes to make the outfit more feminine and stylish.

Wood shorts with white v-neck lace sweater

crocheted shorts white v-neck lace shirt

To get an innocent and clean look, you can wear a white lace sweater with white crocheted mini-shorts. Pair these pieces with pink pink pointed toe pumps to look more feminine and elegant.

I hope you like the crochet ideas for crocheted shorts that I have shared with you above. Wooden shorts sound like something very difficult to style, but they are actually not as you can see from all these examples above. So try them and you can probably expand your outfit game.

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