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Cropped Leather Jacket

Cropped Leather Jacket

The leather jacket is definitely one of those garments that will be forever in fashion. It is one of the essential staples in every wardrobe, whether you are a girl or a boy. The leather jacket is definitely something you must own. The cropped leather jacket is one of the most popular cuts on the original classic leather jacket. It fits perfectly with your figure, nicely shows and highlights the waist at the same time. That is why you should undoubtedly learn to combine and wear it with the other clothes. We take a look at the classic crops, which have very little details. Then we go through leather jackets in a nice brown or other colors, which also fits perfectly with the rest of your outfit. In this post you will see how to make a balance between baking style and maxi tulle skirt, as well as metal details and everyday garments. If this sounds interesting to you, scroll down to see what I have prepared for you.

Leather jacket + high waist jeans and crop top

cropped jacket jeans When you’re in a hurry and just want to pick up and drink your coffee while you’re on the go, this outfit will definitely make you feel comfortable and relaxed. You won’t spend more than ten minutes putting it all together: high waist jeans, white skirt tee and black leather jacket for the final touch. Not only do these pieces work well together, but they will also get you ready to go when you don’t know what to wear in the morning.

Green cropped leather jacket + white tee and jeans

cropped leather jacket green The green color is trendy again. So if you want to listen to the It girls this fall, you should definitely wear this leather jacket. With the white T-shirt and classic skinny jeans, you will look spontaneous yet very stylish. Because that’s exactly what leather jacket will do for you: It has the power to transform every simple outfit into the sleek and elegant. You can certainly wear a pair of ankle boots or thigh high boots in any neutral color.

Leather jacket + Maxi skirt

cropped leather jacket maxi skirt Wearing transparent clothing became very popular and it has seen most on the streets. It is worn quite often by the most famous fashion girls. If you wear this type of garment is your cup of tea, you should pair maxi tulle skirt and black leather jacket. As you can see there is a metallic and type of pearl detail on both sleeves. As long as there are details on your jacket, do not put jewelry around your neck.

Leather jacket + striped shirt

cropped shirt jacket You probably realized by now that French girls and their style are a big inspiration to me. I always try to show you how easy it is to look like them and how cool you will look no matter where you go. One of the favorite pieces of French girls is the striped sweater, especially when paired with black trousers, belt and black boots. The completeness of genuine French look is achieved by putting on the last piece of the puzzle – the cropped leather jacket.

Leather jacket + black dress

cropped leather jacket black dress Every fashion girl knows that the real beauty of the complete black outfit lies in its details. A cropped jacket over the black dress with ruffle details on the rub is a perfect way to show everyone how you can look absolutely stunning, even if you only have one color. To spice up this complete black outfit, dress in the necklace with brown details.

Leather jacket + gray turtleneck

cropped leather jacket turtleneck Classic gray – black combination, perfect for work or leisurely city walks. The watch on the pants is very trendy this season. So if you own a pair from a few years back, clean it and wear it again. This time you can do it with the knitted turtleneck and black cropped leather jacket.

Leather jacket + color block pants

cropped leather jacket color blocks Can I get some more colors, please! On the cold autumn days, there is no better therapy to get you in a better mood than having warm and bright colors. Hot pink trousers with high waist and black belt are perfect for formal situations, but also for relaxed evening out. Cropped leather jacket makes your legs look longer. You can also add a bag in a little warm color. Just like the picture above, where you can see the combination of black and orange.

Beige leather jacket + white tee and jeans

beige leather jacket Leather jacket in a beige color can be an excellent replacement for the black. The same as black leather, brown or beige goes great with bright and neutral colors. If you are tired of black or want to spice up your clothes with different color combinations, do not hesitate to buy one of these brown jackets.

Leather jacket + brown knitted pants

cropped leather jacket brown pants If you think black and brown are the colors that can’t be combined, look at the outfit in the picture above. The colors fit together perfectly, giving you a simple and cool look. You will look like a fashionista from New York streets.

Leather jacket + Midi Button-Down skirt

cropped leather jacket midi skirt This is a very trendy look, often seen on the streets of Paris, just before the runway appears. The super-cut jacket is paired with blue button closure and midi skirt, which also has buttons. The color palette consists of earth tones and sky blue. When it comes to shoes, you can wear vintage sandals in brown-khaki with a midi skirt. If you still think you shouldn’t buy a cropped leather jacket, hopefully these outfit ideas will change you. You can see that it is fully possible to wear it every day, in combination with jeans, pants or even for more formal occasions, with dresses, midi skirts etc. If you like this post you can check out the other outfit ideas I’ve blogged about!

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