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Crushed Velvet Dress Outfits

Crushed Velvet Dress Outfits

The best way to respect a cocktail party is to look as good as you possibly can. It can be a lot of fun when all your friends follow the same rule. There are so many ways to look beautiful and it should be different for different people. Some people may prefer some refreshing cocktail dresses and others may prefer sexy and stylish dresses. If you want to look feminine and deep, a good choice would be to wear the crushed velvet dress. To better show you how to style it, I have collected some very nice crushed velvet dress outfit ideas for you. Let's check them out. 

Pink gold crushed velvet dress with black leather jacket

pink gold crushed velvet dress black leather jacket

To begin with this list of beautiful crushed velvet dress outfit ideas, I am going to show you this rose gold bodycon mini wrap dress. To build a stylish outfit around it you can drape a black leather jacket over the shoulder. Pair them with black ankle straps with open toe heels to give a feminine touch to the elegant and beautiful suit. 

Mini Burgundy Crushed Velvet Skater Skirt with Denim Jacket

mini burgundy crushed velvet skater skirt denim jacket

If you do not want to look as cool and dark as in the previous suit, you can wear a denim jacket instead. In detail, this burgundy crushed velvet skate skirt here is paired with a blue half-heated short denim jacket for a cozy and lovely look. Wear them with black ballet flats to keep the costume simple. 

Black belt Mini Skater velvet dress with high boots in the thigh

black belt mini skater velvet dress thigh high boots

There is no doubt that a black crushed velvet dress looks beautiful and deep because of its color and texture. And here's one that also looks pretty windy because of its cutting. More details, it's a black belt with straps in velvet mini dress. To build a feminine outfit around it, you can simply wear black boots with high suits. 

Pale pink long wool coat with black dress

light pink long wool coat black dress

Now let's look at a very successful attempt to build a work suit around a shattered velvet dress. To achieve this unique and beautiful business suit, you can wear a black midi velvet dress with a light pink long wool coat. Pair them with black ankle straps with open toe heels to look more elegant. 

Pink gold crushed velvet strap dress with choker

crushed dress with rose gold crushed velvet

To get an adorable and stylish look you can think of the totally pink outfit. This dress is a shiny pink or pink gold crushed velvet band dress. You can simply wear it with a pair of light pink open toe heels and a pink choker to complement this simple yet wonderful look. 

Folded shoulder Bodycon Pink velvet dress

pleated shoulder bodycon pink velvet dress

If you are one of those people who love details, here is a dress that has the little nice details that make it stand out from the rest. It is a pink crushed velvet from the shoulder or folded shoulder dresses. Since the dress already has enough detail, the best way to style it is to simply pair it with black ballet heels so as not to take focus off the dress. 

Burgundy wide sleeve crushed velvet mini dress

burgundy wide sleeve crushed velvet mini dress

For a windy and low-key sexy look, you can wear this burgundy, long-sleeved velvet mini baby doll dress. The cut of the dress can really emphasize your long legs without exposing your waist so much. You can wear the dress with nude ankle boots to give a refreshing touch to the outfit. 

Silver backless watch sleeve crushed velvet mini dress

silver backless watch sleeve crushed velvet mini dress

Here is a very sexy dress that also looks refreshing. It is a silverless backless floral velvet mini dress that also comes with the bell sleeve design. The best way to style it is to build an all-silver outfit around the dress. For example, wear it with open toe heels in silver to look stylish and adorable. 

Dark Purple Crushed Velvet Wrap Dress

dark purple crushed velvet wrap dress

For a deep and slightly more mature look, wearing purple is often a good choice. For example, you can wear this dark purple velvet dress mini dress to look deep and feminine. Pair it with black suede boots in black thighs to add an extra feminine touch to the outfit. 

Pink Velvet Slip Dress Over Black Mesh Top

pink velvet dress dress over black mesh top

If you think that just wearing a dress with shoes is one of the usual combination, here is a layered outfit that looks youthful and stylish. To achieve this, you can wear a black semi-gloss mesh top under a pink, crushed velvet dress. Pair the pieces with black ballet heels to look simple and beautiful. 

Pink Velvet T-shirt dress with black baseball cap

pink velvet t-shirt dress black baseball cap

Among this exciting list, this particular outfit is the most casual and casual outfit. To achieve that, wear a casual fit crushed velvet pink t-shirt dress and pair it with a black baseball cap. You can even wear white sneakers to give a relaxed and sporty touch to the look. 

Silver Mock Neck Long Sleeve Bodycon Mini Dress

silver mock neck long-sleeved bodycon mini dress

For a simple and stylish look that can make you shine in a cocktail party or prom, you can wear a silver bell bodycon mini dress. Pair it with silver open heels and a stylish and elegant silver clutch bag to form this shiny and elegant outfit. 

Two pieces silver crushed velvet dress with choker

two piece silver crushed velvet dress choker

Here's another silver suit. But this time it's even sexier. To form this outfit, you can wear a shattered velvet silver dress in two parts consisting of the silver strapless crop top and the silver boydcon midi skirt. Pair it with a silver choker and a pair of pale pink ankle straps with open toe heels. 

Gray velvet dress dress with gray turtleneck sweater

gray velvet slip dress gray sweater neck shirt

For a cozy look, you can wear a gray crushed velvet dress over a gray turtleneck knit sweater to create some beautiful layers. Pair them with black socks and black ballet heels to look feminine and gorgeous. You can even wear a gray hat to make the outfit look more beautiful. 

Here are the crushed velvet dress antics that I want to share with you. For those of you who think this type of blog post is interesting, you may want to check out many other outfit ideas on this site. You can be inspired to come up with your own beautiful outfit ideas. 


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