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Double Breasted Jacket Outfit

Double Breasted Jacket Outfit Ideas

When something you have in your wardrobe is double stainless – keep it. It’s a kind of classic cut that will never go out of style. Whether you have a double breasted jacket, blazer ditch or something else – trust me, these items will always be handy. When I thought about what I was going to show you today, I decided to gather around a pair of double breasted blazers, skirts and jackets. All of these items are perfect jackets for spring or fall. And why don’t you see some of them today? Girls wear blazer like outerwear without problems. In this post you will see some fantastic autumn and spring costumes that can help you choose your brand new double breasted jacket. Let’s see together!

Classic is fantastic

double breasted jacket trench classic The beige double trench coat is something every woman should have in her wardrobe. It never goes out of fashion, and if you choose one of good quality – you can wear it for years. This combination is elegant and classy. Straight jeans, white tee and pointed toe cat heels – items that you can mix for an everyday look and even your work clothes.

Dark brown double breasted jacket

double breasted jacket ditch dark brown The dark brown shuttle has black leather heroes, which makes it even more chic and modern. You can wear it as a casual and elegant item. As you can see in the picture above, this girl decided to go with the black mini dress and to add details – fedora and a small clutch. Don’t hesitate to wear this lovely double chest jacket for the fall or spring.

Retro in baby blue

double breasted jacket trench blue Long and spare time – two words that together with the retro look describe this ditch. Baby blue color is trendy, but with this jacket it gets a new vibe. The retro vibe is something that dominates here. Perhaps this is because this Italian fashionista chose an oversized version of this trench, along with patent leather shoes. It’s the perfect look for everyday wear, as well as for your office suit.

Pink is trendy

double breasted jacket pink red Wearing pink last fall was one of the most important trends in fashion. However, mixing pink and red is even more trendy this spring! You have to try it. Styl your light jacket in pink with a red dress and black pumps for some formal events. You will not be disappointed. Your look will definitely be a rider.

Belted Double Breasted Coat

double breasted jacket with belt Gray jacket can be a fantastic replacement for your jacket. Personally, I call my jackets because that’s what they really are – outdoor clothing. This gray jacket is perfectly designed with a belt, while the rest of the outfit is in black. Pointy booties with pointed toe are the perfect choice to finish this look.

Sophisticated and eccentric

double breasted jacket dark purple This lovely fashion girl is my inspiration when it comes to sophisticated and elegant clothes. She combines elegant and eccentric objects in perfect order. Dark colored double breasted jacket-jacket is the perfect item for style during cold winter days. As you can see, shoes look pretty interesting, but they do not alleviate the elegance dose this outfit carries.

Plaid double breasted coat

double breasted jacket plaid If something was trendy last year, it was a checkered pattern. Long duster jackets or skirts are beautiful items to wear in early spring. Black turtlenecks, as well as brown booties, are elegant items that you can pair with almost every other piece. This checkered article has been your favorite for many years, I can guarantee that.

Gray or camel?

double breasted jacket gray camel If you choose the gray – you get an oversized and straight pants suit that looks sophisticated and elegant. However, if you choose double breasted comb jacket – it is perfectly tailored and belt-blazer jacket that you can wear as work clothes or for formal occasions. These two off-duty models show us how to design these two staples impeccably.

All Black Everything

double breasted jacket all black How does one easily look like a Parisian? Wear all black outfit like Olivia Palermo! She mixed black blazer, leather pants and black tie neck blouse. The only detail that is in another color is her sunglasses. This look is perfect for everyday wear, like workwear inspiration and sometimes you can wear this as a formal suit.


double breasted jacket yellow Along with pink, yellow was one of the colors of the season. If you look at this nice costume you will absolutely fall in love. Personally, I was not a fan of yellow color, but after seeing these pantsuits and double breasted jackets, I am completely obsessed with this shade. As you can see, it works perfectly with purple. If you are not sure, just add a detail, like this girl did with sunglasses.

Waist bag

double breasted jacket belt bag If you want to put your belt bag on, don’t hesitate to do so when using a checkered blazer. If you want a matching moment, choose the red plaid skirt. This is a great street style look that you can combine for office hours and other events – dinners, cocktail parties and other parties.

Pretty in Magenta

double breasted jacket magenta The totally magical outfit is more than amazing! It looks fantastic, and I have to admit that I have fallen in love with both jackets and pants with double breasts. This look will make a perfect statement, wherever you choose to wear it. Wear super high heels or strappy sandals when it comes to shoes. For each day, try flats or ankle boots with block heels.

Pearl Jeans

pearl jeans with double breasted jackets Pearl jeans are something I still haven’t tried, but I would love to. That is why I wanted to show you how it can look fantastic. Orange color dominates the fashion scene right now. This double-breasted blazer is used as a jacket and paired with a printed tee. Finish off with white superstar shoes.

Denim shorts and white double breasted jacket

double breasted jacket white If you thought that this type of jacket is reserved only for elegant clothes, you were not right. This girl looks different. She designs her white blazer with denim shorts, black shirt and studded sandals. It’s a great summer outfit – for those wet nights by the beach, you choose this look. I hope you enjoyed these clothes!

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