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Drape Jacket Over Shoulders
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Drape Jacket Over Shoulders Outfit Ideas

Have you considered pulling a jacket over your shoulders the same way a movie star would do on the red carpet? If you're worried about looking a little too unnatural or even weird, I'd suggest you do it first for cocktail parties, semi-formal events and do it when you're on vacation, which is the best time to try out new outfit styles. The more you do it, you will find that it can be done quite naturally and relaxed. To give you a hand, I've put together a list of some beautiful ways to drape a jacket over your shoulders. Let's check out these outfit ideas now.

Wear black shift dress & drape black leather jacket over the shoulders

There are three types of jackets that you can drape over your shoulders and look really natural. The black leather jacket is one of them. The other two are the denim jacket and wool coat which I will talk about later. For this costume, wear only a black shift dress and wear a black leather jacket over the shoulders. Completing the outfit with a high top black and white converse really brings out the elegant character of this outfit.

Black wool coat with white sweater and gray mini skirt

black wool coat white sweater gray mini skirt

As mentioned in the previous idea, the wool coat is another type of jacket that looks nice and natural when you drape it over the shoulders. For example, use a white sweater and a gray mini skirt. Wear a black wool coat over the shoulder. Pair the suit with black leather boots.

White Maxi Blazer over black shirt & dress pants

white maxi blazer draped over the shoulder

This outfit is more eye-catching that you may want to reserve for formal events. To get this stylish and elegant look, you can wear a black button up shirt and black dress pants with black heels. Pull a white maxi-blazer over these black pieces to create a stunning black and white look.

Black leather jacket over white silk top and plated skirt

black leather jacket white plated skirt of silk

A black leather jacket is so versatile. I even think this is an understatement because you can really almost pair a black leather jacket with anything and expect me to look at least decent. However, this outfit is much more than just decent. By pairing the black leather jacket with a white silk top, a pale pink plated skirt and sandals, it creates a feminine look with a touch of cool factor.

Camel Wool Coat Over White Top & Black Leather Skirt

camel wool coat black leather skirt

This is an elegant and casual outfit that is quite easy to pull off. Just wear a white top and a black knee length leather skirt. Wear ballet flats or ballet heels for the shoes and pull a camel wool coat over your shoulders.

Drape denim jacket over your shoulders

drape the denim jacket over your shoulder clothes

When it comes to the type of jackets that look most natural when draped over the shoulders, my voice goes to the denim jacket. And you pretty much can't go wrong by wearing a white top with it. For example, you can wear a white print tee, ripped jeans and low-cut sneakers, and then drape a denim jacket over your shoulders for a stylish street look.

Gray wool coat over black sweater & skater skirt

gray wool coat over shoulder black skater skirt

The color combination of black and gray very often creates an elegant and comfortable look. As an example of this, for this outfit you can wear a black high neck sweater and a black skater skirt. Pair them with socks and black ankle boots. Light up the black pieces by dragging a light gray wool coat over the shoulders.

Black Blazer Over White Crop Top & Wide Ben Pants

drape the black blazer over the shoulders white crop

This outfit is an elegant suit that is especially suitable for executives to wear for corporate events such as an annual dinner. To get this look, wear a white crop top with a white leggings with wide legs and black heels. Pull a black blazer over your shoulders to add an extra touch of power and charisma.

Denim jacket over shoulders with white crop top & pencil skirt

denim jacket white green top skirt

As mentioned before, wearing a denim jacket over the shoulders looks natural and beautiful. It just seems like a natural way to wear a denim jacket when the weather is just a bit cool, like in the fall and spring. This outfit is an example of a casual and feminine outfit that is perfect to wear for a friend. It consists of a white cropped tee with long sleeve and a black knee length with skirt. The uneven sandals add a certain boho style to the whole look. Pull the denim jacket over your shoulders for some extra freshness. By the way, if you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to check out our blog post about strappy heels and sandals.

Black leather jacket over long sleeve yellow dress

drape a black leather jacket over the yellow dress of the shoulders

Wearing black over yellow simply requires people's attention. Of course you want to look good, otherwise there is no point with the attention. This outfit is a great way to style black and yellow. It consists of a light yellow dress with long sleeves and a black leather jacket draped over the shoulders. For the shoes you can either wear heels in exactly the same color as the dress or just wear white heels.

Leather jacket over black and white striped tee

black leather jacket over striped t-shirt

For a stylish and casual street look, you can wear the black leather jacket with a black and white striped t-shirt, cropped jeans and white low-cut sneakers.

Denim Blazer with Matching Jeans with High Waist

denim blazer high waist flare jeans

This is a very wise and professional look that I imagine a professor or teacher could wear and look good. Simply wear an unwashed denim blazer with matching high waisted jeans.

Floral Chiffon mini dress with black leather jacket

floral chiffon mini dress black leather jacket

An interesting way to style a black leather jacket is to wear it with a little feminine. For example, you can wear it with a floral chiffon mini dress to create this contrasting yet beautiful look.

White lace top with black leather jacket draped over the shoulders

leather jacket draped over the shoulders

Borrow the theme from the previous idea, pair a black leather jacket with a white lace top and black chinos.

Here are some of my favorite ideas for pulling a jacket over your shoulders. I hope this list is useful to you so you can use it as a reference to come up with some great outfit ideas that work best for you.

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