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Elastic Waist Jeans for Women

Elastic Waist Jeans for Women

It used to be a time when elastic waist jeans are worn just because it can easily fit your body no matter how many inches you get. I have actually heard an interesting theory about never wearing elasticated waist pants because you would not notice how much weight you are walking and which results in a seriously overweight body. Anyway, in today's fashion world, the elasticated waist jeans are something that is actually very fashionable due to the gathered waist details in the jeans. I let you be the judge if this is a trend that will go viral and will be here to stay. Here are some of the best elastic jeans outfit ideas I've collected for you. 

Red and white numbered tee with blue elastic waist jeans

If you think about it, it may happen that the trendy jeans trend is coming back because they look very much like the now very popular jogging pants. It makes sense to wear them relaxed as if you were doing for the jogging pants. For example, you can wear a red and white tee with a pair of blue elastic waist jeans. Pair the suit with brown suede loafers to look casual and stylish. 

White cropped top with light blue cuffed elasticated waist jeans

white crop top light blue cuff elasticated waist jeans

Here are a pair of light blue elasticated waist jeans that look almost like a pair of cigarette jeans. To design it you can wear it with a white crop top and white sneakers to get a relaxed and sporty look. You can wear this low-key sexy outfit in the summer or spring to differentiate yourself from others who wear white t-shirts and denim shorts all the time. 

White cropped long sleeve shirt with Denim Jogger pants

white cropped long sleeve sweater denim jogger pants

As mentioned a little earlier, the elasticated waist jeans are a variant of the joggers. This particular pair of jeans makes it pretty obvious. To build a casual and sporty outfit around jeans you can wear them with a white cropped sweater and white sneakers. 

Blue Wide Ben Elastic Midi Jeans with white top

blue wide leg elastic waist jeans white top

For a windy and refreshing spring look, you can wear this blue elastic waist pants with chest legs. Pair it with a white cropped t-shirt and a pair of white sandals. To make the suit more refreshing and a little more eye-catching, you can wear a straw hat to give an elegant touch to the overall look. 

Blue Cuffed Straight Leg Jeans with leather sneakers

blue cuffed leather sneakers with straight legs

To get a very simple look, you can simply wear a white t-shirt. Insert it into a pair of blue elasticated waist in sleeveless jeans. Wear a pair of black and white leather sneakers for the shoes to add some style and shine to this simple outfit. Carry a white bag to complement this simple and windy look. 

White long sleeve print T-shirt with 3D elastic waist baggy jeans

white long sleeve print tee 3d elasticated waist baggy jeans

I'm not sure if you've heard of 3D jeans. It is very difficult to explain what they are but I will try here. 3D jeans have the diagonal cut and the seams that make jeans always look puffy. This particular pair of 3D jeans in this outfit is a pair of elasticated waist bag jeans. You can pair it with a white tee with long sleeves and white low top sneakers to look casual and unique. 

Black cropped sweater with white jeans

black cropped sweater white jeans

A black sweater and white jeans combination is a very typical way to style. Now this outfit combination gives some adjustments to really spice things up. The top has become a black cropped sweater and the white jeans are not the white elasticated waist. Pair them with open toe black heels to complete this sexy low key black and white outfit. 

Black T-shirt with blue cuffed jeans

black t-shirt blue cuffed jeans

Here is a casual and stylish outfit. For the top, you can simply wear a black t-shirt. Pair it with blue elastic cuffed jeans at the waist and, very interestingly, a pair of black oxford shoes. Wear a black felt hat to give an artistic feel to the look. If you are interested in seeing more outfit ideas of similar hats, you may want to check out our blog post on how to design a black felt hat. 

White cropped tee with ripped baggy jeans

white cropped tee ripped baggy jeans

To get a boyish and playful look, you can start with the white cropped t-shirt. Pair it with a pair of blue elastic waist ripped baggy jeans that come with star-shaped ripped detail at the knee areas. Complete outfit with white low top sneakers to make the suit clean and simple. 

White fit top with high height straight jeans

white form fitting top high rise straight jeans

This pair of jeans looks a lot like a pair of mom jeans, except it's an elasticated waist. You can simply wear this pair of high waist light blue jeans with a white form fitting sweater. Pair the suit with black loafers to add some extra style to the look.  

White Print Tee with cropped elasticated waist jeans

white print tee cropped elasticated waist jeans

For a youthful and passionate look, you can wear a white tee with a cropped elasticated waist jeans. Pair the outfit with pink platform heels to give a feminine touch to the outfit. To make the outfit look even more youthful, a baseball cap can certainly help. 

Pale pink crop top with high waist ripped jeans

light pink crop top with high waist ripped jeans

This is a minimal outfit that simply looks good. Wear a linen, pale pink crop top. Wear a pair of high-heeled elastic jeans at the bottom. Wear a pair of gray suede oxford shoes very creative and stylish to complement the outfit with an elegant and elegant touch. 

White button shirt with elasticated waist skinny jeans

white button up shirt elastic waist skinny jeans

It is very common to wear a white button-up shirt with slim jeans. If you replace the regular skinny jeans with the elastic skinny jeans. The result is surprisingly just as good. Pair the pieces with white sneakers to complement the costume in a simple and clean way. 

Here are the elastic waist jeans outfit ideas that I really want to share with you. There is no doubt that, at least for the moment, the slim jeans are a favorite type of jeans for many people, including myself. But you will miss a lot if you always stick to the same type. 


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