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Emerald Green Dress Style

Emerald Green Dress Style Guide

When I think of the emerald green color, the first thing I think of is jade rock.
The emerald shade looks very luxurious and rich. It is the color that makes a statement, whether you wear an emerald green dress, coat or just a bag.

No matter what style you have, the emerald green color can be found on very casual to really elegant dresses. You can easily wear your casual emerald green dresses during the day, without even thinking about looking good.
When it comes to the elegant, emerald green dresses look very posh and glamorous. You will be the main star of all the events you plan to attend.

Let's divide this article into two parts. I round off the best casual and elegant emerald green dresses you can wear and look absolutely stunning.

Casual emerald green dresses

Great emerald green casual dresses, get ready to be worn every day, during the office or for a casual night out.
Let's see some of the best outfit ideas for casual street wear.

Maxi Dress Halter Neckline Emerald Green Dress

halter neckline emerald green dress

Is there anything more comfortable than the maxi dress? If you ask me, I would say no. This beautiful green emerald dress is a perfect staple for hot summer days or leisurely stroll by the beach.
Wear it with funky sandals, flip-flops or flats.

Ruffled Emerald Green Dress

ruffle emerald green dress

This is a beautiful and casual dress that you will love to wear every day! It has a large mid-length and shoulder-strap neckline. It is fluid and has many ruffles.
Wear it with high heels or flat sandals. It is ideal for evening drinks with your friends.

Complete Emerald Green Outfit

emerald green dress embroidery

If you are the real fan of an emerald green color, as I am, you will absolutely love this all-green outfit. The coat, dress and bag are all in the same color, and it certainly looks fantastic!
Wear this emerald green with flower embroidered dress in combination with nude sandals.

Gossip Girl Lookalike

emerald green dress button down

If you were a fan of the famous series Gossip GIrl and like the character named Blair Waldorf, than you will be interested in wearing this dress. It's the amazing emerald green button dress, which is comfortable and perfect to wear equally for day and night events. Wear it with elegant flats or high heels.

Embroidery Emerald Green Dress and Coat

emerald green robe

If you like floral embroidery on the fashion staples, you should try to find a way to get to this type of emerald green dress. It is very beautiful, elegant and with a straight cut.
Wear it with the coat of the same color or with the beige or black trench. If you pair it with high heels, it can be a good fashion option for a casual night out.

Classic emerald green dress

elegant emerald green dress

There is nothing in fashion that can compete with the simple and elegant dress. Have your little black dress replaced for an emerald green dress. With it in your wardrobe you do not have to worry about having a fast yet modern outfit every time you are in a hurry. This can also be a good inspo for work clothes for you. Wear it the same as the flats or heels.

Asymmetrical emerald green dress

asymmetrical emerald green dress

This is another great dress that you can wear from your office meetings in the morning to late afternoon drinks with your colleagues. It has a beautiful geometric print on it and the asymmetrical cut, all of which makes it a very interesting staple to wear.
Pair it with velvet or high heels.

Baggy Emerald Green Dress

bag emerald green dress

If you have a sporty and very relaxed way to dress, this is a perfect dress for you, girls. This emerald green dress is classic yet very effective. You can pair it with the white sneakers. You are ready to go out in less than 10 minutes.

Fit-and-flare Emerald Green Dress

waistband emerald green dress

This is a classic emerald green dress that is flattering to your body shape. It has a nice detail in the waist – the waistband. It is very trendy at the moment, so be sure to add it to your wardrobe.
Wear it with the black lace-toe stilettos and black bag.

Elegant emerald green dresses

In this section we will see the dresses that are more elegant and can be worn on more formal occasions. We will see some beautiful dresses and maxi dresses that will make you feel wonderful and glamorous.

Long emerald green dress

emerald green dress elegant

If you need a dress for a really formal cocktail party, go for this emerald long dress. It is sexy, flattering for your body and very elegant. You can pair it with a black leather jacket for a more neat look.
Wear it with sequins with high-heeled sandals or pointed toe stilettos.

Sliced ??emerald green

emerald green dress column

If you like to dress more provocatively, this is a dress for you. It has a really large slit and an open neckline. However, it is not on-the-line nor good looking. On the contrary, it is very elegant. Book it for very elegant and special occasions.

Satin Emerald Green Dress

satin emerald green dress

Beautiful satin-made midi dress is a perfect alternative for formal occasions such as weddings and outdoor parties.
You can wear it with the black clutch, decorated with sequins and with silver band sandals. It is good and very elegant formal dress.

Velvet Emerald Green Dress

velvet emerald green dress

If you want a double elegant effect, wear velvet and emerald green color. As you can see it looks perfect and it is very formal attire.
Wear it with the ankle boots for a very unique outfit look. If you do not think this is a good idea, try wearing it with the classic black band sandals.

If you really like this color, you should consider having at least one emerald green dress in the wardrobe.
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