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Flowy Shorts Outfit Ideas

Flowy Shorts Outfit Ideas

Showing your legs and looking windy and lovely is one way to do it by wearing a skater mini skirt. If you are not really wearing skirts, an alternative would be to wear a pair of floating shorts. You will be surprised that the floating shorts you can get today can be even sexier than many mini skirts. And more importantly, they look sweet and refreshing at the same time. To give you some ideas on how to design them, I've put together a list of some really great flowing shorts outfit ideas. Let's check it out now.

Striped T-shirt with black flowing shorts

It is very easy to design a pair of floating shorts. You can simply treat it like a pair of denim shorts, just because the result is usually more windy and refreshing. For example, you can wear a black and white striped t-shirt with black flowing shorts. Make the suit a bit more eye-catching by wearing red ballet flats and a leopard print clutch bag.

Three-quarter sleeved baseball T-shirt with black flowing shorts

three quarter sleeve baseball t-shirt black floating shorts

The previous suit is already quite relaxed, but to look even more youthful you can wear a gray and white base with three quarters of sleeves. Pair it with black floating shorts. Instead of wearing ballet flats or heels, wear a pair of red sandals to look more relaxed and refreshing.

White Boho Style Flowy Shorts with black V-neck T-shirt

white boho style floating shorts black v-neck t-shirt

Let's take a lot of this pair of white, floating shorts that come with some Boho-style prints. You can pair it with a black v-neck t-shirt to make it look minimal and skinny. Pair the pieces with bare sandals to complete the costume. If you want to add a little extra style to it, you can wear a statement necklace.

White Button Up shirt with lime green flowing shorts

white button up shirt lime green floating shorts

It is very popular to wear a sharp and colorful pair of beach shorts floating shorts. But this time, a pair of lime green flowing shorts are paired with a white button-up shirt to form a casual street outfit. The trial is actually quite successful. Pair them with nude sandals to complement the outfit in a clean and easy way.

White Chiffon Bell Sleeve Top with Tribal Printed Shorts

white chiffon watch sleeves top trunk printed shorts

From the previous outfit idea you can see how you can build a unique and colorful outfit around a white blouse. For this outfit, let's try to build a more ladylike outfit around it. To get this beautiful and fragile look, you can wear a white watch sleeveless button chiffon blouse. Pair it with stem printed black liquid shorts. Wear nude sandals to complete this refreshing look.

Black cropped vest top with stem printed flowing shorts

black cropped vest top trunk floating shorts

For those of you who have put a lot of effort into keeping you in good shape, this is a humble outfit that lets you show off your strength a bit. To form this formal outfit, you can wear a black cropped vest with a pair of black printed flowy shorts. Pair them with white sandals to look youthful and attractive.

Black combed flowing shorts in home with white blazer

black peeled bottom liquid shorts white blazer

This work outfit is so elegant that the shorts almost look like a black mini skirt at first glance. The shorts are actually a pair of black liquid combed shorts. Wear it with a white chiffon top and a white blazer. For the shoes, wear black banded open toe heels to complement this elegant and beautiful outfit.

White tights with navy blue floral shorts

white camisole navy flower shorts

For a casual and youthful beach suit or summer outfit, you can wear a white camisole with a pair of floral printed floral shorts. Pair them with brown heeled sandals to look tall and slim. You can even wear some brown bracelets to add some boho style to this outfit.

Gray printed T-shirt with black flowing shorts

gray printed t-shirt black flowing shorts

Just as when styling denim shorts, one of the simplest but timeless ways to style is to wear with a printed tee. In this case, the gray printed t-shirt is partially attached to a pair of black, floating shorts. To make the suit more youthful, you can wear shoes in lighter colors like this pair of lemon yellow heels.

Wear with White Cropped Halter Top & Black Long Vest

white cropped halter top black long vest

For a sleek and low-cut sexy look, you can wear a white cropped neck top with a pair of elastic waist flowing pale pink shorts. Creates a black sleeveless long vest to create a stylish and windy look. Wear a pair of black ballet flats for the shoes to complete the costume in a simple and clean way.

Wear with white sleeveless cropped top & Boho style necklace

white sleeveless cropped top boho style necklace

Since the floating shorts usually look very windy and relaxed, it makes sense to form a boho style outfit around them. For example, you can wear a white sleeveless crop top with a boho-style statement necklace for the top. Pair them with dark green flowing shorts and nude banded sandals to look refreshing.

White Ruffle Chiffon Sleeveless top with pink embroidered flowing shorts

white ruffle chiffon sleeveless top pink embroidered flowing shorts

For a ladylike and cute look, you can wear a white chiffon sleeveless top with a pair of pink flowing shorts that come with some nice embroidered details. Wear brown striped sandals to complement this eye-catching and refreshing outfit.

Army Green Cargo Vest with black flowing shorts

army green cargo vest black floating shorts

For those who like to dress in a cute and boyish way, you can wear a white t-shirt with a cargo vest. Pair them with black flowy shorts and brown banded sandals to look casual and stylish.

Wear with yellow blouse & white blazer

yellow blouse white blazer

For a unique work suit, you can wear a light yellow blouse with a white blazer for the top. Pair them with a pair of black printed floating shorts and black ballet heels to complete the costume. You can see the floating shorts as a nice alternative to black pencil skirts.

Black printed flowing shorts with white ribbed sweater

black printed floating shorts white ribbed sweater

For a beautiful and easily accessible suit that is perfect to wear for dating, you can wear a white ribbed fitted sweater with black floating shorts. Pair them with nude sandals to look refreshing and ladylike.

I hope you like the floating shorts outfit ideas that I just shared with you. Whether you have beautiful legs or not, wearing mini shorts like these here can usually make your legs look longer. Just try and see if you have any surprising results that may impress you.

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