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Flowy Tops Outfit Ideas

Flowy Tops Outfit Ideas

Summer is so close that you can already feel it in the air. Fluffy tops, shorts and casual dresses are just some of the clothes you should consider for your summer attire. If you are not already the first thing you need to do is clean up your wardrobe. Get rid of the things you don't have and change your winter wardrobe for summer items. In this post I will show you how to style floating tops. These are not any special peaks that look specific. But everyone has a common characteristic. They are fluid and very comfortable. Let's check them out together!

Olive flowing top

floating tops olive green

Wearing olives in the summer was always my thing. I have few tops that I love to wear and combine with other items I already have. To recreate this outfit you need a pair of ripped jeans and olive shirt with a lovely ruffle body part. It's perfect for hot afternoons when you want to look modern and still feel comfortable. Pair this look with a nice pair of cork platform sandals.

Black and white combination

floating tops black and white

When choosing flowing peaks, you must check out the cuts. Leave the tops straight to be flattering. This top is stylish to design with black high waist pants. The top has fantastic ruffle and spaghetti straps. This girl wears this combination as elegant. With delicate gold jewelry and red lipstick, you get a perfectly minimal and elegant look for formal occasions.

Ruffle sleeves

flowing peaks ruffle

I don't know about you, but I just love ruffles. This top makes me so happy because these ruffles look so amazing! The white top is liquid and very flattering. It is stuffed in jeans. You can put on a statement belt or keep it simple. This look is perfect for any day, hot summer night or cocktail party. Match everything with sneakers or high heels.

Colorful in summer

floating tops colorful

Along with neutral tones – olive, beige and white, you can also design colorful tops to be perfect looking in warm weather. This top is perfect for designing while on vacation or on warm urban concrete. Blue is predominant, while yellow leaves and purple flowers function completely as printed. This girl adds a straw bag, which was and still is one of the most important trends for summer fashion.

Olive knotted top

floating top knot

Sometimes the outside is too warm to wear anything other than a mini skirt and a floating top. This silk of olive oil undoubtedly looks elegant and surprisingly it is not provocative. It has a knot body while the material makes you feel quite comfortable and flattering. This beautiful girl combined this top with a white denim skirt that has a fringe at the bottom. It's comfortable and beautiful, isn't it?

White Top and Jeans Combo

floating tops new boho

The bohemian combination does not always mean floral dresses and maxi skirts. This look is also boho and very relaxed. Jeans in combination with a floating white top look perfect for summer weather. The circle straw bag is one of the influential trends when it comes to summer trends. Brown leather sandals match the bag and they work great with cropped jeans. If you ask me, I'd like this every day.

Soft pink lace

floating tops soft pink

Embroidery in combination with lace looks nothing but beautiful. Pale pink makes this top romantic and beautiful. It has straight cuts and wide straps. The top is quite short, so you can wear it with high waist jeans. The look is perfect for everyday wear, office or casual city walk with your dog or friends. Pair everything with pointed lace-up sandals or sneakers.

Soft blue top and white jeans

floating tops soft blue

The soft blue floating top is a fantastic item you can have in the summer. It has crocheted bodies and watch sleeves. The material this top is made of is linen. You can get it yourself. It is ultimately flattering and fantastic for the summer. White jeans work perfectly with this top, and brown sandals are fantastic details.

Lilac Flowy Top

floating tops purple

As you probably know purple and all its nuances are on trend right now. Lilac is one of the most portable shades right now. You know what that means. If you want to look trendy, you must buy purple flowing top. It's not that hard to find something similar now, since the retailers are full of purple and purple items.

Aztec Print

flowing tops red aztec

The red oversized top is gorgeous and very flattering. It has a traditional Aztec print that looks very interesting and different from other outfit ideas. Fashion blogger Annabelle Fleur wears this top with denim shorts and a black shoulder bag. The upper part has relaxed the neckline of the shaft. When it comes to summer, you should definitely consider wearing bright colors.

Black Aztec Flowy Top

floating tops black aztec

This girl really knows how to style fluid and comfortable clothes. Blogs know that Mikuta on Instagram wears black Aztec printed top with bell sleeves and ripped denim shorts. She managed to remain low-key at the same time as she felt completely sexy and comfortable at the same time. Finish this look with funky black sandals or flip-flops.

Sheer Polka Dot Top

liquid tops clean

The trend to wear big clothes started not so long ago. Before that, it was considered vulgar and not appropriate. However, these clean flowing peaks are anything but boring. Polka dot is one of the trendy prints for 2018. If you are not into the classic black and white print, you should try this pink burgundy blouse. Style it with jeans.

Frayed Hem Jeans

flowing tops frown jeans

If I like something this year in fashion, then it is stained border on jeans. If you asked me last year, I would probably make a face that would suggest a big no. But when I see this combination of white flowing tops and spotted jeans, I can't wait for warm weather!

I hope you liked these outfit ideas! Summer is close so don't forget to try the floating peaks that you will be wearing all summer!


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