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Frayed Bottom Jeans Outfit

Frayed Bottom Jeans Outfit Ideas

When it comes to jeans, one of the biggest trends is currently wearing napped bottom jeans. It has been fashionistas a favorite way to style their favorite pants. It looks high street style and very simple chic. Frayed jeans at the bottom can turn polished clothes into wild. And guess what? You don’t have to spend any money to get these jeans. You can easily create them. Street style girls, fashion bloggers and influencers love this type of jeans, so why not try them too? I must admit that after researching this post I got a huge craving after owning a pair of fan jeans. Let’s start.

Summer Frayed Bottom Jeans

spotted bottom jeans summer Do you have jeans in the summer? Count me there! These spotty bottoms look fantastic when combined with a summery striped blouse with ruffles and watch sleeves. This look is simple and very elegant. Rounded with black pointed toe heels.

Classic and elegant Frayed Bottom Jeans

frayed bottom jeans black blazer A black blazer is a perpetual staple that every girl should have in her wardrobe. Instead of combining it with black trousers, try to design it with mottled bottom jeans and but on an elegant black belt. Finish this look with elegant stilettos.

Stripes and black Frayed Bottom Jeans

frayed bottom jeans black Striped blouses are also called Breton. They are one of the pillars in the Parisian style. If you want to look like a French girl, you know what you need to do. Instead of regular jeans, choose the spotted edges. They will give your black and white costume a stylish and trendy look.

Like a Parisian

fringed jeans parisian When it comes to French style, here is the fantastic example of how to look simple without chic looks like a real Parisian. Blue jeans, striped chunky big sweater and relaxed hair are all pillars in their look. You can choose between heels or flats. It’s on you.

Navy Turtleneck

frayed bottom jeans chunky turtleneck The thick navy blue piston neck is a good staple to wear to work. It is comfortable and elegant at the same time. In combination with spotted jeans at the bottom, you get a relaxed, simple combination that is ideal inspo for a casual outfit or office.

It must be red

spotted bottom jeans snakeskin boots Extra large sweaters are a good staple to have in the winter. They are warm, soft and, above all, they are very elegant. But snakeskin ankle boots make a statement. This combination is good thanks to spotted jeans as well.

Leopard Print makes a statement

frayed bottom jeans red boots Leopard print is underestimated. It doesn’t look cheap if you combine it with elegant statements. As you can see this fashion girl chose fan jeans, red boots and knitted black turtleneck. This outfit is the perfect choice for everyday wear.

Bell Bottoms and knitted top

broken bottom jeans knit top This look is seen in a street style. It looks very interesting and elegant. Clock bottoms with frosted hem appear very flattering. You can design them with lacing of lace-up sandals and have an elegant black clutch.

White Jeans White Shirt

frayed bottom jeans white shirt blazer Lana Del Rey sings a song about blue jeans and white shirt. Is there anything more than that, you need to start wearing this combination? The gray blazer looks very elegant while the white shirt and jeans are stylish and relaxed. Block health sandals give you a retro vibe.

Black tailor made blazer

frayed jeans custom blazer Large black blazer is decorated with leather sleeve and pocket. Gold buttons also give it an elegant vibe. Blue jeans are perfect for everyday wear, so don’t hesitate to wear it all the time. Make sure to wear gold-banded sandals for a glam-casual look.

Green Rhapsody

frayed bottom jeans green I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of green. But after seeing this green ruffle top, I immediately fell in love. Combined with fringed jeans and white heels, this top really makes a statement.

Red is hot

frayed bottom jeans red sweater Red was definitely a color of the season. You could see the girls in completely red-everything looks that looked very beautiful. If you are not interested in the completely red look, you can definitely choose something similar. Jeans and comfortable red shirts are an ideal alternative for every day or work clothes.

patent Leather boots

frayed bottom jeans red chunky sweater Patent leather is one of the most popular materials right now. It is most commonly seen on boots and trench coats most. All I can say is that these burgundy toe boots are so lovely. They work perfectly with a chunky red sweater and spotted jeans.

Brown tones

frayed bottom jeans brown I’m a big fan of earth tones. Brown beige and camel were one of my favorite shades for a long time. It could be the same with this girl: she wears a white tee, brown coat and matching suede ankle boots. You can rest assured that you will feel comfortable and very stylish at the same time.


frayed jeans puffer jacket at the bottom Buffer jackets are not only warm and soft, but they are very elegant. They were a huge trend at the moment, so it’s not a surprise that every girl wore them. Choose this beautiful satin buffer jacket and style it with spotted bottom jeans and black ankle boots.

White Frayed Bottom Jeans

frayed bottom jeans white Summer will be ready for it! First, remember that what you need to do is replace your blue jeans for white fan home. Also, choose some bright colors. They will raise your mood, and you will feel better when the sun is up and the weather is good.

Velvet embroidered jacket

frayed jeans-velvet at the bottom Velvet plus embroidery? I think it’s a great choice! Velvet bomber jacket with slightly floral embroidered details is a fantastic garment to combine with jeans. You can go even more eccentric and opt for silver metallic sandals. Why not? They look retro and very comfortable with block heels.

Gingham Coat

frayed bottom jeans gingham Gingham is the pressure you can either love or hate. It looks great when paired with any other color, which is a big advantage. This girl decided to wear white blouse, black and white gingham skirt and soft pink ankle strap. I hope you liked these outfit ideas!

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