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Fringe Skirt Outfit Ideas for

Fringe Skirt Outfit Ideas for Women

For those of you who want to look a little extra stylish for the job but still want to stay elegant, I look for something special that can help you do just that. Today I will talk about how you can use a French skirt to spice up your clothes, mainly business people. The easiest way to design it is to pair a black French skirt with a neat button. Still, to show you more options on how to design it, I've put together a list of some of the best French dressing ideas for you. Let's dive in now. 

Black T-shirt with Matching Mini Fringe Skirt

Let me start this list of elegant and elegant outfit ideas with a simple outfit that can make you look skinny and tall. To achieve this look, you can wear a black t-shirt and tuck it into a black mini-French skirt. Wear a black suitcase and a pair of black ballet heels to make this a beautiful and deep all black look. 

Camel Chambray shirt with gray Midi French skirt

camel companion shirt with gray midi fringe skirt

Usually, the black French dress is the easiest to style and pull off. But if you know how to use colors effectively, there are definitely more options. For example, you can wear a camel with chambray buttons with a gray midi French skirt to create a nice and cozy look. For the shoes, wear light pink cut suede short boots to add a ladylike touch. 

White long sleeve cap with black Mini Bodycon French skirt

white long sleeve form tee with black mini bodycon fringed skirt

Here is a very minimal black and white look that allows you to show your curves in a subtle way. To achieve this look, wear a white long sleeve top with a black mini fringe bodycon skirt. Wear black ballet heels to keep the suit clean and elegant. 

Green front pocket shirt with black Mini Fringe Skirt & Boots

green front pocket button up shirt with black mini fringe skirt and boots

To see more depth and refreshing, you may want to choose an olive green front pocket button up for the top. Simply pair it with a black mini French skirt to look stylish and beautiful. Pair these pieces with a pair of black heeled ankle boots in black pointed toe to look extra stylish. 

White knitted sweater with metal belt & knee length French skirt

white knitted sweater with metal belt and knee length French skirt

To look more eye-catching, add a shiny element to the mix, a great way to do it. For example, you can wear a white knitted sweater with a green knee length with fringed skirts. Add a silver wide metal belt to look cool and shiny. For the shoes you should have silver pointed heels that fit perfectly with the belt. 

Black simple cold shoulder T-shirt with mini skirt

black simple cold shoulder t-shirt with mini skirt

To look very low-key sexy you might want a top with a cold shoulder like this black cold shoulder. Pair the top with a black mini French skirt. Pair these pieces with a black shoulder bag and a pair of black ankle straps with open toe heels to look clean and elegant. 

White deep V-neck shaped fit long sleeve top with black mini skirt

white deep v-neck long-sleeved top with black mini skirt

Wearing a deep topped top in the office is definitely not appropriate, but you can wear it to a corporate event like an annual dinner to show you the sexy and feminine side. To achieve this simple and low-key sexy look, you can wear a white deep v-neck shape that fits long-sleeved t-shirt. Pair tee with a black mini French skirt and black ballet heels to complete the elegant look. 

White and black Polka Dot shirt with Mini Fringe Skirt

white and black polka dot shirt with mini French skirt

To achieve this somewhat vintage look, you can wear a white and black polka dot long sleeve blouse for the top. Pair it with a black mini French skirt to look skinny and long. Wear a pair of black suede ankle straps with open toe heels for the shoes to complement the suit in an elegant and sensible way. 

Blue Chambray shirt with green suede

blue companion shirt with green suede French skirt

If you want to look refreshing and easily accessible, using the color combination of sky blue and olive green is a good option. To apply this to your suit, you can wear a sky blue chambray button with an olive green suede from the mini ring. Wear black heels with open toe to make the beautiful look. 

Black silk camisole with white Midi skirt and felt hat

black silk camisole with white midi skirt and felt hat

This is a very interesting and artistic street equipment that can really make you stand out from the crowd. To get this look, you can wear a black silk camisole with white midi fringes. Pair them with black ballet heels. Add a black felt hat to the mix to give a light artistic touch. 

Gray sweater with black Maxi skirt & strappy heels

gray sweater with black maxi skirt and buttoned heels

To get this cozy and elegant look you can wear a light gray sweater for the top. Instead of wearing a mini skirt to show off your legs, how about wearing a black maxi fringe skirt to look more airy and stylish. Use white and black patches on leopard print patches to complement the costume. 

White tee with Mini Beige Fringe skirt & heels

white tee with mini gray skirt and heels

For a simple and elegant look, you can simply wear a white fitted short-sleeved t-shirt with a beige suede mini French skirt. For the shoes you can choose a pair of white printed striped open toe heels. Add a black and white leather handbag to the outfit to complement the simple yet stunning look. 

Black and White Cropped Tube Top with Midi Fringe Skirt

black and white cropped tube top with midi French skirt

Here is a beautiful and low key sexy dress in two parts. It consists of a black and white printed cropped tube top and a black midi fringe. Simply wear a pair of silver heeled flaps with open toe heels and a clutch bag in silver sequin to complement the outfit in an elegant and shiny fashion. 

White shoulder sweater with black Maxi French skirt

white shoulder sweater with black maxi French skirt

Here's a simple and low-key sexy outfit that doesn't really require you to show much skin at all. Wear a white sweater with a shoulder sweater over the top of a black spaghetti strap top. Pair the top with black maxi fringes and black, pointed lace-up toe heels to look elegant and attractive. 

I hope you enjoyed the ideas I just talked about. There are some clothes that are very easy to pull off and the results are just nice and beautiful. 


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