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Fur Collar Leather Jacket for

Fur Collar Leather Jacket for Women

Leather jackets often look dark and cool, but that is not the case with leather jackets in fur collar. They have a feminine and elegant touch to follow the darkness. Sometimes I even find fur collar leather jackets more to pull off for people who do not have the dark and cool factor in their character. To even make it easy for you to design them, I've put together some of the best ways to wear leather jackets with a fur collar. Let's look at them now and see if there are any ideas you want to try. 

Black fur collar leather jacket & ripped jeans

One way of course to wear a black fur collar leather jacket of course is to wear it with something that has some roughness in them to balance the feminine element of the jacket. As an example of this, the fur jacket is worn with a gray oversized t-shirt and black ripped jeans. Stylish complete suit with black ankle boots.   

Wear with black skinny jeans and ankle boots

black skinny jeans ankle boots

One thing I love about the fur collar is that the fur collar can spice up a completely black outfit a lot. Somehow it turns a dark outfit into something lighter and warmer. Use a black leather jacket with black sweater, black slim jeans and leather boots as an example. 

Wear with Cream Knitted sweater with black leggings

cream knit sweater black leggings

You can also soften the tone of a leather jacket outfit to a point that you can wear it as a casual street outfit. To do that, pair the leather jacket with a creamy knit sweater with high neck, black leggings and sneakers. Tie a flannel plaid shirt around the waist to add an extra casual touch to the suit. 

Leather jacket with black fur collar

leather jacket black fur collar

Here is a leather jacket that comes with a black fur collar instead of a light color. In this case, you probably don't want to wear all black. Instead, pair the leather jacket with a gray oversized shirt. Wear black skinny jeans and black open toe heels for the bottom. 

Wear with white print Tee & Blue Skinny Jeans

white print tee blue skinny jeans

Here is an outfit that shows what you would look like if you replaced a typical leather jacket with a fur collar. You should imagine that this would still have been a great outfit if it consisted of a white tee-tee, a typical black leather jacket and slim jeans. Now, with a fur collar leather jacket, the outfit has more depth and more elegance. 

Wear with gray shift dress and black knee high boots

gray shift dress black knee high boots

To design a black fur collar jacket, you can creatively pair it with a gray shift dress to create a surprisingly feminine look. To look even more elegant, you should wear a pair of knee-high black leather shoes. 

Mustard Yellow Fur Collar Leather Jacket with Pink Sweater

mustard yellow fur collar leather jacket

After talking about so many black leather jackets, let's talk about the mustard yellow fur jacket. You can simply pair the jacket with pink knit sweaters and black skinny jeans. Wear black ankle heels to complete the suit. 

Wear with Gray Tee & Camo Skinny Pants

gray tee camo slim pants

For a tough look, you can wear the black fur collar jacket with a shape that fits gray tee and camo skinny pants. Wear black combat boots for further roughness and toughness. 

Wear with Burgundy Skinny Jeans

burgundy skinny jeans outfit

It's an interesting thing that I've noticed with many outfit ideas. When you wear something that has some unique details like the leather jacket for fur collar, you can often achieve a good result by wearing it with something of a special color. As an example, you can wear a fur collar leather jacket with a white top and the rarely seen burgundy skinny jeans. Complete outfit with black leather shoes for a little extra character.   

Black leather jacket with plated Midi Flare skirt

black leather jacket plaid midi-flare skirt

For an elegant look, you can wear a fur collar jacket with a skirt. For example, wear the black leather jacket with a black top and a pale pink high waist, plaid flare skirt. Wear a black belt and black ballet heels to keep the suit well balanced. 

Brown fur collar leather jacket with black leather mini skirt

brown fur collar leather jacket black skirt

For a stylish leather-on-leather suit, wear a brown fur leather jacket with a white top and a black leather mini skirt. For the shoes, I recommend that you wear black ankle boots or knee-high boots to keep the cool and elegant look consistent. 

Wear with green T-shirt & handbag

green t-shirt handbag outfit

For a low profile look, a black and green look is a good choice as it is not too eye-catching but still very comfortable. Wear a black leather jacket in black fur with a large green t-shirt. Wear black skinny jeans with white heels for the bottom. Wear a stylish green handbag that matches the green tee and keeps the outfit in better balance. 

Black leather jacket with Heather Gray V Neck Shift Dress

black leather jacket heather gray v-neck shift dress

Here is minimal costume that you can wear for a semi-formal or even a formal occasion. Simply wear a teal gray, woven, v-neck shift dress to accompany the black fur collar leather jacket. For the shoes, I would recommend you to wear a pair of black pointed lace-up sandals. 

Wear with white turtleneck cropped sweater

white turtleneck cropped sweater

For an energetic and sexy look, you can wear a white turtleneck cropped sweater with a black leather jacket for the top. Pair them with dark blue skinny jeans and ankle boots in black leather to complement the outfit with style. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about leather jackets for leather jackets. To be honest, I don't think you need much help with this particular subject, as these jackets are fairly easy to design. Regardless, I'm sure these outfit ideas I mentioned can inspire some of you to come up with your own outfit ideas that best suit you. 


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