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Garden Party Dress Outfit

Garden Party Dress Outfit Ideas

Garden parties take place in the morning and last until late afternoon. It can give you a chance to wear either super casual or more elegant clothes. Some of the parties may have a dress code, depending on the occasion. The best option is to keep it relaxed and without many accessories, such as a bunch of necklaces, bracelets or rings. Trying to keep it fairly simple, feeling comfortable is important. You can achieve this with good materials such as cotton, silk or linen.
I will write about some of the clothing for a garden party. You will see that they are easy to carry and easy to combine. Above all, you will be able to enjoy the party while you feel comfortable in your outfit.
Let's see how you can be cool and elegant at the same time.

Sunflowers on your dress

garden party dress
Floral textiles are very popular and easy to combine. You don't need a little fashion knowledge to put this outfit together. The dress is more than enough, so you can just add a nice basket bag and sandals in a neutral color. This combination is even perfect for more elegant parties as it can be worn at all times of the day.

Elegant touch

garden party dress elegant
On the other hand, if you are holding a garden wedding or something that requires a more elegant dress code, you should consider dressing a little differently than in Outfit 1. High heels are a must here as there are no flair sandals you can combine with this one the type of cut and material in the dress. Flowers on it are a nice touch as it is enough to put on some subtle jewelry, like beads or silver necklaces.

Ruffled Tolle dress

garden party dress ruffled
This beautiful dress with lace and pearl details is perfect for garden parties. Tulle is comfortable, you can look quite elegant, but you should not overdo it, especially if the occasion is organized during the day. Midi length is handy, you don't have to worry if you show too much.
Pair it with some high heels, beach waves long hair and you will be the main attraction at the party.


garden party dress stripped
The waistband striped dress is definitely something that all girls should have in her wardrobe. You can combine it with high heels, platform sandals or flats. You will also make a good mix with Chuck Taylor or flip-flops.
The dress is usually made of cotton, which means it is very comfortable. It can be worn long or short, depending on the occasion. The suit from the picture above is paired with flat sandals and a nice hat.

Vintage dress

garden party dress vintage
The sequined mini dress is something I call a perfect vintage dress for a garden party. It is incredibly ornate with vintage-inspired pearls and sequin designs. The gold-yellow color of the dress with sequined red flowers matches surprisingly well together. Here you can add some more jewelry, preferably a bracelet and ring. Adding a nice hat will give a nice touch to the outfit.


garden party dress safari
I really love safari dresses. They are in warm, but still neutral beige and army green colors. These dresses are perfect to spend all day in them. This buttoned down safari outfit can be complemented with a belt or even better with a rope belt in the picture above.
If you like Safari-themed garden parties, this is the perfect outfit.

Classic teal

garden party dress teal
For those who like classic, no prints, lace and sequins, this elegant turquoise dress is for you. This elegant dress can be worn both for day garden parties or night events. Combined with crossed striped platform sandals, they give you the perfect blend of elegant and casual kind of outfit. Just combine a nice gold bracelet with this outfit and you won't make a mistake going to the party in this dress!

Sleeveless Tux dress

garden party dress tux
I would say that this dress is slightly different. Men-inspired, modernly dressed tux dress is for girls with an attitude. With this outfit you get a classic and modern look at the same time. My suggestion is to pair it with white sneakers, a small bag and minimalist jewelry, such as rings and bracelets.

Boho Chic

garden party dress boho
Boho is perfect for these occasions. You can always rely on bohemian dresses when you are on your way to a garden party. The outfit from the image above contains a maxi dress, black boots and a long necklace. Still, the dress has many lace details, so use makeup and jewelry moderately, and let the dress speak for itself. You can be sure you will be spotted at the party!

Red is always a good idea

garden party dress red
Yes, the red dress is always a good choice if you are not sure about the other outfit ideas. Probably everyone has a red piece in their wardrobes. I like wearing a red dress is the same as wearing a little black. You can always use it to look stunning and elegant at the same time. This type of outfit is perfect for outdoor parties, it gives a feeling of the old good times.

In the end, I will only give you some tips on what to avoid when buying a garden party dress. Try to keep it classy. Avoid experimenting with prints, like with animal print. Do not buy dresses in bright and vibrant colors. I would rather choose neutral or classic (black, gray and red). Avoid knitting and choose lightweight fabrics such as cotton, linen and chiffon. Materials like satin and velvet are definitely for the evening parties.
You should choose some good sunglasses and a hat such as a fedora or a knit. If you are brave enough and you can match it with your outfit, you may want to consider buying a summer umbrella. Women wear this accessory at garden parties since the 1940s.

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