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Glitter Tops Outfit Ideas

Glitter Tops Outfit Ideas

There are so many people who are afraid of wearing glitter tops. Some of the reasons are: one, they are quite difficult to style. Two, it requires some certainty to complete such high profile clothing. To solve these problems, you can simply imitate other people's good outfit ideas to make it easy for you to style. Second, if you are still right, your outfit can look both high profile and natural at the same time, reducing your entry barrier. Here are some really nice glitter top outfit ideas that I will show you. Let's check them out now. 

Silver Cap Sleeve Glitter Top with Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

To start with this list of glossy outfit ideas, I'm going to show you a casual outfit that's pretty easy to pull off. Wear a glitter t-shirt in silver cap. Pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and a pair of light gray suede boots. Wear a brown leather bag to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Silver One Shoulder Glitter Top with Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

silver one shoulder glitter top with ripped boyfriend jeans

If you do not care to show some skin, here is a sexy and elegant look. To achieve this stunning look, wear a shoulder silver glitter long sleeve top with a pair of light blue ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans. Pair them with open toe pink heels to add a feminine touch to the look. 

Black semi-glitter glitter top with gray blue jeans

black semi-gloss glitter top with gray blue jeans

Not all glitter tops are in silver, here is a beautiful and low-cut sexy black semi-gloss glitter top that you can build a stylish street outfit around. You can pair the black top with a pair of gray-blue straight jeans. Complete upholstery with black leather boots to look stylish and attractive. 

Silver Glitter Sleeveless crop top with white high waist skater skirt

silver glitter sleeveless crop top white high skate skirt

If you're going to a cocktail party soon but you're a little bored with the typical cocktail party costumes, here's an outfit you might want to try. You can simply wear a silver glitter vest top with a white skater mini skirt. Complete outfit with white heels with open toe heels to look youthful and refreshing. 

Three-quarter sleeve glitter top with ripped boyfriend jeans

three quarter sleeve glitter top ripped boyfriend jeans

Over the years, three-quarter sleeve tops have become more and more popular. They just seem to have the elegant element that neither the long sleeve nor the short sleeve can provide. For example, you can create a chic look by wearing this silver glitter three-quarter sleeve top with blue ripped boyfriend jeans and black ballet heels. 

Sparkly Crop Top with Black Chinos & Filt Hat

sparkling crop top with black chinos felt hat

If you are going to a cocktail party and looking for a sexy but unisex low key outfit, you are in the right place. To achieve this unique look, you can wear a silver glitter cropped western top with black chinos and black ballet heels. Wear a black felt hat to give an artistic feel to the look. 

Silver Vest Top with White Skort

silver vest top with white shirt

For those of you who have beautiful legs and don't care to show them, it's not just wearing mini skirts and mini shorts. Here is a very youthful outfit consisting of a silver glitter vest and a white shirt. You can complement the outfit with silver colored ankle strap with open toe heels to give an elegant touch. 

Glitter Top with Boyfriend Jeans & Silver Heels

glitter top with boyfriend jeans silver heels

To form a very stylish, high profile yet natural looking street outfit, you can wear a silver long sleeve glitter top with a pair of blue cuffed and ripped boyfriend jeans. To make this outfit more stylish, wear silver with open toe heels and a black leather clutch bag to spice things up. 

Silver Glitter Top with Yellow Midi Flared Dress

silver glitter top with yellow midi blown skirt

Wearing something lemon yellow as part of your outfit can usually make you look refreshing and happy. This time, a yellow midi-flared skirt is paired with a silver glittery glitter long sleeve top to form a very unique outfit. Pair them with pink pointed heels to glue the pieces together. 

Silver Crop Top with Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

silver crop top with ripped boyfriends

If you are one of those people who are rebellious enough to wear ripped boyfriend jeans to a cocktail party, here's a way to do it without offending the host. You can build an elegant and low-key sexy outfit around jeans by wearing a silver glitter short sleeve top and silver ankle strap open toe heels. 

Wear with black leather skirt in black leather with short boots

black leather mini skater skirt short boots

If you are a little hesitant to wear silver just because it is a glossy and high profile color, you may want to try a silver and black suit that makes the silver look more natural. For example, you can wear a long-sleeved silver glitter top with a black ski skirt in black leather. Pair them with a pair of short boots in black leather to add some style to the suit. 

Gold Glitter Crop Top with black flowing shorts

gold glitter crop top with black flowing shorts

Here is a super chic and low key sexy outfit. To achieve this, you can wear a gold glitter with short sleeves that protects a little skin at the waist. Instead of wearing a mini skirt, wear a pair of black floating mini shorts to look even more stylish. Complete outfit with black ballet heels to give a feminine and elegant touch to the look. 

Glitter Long-sleeved top with black silk midi skirt

glitter long sleeve top with black midi skirt

If you want a little extra depth in your outfit, you can wear a black midi-extended skirt. The semi-gloss texture can make your outfit look more attractive. Pair it with a silver shiny long sleeve top and black ankle boots to look stylish and beautiful. 

Rose Gold Mock Neck Glitter Sweatshirt with Mom Jeans

silver mock neck turtleneck with mom jeans

To get a beautiful and feminine look you may want to add some rose gold element to your outfit. For example, you can wear a pink gold mock neck glitter long sleeve top with a pair of light blue cuffed mom jeans. To fit perfectly with the top, you should have a pair of rose-heeled ankle boots. 

Black glitter semi-clean top with brown suede mini skirt

black glitter semi sheer top with green suede mini skirt

For a relatively low profile yet wonderful look, you can wear a black semi-sheer glitter short sleeve top. Pair it with a brown suede in suede to give a feminine touch. For the shoes you can wear a pair of black leather heeled ankle boots to look nicer and nicer. 

I hope you like the glitter top equipment ideas I just shared with you. Hopefully, by having the list above, you will find the glitter top much easier. 


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