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Gold Bomber Jacket Outfit

Gold Bomber Jacket Outfit Ideas

For most of you reading this blog post, when you see the term "gold bomber jacket", you would think it is something that is extremely difficult to pull off. In a way, wearing a gold bomber jacket immediately makes you the center of attention and it can be somewhat uncomfortable for introverts. But as far as the level of ease of styling is concerned, it is not difficult to design it and pull it off at all. You can simply pair it with optional clothing and there are good chances that you look smart and stylish. Now let me show you some of the best gold bomber jackets I've collected. 

Gold metal bomber jacket with black skinny jeans

To start the list, let me show you a very simple outfit that looks great for all body types. You can simply wear a gold metal bomber jacket with a t-shirt and zipper on your jacket. Pair it with black skinny jeans and white sneakers. That's all. The only thing that stops you from pulling this is your lack of confidence. 

Gold bomber jacket with white blouse and black chiffon skirt

gold bomber jacket white blouse black chiffon skirt

For an elegant and stylish look, here is a beautiful and unique outfit you can think of. Wear a white chiffon blouse with a gold bomber jacket for the top. Pair these pieces with a black chiffon midi skirt for a slightly windy look. Finally, for the shoes, you can simply wear black ballet heels to keep the suit simple and clean. 

Black and gold printed bomber jacket with white chiffon shirt

black and gold print bomber jacket white chiffon shirt

For a more artistic and creative look you can choose a gold jacket that comes with some creative details like this black and gold printed bomber jacket. Pair it with white chiffon blouse and black leggings to give a feminine touch. Wear pink ankle leather boots to complement the outfit with style. 

Gold bomber jacket with gray and black striped T-shirt

gold bomber jacket gray and black striped t-shirt

If you are looking for a more low profile type of gold bomber jacket you can try one that tends towards the green or pink color to avoid the shiny gold metal color. This is more of a greenish gold bomber jacket. You can build a casual street outfit around it by wearing it with a gray and black striped t-shirt and skinny jeans. Add a feminine touch to the outfit by wearing pink heels and a blue choker scarf. 

Rose Gold Bomber Jacket with Black Harvest Vest Top & Ripped Jeans

pink gold bomber jacket black harvest vest ripped jeans

Here is a sexy outfit idea especially for those who have made an effort to get a slim waist. To get this look you can wear a cotton jacket with rose gold over a black crop top. Pair them with gray-blue ripped skinny jeans and white sneakers to give a casual touch. 

Rose Gold Bomber jacket with long deep V-top and leggings

rose gold bomber jacket with long deep tops in v-neck

Speaking of a sexy outfit, here's one that takes it to the next level. Wear a gold bomber jacket with a white deep v-long long vest top for the top. Pair these pieces with black leggings and black ballet heels to keep the lower section low profile and allow the focus to remain in the upper part of the sexy suit. 

Pink gold jacket with white T-shirt and black ripped skinny jeans

pink gold jacket white t-shirt black ripped skinny jeans

Here is a pink gold jacket that is so dull that it looks almost like a pink pink bomber jacket. It should be easy to start with for those of you who still can't accept themselves with shiny clothes. Anyway, you can create a casual outfit by wearing the jacket with a white t-shirt and black ripped skinny jeans. Wear black sandals instead of white sneakers to give the little extra feminine touch. 

Gold oversized bomber jacket with white ribbed sweater

gold oversized bomber jacket white ribbed sweater

Here is a boyish but beautiful outfit that looks especially good on little ladies. To get this amazing look you can wear a white shaped ribbed sweater with an oversized gold bomber jacket. Pair them with gray skinny jeans and white sneakers to complement the casual outfit. 

Gold metallic jacket with green tweed pants

gold metallic jacket green tweed pants

This outfit is a very interesting and adventurous attempt to combine a shiny street outfit with a business outfit. In detail, it consists of a light yellow blouse, a shiny gold metal bomber jacket, green tweed trousers and black ballet heels. It's amazing to see how these related articles work so well together. 

Gold and black bomber jacket with ripped skinny jeans

gold and black bomber jacket ripped skinny jeans

For a stylish and slightly unisex look that makes you stand out from the rest, this outfit is a fun one to try. Wear a black and gold print bomber jacket with black t-shirt. Pair them with black ripped skinny jeans. To make the outfit even more unique, wear a pair of black, bandy open toe heels to give a feminine and elegant touch to the overall look. 

Wear with white boyfriend shirt and black jogging pants

white boyfriend shirt black jogging pants

Here is a boyish and relaxed look that is fun to wear especially for friends to gather to give your friends a little surprise. Wear a white boyfriend shirt with a gold bomber jacket for the top. Pair them with black jogging pants and white laces of ankle boots. You can even wear a gray knitted hat for a lovely touch. 

Gold bomber jacket with Navy Velvet Skinny Pants

gold bomber jacket navy velvet skinny pants

To make the suit more uniform, you can wear a gold bomber jacket with gold heels. For the rest of the outfit, you can simply wear a white t-shirt and navy velvet leather pants to add some depth to the look. 

Gold jacket with white shift dress

gold jacket white shift dress

Here is a gold bomber jacket that has a lighter yellowish color to give a lighter tone. You can create a refreshing outfit by wearing it with a white shift dress. Pair them with white sandals to look even more refreshing. 

Pink gold oversized bomber jacket with white chiffon mini dress

pink gold oversized bomber jacket white chiffon mini skirt

For a girly and lovely look, you can wear a slightly exaggerated pink gold bomber jacket over a white chiffon shift mini dress. To keep the adorable feeling consistent, you can pair these pieces with a pink pink clutch bag and a pair of light pink ankle boots. 

Rose Gold Jacket with Pink Silk Deep V Neck Mini Shift Dress

pink gold jacket pink silk deep v-neck mini shift dress

The color of rose gold can be seen as a glossy version of the pink color. It makes sense that rose gold and pink together can create a beautiful outfit. For example, you can wear a pink gold cotton jacket with a pink silk deep v-neck mini dress and a pair of pale pink ankle straps with open toe heels to form a sexy and feminine outfit. 

I hope you find the above gold bomber jacket ideas useful. One of the best ways to improve your outfit game is to start by imitating others and then slowly tweak things here and there to get the ideas you own. 


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