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Gold Sequin Shorts

Gold Sequin Shorts

Today I will talk about a very eye-catching and shiny item, the gold sequin trousers. Not just because you can wear them to cocktail parties to replace your typical cocktail dresses to look unique and attractive, you can actually integrate them into your street outfits as well. To better show you how to style them, I've compiled some of the most beautiful casual and semi-formal gold sequins shorts outfit ideas for you. Now let us check out the following list that I have put together.

Gold shorts with white blazer and chambray shirt

gold sequin shorts white blazer chambray shirt

I'll start with the list with a little surprise for you. You rarely pair the gold sequin trousers to a work suit, but from the image above you can see that you can actually build a stylish semi-formal work suit around them. To get this look, wear gold shorts with a chambray shirt and a white blazer. Complete outfit with a pair of black heeled sandals to give an elegant touch.

White front pocket chiffon shirt with gold-plaid shorts

white front chiffon shirt gold sequin shorts

Here is a very simple and elegant look that you can wear for a cocktail party or a formal event. This is perfect for those who are managers and managers to remain professional in a corporate event. To achieve this minimal look, you can simply pair a white chiffon shirt with a front pocket with shorts in gold sequins. Pair them with black ankle straps with open toe heels and a black clutch bag.

White sleeveless halter blouse with gold-plaid shorts

white sleeveless halter gold shorts in sequin

This is a very elegant and feminine outfit. It's also a sexy low key, especially if you have beautiful shoulders and sleeves. To form this suit, simply wear a sleeveless white blouse with ugly neck with mini sequins with gold sequins. Pair them with light pink open toe heels and a pink leather clutch bag to complement this gorgeous minimal look.

Gold shorts with black vest top

gold shorts black vest top

After looking at some semi-formal or even formal clothes, let's take a look at one that is very relaxed. To achieve this casual and stylish street look, you can simply wear a black vest top and pair it with casual fit gold shorts in sequins. For the shoes you can either wear nude sandals for a more feminine look or you can even wear white sneakers to look casual and sporty.

Wear with gray tee and black oversized blazer

gray tee black oversized blazer

This is a powerful and elegant look that can make you shine in cocktail parties and formal events. For those of you who used to love wearing the dress to work, here is a good one for you. Just wear a gray t-shirt with gold shorts in sequins. Place a large black blazer over these pieces. Wear a pair of silver ankle strap with open toe heels to make this stunning look.

Gold Mini Shorts with Royal Blue Blazer

gold mini shorts royal blue blazer

For a more eye-catching and happier look that doesn't require you to show much skin at all, here is an outfit you should keep in mind. Wear a black vest top with a royal blue blazer for the top. Pair with gold sequin trousers and silver-pointed toe heels to complement the outfit with style.

Wear with pale pink wide sleeves

pale pink wide sleeves

Here is a windy and shiny outfit that can make you stand out from the rest in a cocktail party, especially when everyone else is wearing sexy and stylish cocktail dresses. To form this outfit, wear a pale pink wide sleeve blouse for the top. Pair it with gold sequins with shorts and a pair of pale pink pointed toe pumps. You can even wear a gold bracelet bracelet to make your outfit look shiny and elegant.

Wear with light gray tee & black blazer

light gray tee black blazer

For a casual and beautiful street outfit that is perfect to wear for a girl's night out or for friends, you can wear a light gray t-shirt with a black linen casual blazer for the top. Pair them with gold sequin trousers and black open toe heels to complement the look.

Wear with white chiffon blouse & black blazer

white chiffon blouse black blazer

Here is a very interesting outfit that looks both elegant and unisex. To do so, you can wear a white chiffon blouse with a short and form-fitting black blazer and gold sequin trousers. Very interesting, wear a pair of black oxford shoes to give a unisex touch to the outfit.

Gold and pale pink polka Dot two-piece set

gold and pale pink polka dot in two parts

Here is a wonderful two-piece gold and pink dot set consisting of a short-sleeved crop top and a pair of matching sequin shorts. This two-piece set simply looks stylish and youthful at the same time. You can pair it in silver with open toe heels and you are ready to shine in cocktail parties and proms.

Wear with black cable knit chunky sweater

black cable knitted chunky sweater

For a low profile yet beautiful look, you can simply wear gold-plaid shorts with a black cable jersey. To make this outfit simple and clean, pair the pieces with black ballet heels and a black leather clutch bag.

Two toned gold shorts with white chiffon shirt

two toned gold sequins shorts white chiffon shirt

Here are a pair of very unique and creatively designed shorts. It's a pair of two-tone shorts that combine denim shorts and gold sequin shorts. You can build a stylish and relaxed outfit around it by wearing a white chiffon blouse and black suede boots.

Wear with Black Loose Fit Sweater & Leggings

black loose fit leggings

For you, the gold sequins are too high, you can actually wear them with black pieces to tone down the shine. For example, wear the gold shorts with a black casual knit sweater, black leggings and black suede heels to look low profile but still beautiful.

Black tank top with gold high waist shorts

black tank top shorts with high waist

To look casual and low-key sexy, you can simply wear a pair of high waist gold sequins mini shorts with a black vest top. Pair them with black ballet flats to give a relaxed touch.

Wear with gold belt and black vest top

gold belt black vest top

This is not just another outfit consisting of gold sequin trousers and the black western top. The wide gold metal belt makes this outfit very unique. Pair them with black ballet heels to complement this sleek and elegant outfit.

Here are the gold sequins with the shorts outfit that I really want to share with you. As you can see, the gold sequins are not as difficult to style or pull off as they may sound. Let's try these outfit ideas and have some fun styling.

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