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Gold Sparkly Dress Outfit

Gold Sparkly Dress Outfit Ideas

Gold and glitter in the same sense? Sold! Some of the most amazing dresses are made of gold sequins. If you are interested in seeing how you can design elegant or casual gold dress in gold, then keep me posted in this post. Gold is not an easy shade to wear. You need to be careful when combining this color with others. You can easily look like a New Year tree if you put too many shiny details on. That is why I will give you some of the best tips and advice on how to wear a gold glittery dress. I prepared some of the best elegant dresses, casual, and some of the wedding dress ideas.

Long Gold Sparkling Dress (Wedding Dress)

gold glittering dress long This long dress is good for special occasions. It has wonderful flute sleeves. The rest of the dress is flattering, with a mermaid. The sparkling details are beautiful, and it makes you shine wherever you choose to go. This dress is perfect for the festive season or wedding.

Embroidered RacerBack dress

gold sparkly dress embroidered Another long model of gold sparkling dress that is perfect for formal occasions. This one is very specific and very interesting. It has a racerback, which is surprising for such an elegant dress. It has lovely embroidered details, in the same shade as the dress.

Pure elegance

gold sparkling dress pure Alessandra Ambrosio wears this extravagant gold dress with so much glamor. This beautiful dress has halter ring and mermaid, which is clean at the same time. If you are not a fan of pure, you can choose some other non-transparent dresses that I have collected for you.

Bridesmaid glamor

gold sparkly dress bridesmaid If you are holding the wedding soon, and you have decided that your bridesmaids will wear gold, then there is no better dress than golden sparkling. This one has interesting sleeves, half open, while the dress is pretty simple. Sometimes enough when it’s just glittery. Pair it with nude sandals.


gold sparkly dress wrapped It is never too early to look for holiday clothes. This one is perfect for these occasions. It is a lovely wrap dress that is sparkling and comfortable at the same time. You know how important it is to feel good in a dress after all Christmas food, right?

Tulle with gold sequins

gold sparkling dress tulle This dress is really lady like. It has elegant neckline, which is a combination of tulle and sequins. The satin groove around the waist is a very fine and sophisticated detail. The dress has a reasonable mid-length. You can combine it with some high-heeled sandals or stilettos.

Mini dress with v-ring

I don’t know about you, but for me to wear V-ring like this is very sexy, but also very challenging at the same time. You have to make sure you don’t overlook the line. That is why I decided to show you this dress because it looks enough for formal or elegant occasions. You can design this cocktail dress for parties, birthdays, etc.

Cowl Neck Vintage Sparkly Dress

gold sparkling dress cowl neck Emily Ratajkowski wears this gorgeous vintage dress unique and elegant. This dress is a little retro stylish, which is very interesting. If you are a fan of vintage wardrobe, you will probably love the cut of this gold sparkly dress. You can pair it with metallic banded sandals for an all-gold-everything look.

Belted gold sparkling dress

gold sparkly dress belt Chiara Ferragni wears this gold dress with a wide black belt that has a large gold buckle. It looks pretty relaxed, so if you were thinking about how to design golden glittery clothes for day wear, this could be your inspo. You can wear it with ankle boots, bicycle boots or flats.

satin Gold

gold sparkling dress halter neckline Satin is a very flattering material that many girls mistaken for silk. It’s almost the same, but the satin is definitely more affordable. This dress is made of satin and gold lace. It is very sparkly and elegant. This dress has a halter ring and a mini- length. Choose where to wear it.

Black and gold combination

gold glittered dress clothing jacket If you ask me, I think there is nothing better than gold and black combinations. Elegant and wild at the same time, these combinations are perfect for both elegant and casual occasions. You can design your liquid gold dress with a leather jacket and black lace dresses.

Triangle Bodice

gold sparkly dress triangle This long and flowy dress is perfect for summer time. It provides a good balance between elegant and relaxed staples. You can wear it for both day or night occasions. If you pair it for a day, you can wear it with flat sandals. On the other hand, if you want to wear it for elegant occasions, wear it with flat sandals.

Retro Paris Hilton dress

gold sparkly dress paris hilton wannabe You must remember this original dress if you grew up in the early 00s. Paris Hilton wore a silver dress like this one for her 18th birthday, and it was a real bomb for that time. After Kendall Jenner recreated it, it became trendy, so the regular girl can wear it. It has a neckline and many details about sequins. Wear it with high-heeled sandals.

Fairy tale

gold sparkly dress fairy tale This gold-colored dress looks like it has just come out of the fairy tale. The body is in gold while the rest of the dress is in wonderful navy blue color. The dress is belt around the waist which is very nice. The embroidered gold details are just amazing. If you find the dress like this, save it for special occasions only.

Golden floral embroidery

gold sparkling dress floral Big and maxi, this dress is perfect for being your wedding dress. If you want a really unique and interesting wedding dress, go with this one. The body has V-ring. The gold lining is a fantastic detail that will illuminate your body figure. I hope you enjoyed these wonderful outfit ideas that I have prepared for you. Some of them are very easy to recreate, while others are just a wonderful inspiration for your future clothes. Be sure to read all the other outfit ideas we’ve prepared for you!

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