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Green Blazer Outfit Ideas

Green Blazer Outfit Ideas

If you were asked to just keep a staple from your wardrobe, what would it be? If they asked me, my answer would definitely be – blazer. Oh, the elegant and eternal garment that works perfectly with any jeans, skirt or shorts. I would keep it without thinking more. However, let’s discuss something more modern here. How about a blazer in a little color instead of navy blue? Let’s talk about the green blazer. Blazers in different colors are very interesting and definitely a statement garment. They make each outfit look stylish and elegant while still looking interesting and a bit eccentric. Girls wear green blazers with literally everything – jeans, chino pants, matching skirts and shorts. I’ve collected some of the best looks from the street style. These girls nailed the green blazer look, so why not try it too?

Green velvet

green blazer velvet Velvet as one of the most flattering materials deserves a place in your wardrobe. Whether you decide to wear a dress, trouser or blazer in this material, it doesn’t matter. The tailored blazer pairs perfectly with jeans and elegant white turtlenecks. Details like the little tote bag and black stiletto heels are the must-have. This is an excellent look for office or business meetings.

Bronze Silk Dress and Green Blazer

green blazer bronze dress I love earth tones on clothes. I was so obsessed that for a period I only wore beige, white and brown garments! When I see this combination, I get that feeling again. This lovely maxi dress is made from my favorite material – silk. It seems very flattering and comfortable. The linen is a beautiful detail; we have to admit. Mixed with a dark green blazer, this combination is excellent for any elegant occasion.

Red heels on point

green blazer red heels Green is good for styling with a different color. Some girls go extremely well and combine it with yellow or pink. However, you can remain neutral or add just a few details. Red heels are definitely a statement piece of this look. Black jeans and blazer combo are perfect for everyday wear or work. Printed tee gives you the chunky-yet-chic vibe you’ll love!

Sophisticated work clothes

green blazer sophisticated work clothes When it comes to workwear, blazers and white button-downs are the leading and most popular garments women choose for office. This look is perfect for that. Suitable and very clean, styled with blue jeans, this outfit can be your workwear inspiration. Round it off with black pointed heels and add a fedora for a ladylike vibe.

Casual and elegant in green blazer

green blazer chic casual If you ask me, my perfect combination for a walk, coffee or work from the coffee shop would be this one. It is perfectly balanced look between casual and very chic style. Olive blazer jacket is designed with a black lace camisole and slim jeans. Ankle boots with high block heels seem very comfortable, even if they have heels. Add some gold jewelry and a black crossbody bag.

White details

green blazer white details White boots are a huge trend at the moment. They became a retro staple with a modern twist. Girls are crazy about them. Me too! Green and white staples work wonderfully together. It’s a fantastic combination, though surprising. White tee, blazer and jeans along with white boots make an attractive casual combination perfect for everyday events.

Military blazer

green blazer miliary The trend to wear military-inspired garments became popular a few years back. But this trend is here to stop, because you can see girls wearing such garments all the time. This stylish Russian girl decided to design a green military blazer with a gray tee and dark gray jeans. She added strappy sandals and voila! You get a great everyday combination.

Matchy Green Look

green blazer matchy look Matching and interesting – these are two words that can describe this green look. It’s a modern pantsuit, with an extra waistband and a lot of plaid. If you like this kind of combination you can design this as work clothes, but you can also wear this for formal events, dinners or parties.

Velvet and white lace

green blazer velvet lace Combining velvet with some other materials can be challenging. But it’s pretty safe to mix lace and velvet to get a great outfit combination. You can get a pretty casual and casual combination by mixing blazer, lace top and leather leggings. For sporty vibe, you wear white sneakers with gold stars on them.

Green blazer with gold buttons

green details gold buttons I love to see gold details on some garments. It is especially visible in bright colors like green. This beautiful custom long blazer looks very chic and voguish. It is designed with straight jeans and matching fabric bag. This look is perfect for work, as well as an everyday alternative.

Printed blazer

green blazer printed It is rare but inspiring to see printed blazer. Here is the fantastic example of how to wear one. Add your green printed blazer with gasoline blue tunic that has pleated cut and black chino pants. This outfit seems very comfortable and elegant. You should choose attractive block health that seems a bit retro.

Printed Blazer (Part II)

green blazer printed fruits I found another printed green blazer that looks very interesting and a bit eccentric. The metallic green hue makes it very appealing, while details like the fruit print tie make this outfit unique. If you are not into snakeskin booties, replace them with black or white. Anyway, you decide, this outfit will be a winner.

Vintage T-shirt with Blazer

green blazer velvet vintage Velvet green blazers were at their peak in fame last year. So many clothes on street style wear and I can still see more. This matching blazer skirt is ideal for combining it with a purple vintage tee. You should also add a statement belt and pair everything with some comfortable shoes.

Plaid Pants Look

green blazer plaid pants You thought I forgot plaid? This pattern is a massive trend at the moment, and in my opinion, it’s not going anywhere. This lovely pantsuit look is ideal for inspiration for work clothes. You can belt your green blazer, just like this girl did. Finish everything with socks with high heels. I hope you liked these outfit ideas that I have prepared for you today!

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