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How Should Petite Girls Wear

How Should Petite Girls Wear Skirts

For little girls, height can represent a real problem when it comes to choosing a suitable skirt length. There is much to do and not do about this topic. In my opinion, you should follow basic rules and fashion clips while naturally listening to your needs and desires. Some rules state that there are few types of skirts that little girls should avoid. Rules are what should be broken, right? If you combine the rest of your outfit well, you manage to highlight the rest of your figure, there is nothing to worry about. If you like skirts and you are not sure how to wear them or if you were afraid you did not look good then this post is done for you. You will see how to design skirts of different materials and in different lengths. Let’s see what I’ve prepared, shall we?

Choose the right length

This is perhaps the most important rule you should follow. It is very important to know that different lengths can make the legs look shorter and stubble. Therefore, you have to choose the right length of your skirts. No matter what type of skirt it is, midi, pencil or card, you should know what length suits you best. Try to put on several of them before determining the length of the skirt you are most comfortable with.

Midi skirt

midi skirt-petite According to some fashion gurus, the midi skirt for little girls is big no. But as I said at the beginning, some rules are here to be broken. So if you want to wear a midi skirt, go for it. The important thing to do is pay attention to the waist and not the legs. So wear high waisted skirts, and there will be no problems. You should also always take an A-line skirts, as they are the most flattering for the body.

Maxi dress

maxi dress petite Another rule that has proved completely false goes like this: “Petite girls should not wear maxi skirts”. The main rule here is to choose the skirt that will follow your body shape. One that nicely floats the leg line. It is important to choose a length that does not affect your walk. When it comes to the clothes in the upper body, you should definitely avoid a lot of fabric and make sure you push your T-shirt into the skirt.

Short skirt

mini skirt petite If you think oh, this is too short for me, don’t worry. In fact, you must become super short when you are petite. Mini skirts like this will make your legs appear long. This is good, right? You can make your legs look even longer if you pair this skirt with high platforms with ankle straps. However, tread carefully, do not cross the line. Since you are wearing a really short skirt, you should also be careful not to show too much skin. Either way, keep it classy.

pencil Skirt

pen dress petite Pencil skirt is a basic garment, and no matter what, every woman should have at least one in her wardrobe. In my opinion at least. You can wear it on so many occasions, as a piece of both casual and elegant clothing. The most flattering length of pencil skirts is somewhere around the knee. If the knee length seems too conservative for you, a mini skirt version of pencil skirt can be good for your body shape and your height.

Proportions of your body

When shopping, always listen to yourself and be aware of your body. If you do, you can easily choose a skirt that you can wear quite often. Instead of mixing different materials and patterns, try to stay in one or two basic colors. Structured skirts and blazers are the must have, and any high waist will be a winner.

High waist skirt

petite with high waist As you can see, the high waist of this short skirt makes your legs look so much longer. To cut this look it is important to know how to design high waisted clothes. Anyway, it is better to put on the shirt or shirt you are wearing, than release it. In the image above you can see the elegant combination of blue tweed skirt and floral green blue blouse. As you can see the eyes naturally fall on the bow around the neck. So be sure to add a detail like this when making an outfit.

Wrap skirt

linda dress petite Wearing a skirt is always a good idea despite your height. These skirts make your legs look longer. I have chosen to present this model with details of the ruff. You can try wearing skirts in light colors, just like the picture above.

Sliced ??skirt

sliced ??petite skirt If you want to show more of your legs, a slit skirt can help you achieve that. Although not overly provocative, they show just enough to bring some attention in your direction. Whether the slit is short or long, your legs will appear longer and you will remain elegant and elegant.

Choose the right shoes

Finally, but not least, the school options. To compete you look you have to choose the right shoes. Petite fashion girls say that you should wear pointed toe or shoes with shoes when wearing mini skirts. Did you know that ankle boots go really well with A-line mini skirts? shoes small Midi skirts go with heels with an ankle strap. As long as the strap is thin, delicate and in neutral color like beige or black, everything will be fine. Try to stay away from the clumsy shoes. midi dress shoes petite I hope you enjoyed reading this style guide I have prepared for you.

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