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How to Style Metallic Skirt

How to Style Metallic Skirt

The metallic skirt sounds like something that is very difficult to style. Can I even wear it as part of a casual street outfit, you might wonder. Although I know the answer is yes because I have seen it worn randomly, I really do not see many good examples of metal dress clothes every day. In fact, I don't think I've seen it more than once. Because of my curiosity, I decided to research and put together a list of some of the most stylish metal dressing equipment. Let's check out the list now. 

White vest top with silver metallic skirt

I will start the list with this silver metal skirt which happens to be the best answer for "can I wear a metallic skirt casual?". For many of you, it may be a little surprising to see this silver metallic pleated midi look so natural as part of a casual outfit. Wear the skirt with a white vest top, black and white cloth shoes and a black choker to complete this outfit. 

Rose Gold Metallic skirt with denim jacket

pink gold metallic skirt denim jacket

Okay, so the earlier idea shows that silver metallic skirt can look pretty casual, now what about gold? Again, with a little surprise, this pink gold metal dress looks great with a denim jacket. The suit is so relaxed that the white sneakers are the perfect shoes that fit with it. 

White and blue sweater & metallic wrap skirt

white and blue long sleeve sweater metallic wrap skirt

Now let's see what a metallic shawl skirt looks like when paired with other feminine pieces. For the top, wear a white and blue knitted sweater. Pair the shirt with a silver metallic knee-length dress. Complete outfit with a pair of open train gray sandals to achieve this unique and remarkable look. 

Black long-sleeved deep V-neck top with rose gold pleated skirt

black long sleeved deep v-neck rose weight pleated skirt

For a smart and beautiful outfit that is perfect for friends, you can wear a black shape that fits deep v-neck tee with a gold pleated skirt. Pair them with nude heels to complement this elegant outfit. 

White Button Up shirt with gold pleated Maxi skirt

white shirt gold pleated maxi skirt

Here's another casual outfit that looks fantastic with a pair of white sneakers. You can simply wear a white button-up shirt with a gold pleated maxi skirt to complete the suit. 

Gray teddy jacket with silver metallic pleated skirt

gray teddy rock silver metallic pleated skirt

For a feminine look, you might want a gray turtleneck over a black sweater for the top. For the bottom, wear a silver mid skirt with white sneakers to get a ladylike look that requires a lot of attention. I still feel totally surprised at how a futuristic stylish skirt like this can fit in as naturally as part of a casual street outfit. 

Black Choker collar Chiffon blouse with gold skirt

black choker collar chiffon blouse gold skirt

The chiffon blouse for this outfit is one that has many beautiful details. It is a semi-clean deep v-neck blouse with a choker collar. Pair it with a gold metallic midi skirt and black ankle boots to get a remarkable and unique look. 

Pink sweater with silver metallic skirt

pink sweatshirt silver pleated metallic skirt

Here's another casual street outfit involving the white sneakers, but this time the suit is a little more adventurous. The pink sweater and silver skirt creates such an intense contrast. A light pink handbag helps better to glue the pieces together. 

Dark gray knitted sweater and gold pleated Midi skirt

dark gray knitted sweater gold-pleated midi skirt

Up until this point, I have been convinced that metallic skirts and white sneakers are a perfect match. As another example, this outfit consists of a dark gray knitted sweater, a gold metallic pleated midi skirt, white sneakers and a stylish black handbag. 

Black cropped t-shirt with high waist silver metallic skirt

black cropped t-shirt with high waist in silver metallic skirt

For a low key sexy costume, you can wear a black cropped t-shirt with a high waisted silver pen knee length skirt. It would make you show about an inch of skin near your waist. Instead of wearing white shoes, black sneakers look perfect with this outfit. 

Black metallic dress with black and white polka dot jacket

black metallic dress black and white polka dot jacket

If you are a little bored of silver and the gold metallic skirt, how can you think of a black metallic skirt. To achieve this somewhat complex but well-balanced look, a black button-up shirt with a black and white polka dot jacket for the top. Wear a black metallic pleated maxi skirt for the bottom with black ankle strap with open toe heels. 

Gold skirt with black bomber jacket

gold skirt black bomber jacket

This gold color used in this skirt is not one of those low-key rose golds. It is the high and clear bright gold that simply grabs people's attention. You can wear this gold-wrapped midi skirt with a white sweater in the crew neck and a black bomber jacket. 

Gray form fitting long sleeve T-shirt with silver skirt

gray form fitting long sleeve tee silver skirt

A silver skirt is already a very unique and eye-catching piece. If you want to push the envelope even further, how about wearing it with a gray felt hat. Wear the hat and skirt with a gray shape that fits long-sleeved t-shirt and gray ballet heels. It's one of those times when you carry the unique pieces together, they don't look awkward and instead they interrupt each other's awkwardness.

Silver Mini dress with denim shirt

silver mini dress denim shirt

For a stylish and adorable outfit, wear a silver miniskirt with a jeans shirt up. Wear gladiator sandals. 

Gray sweater with silver metallic mini skirt

gray sweater silver metallic mini skirt

For a super casual look you can wear a gray printed sweater with a cute mini dress in silver and black ballet flats. With a nice gray handbag you will simply look adorable. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing this list of dress ideas in metallic clothing. For more outfit ideas, check out our website for thousands more ideas. 


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