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How to Wear Grey Thigh High

How to Wear Grey Thigh High Boots

There are two ways people feel and talk about thigh-high boots.
First: they hate them, swear they will never carry them. Ha, it even rhymes!
Second: They are completely in love with this amazing garment, and they try to put on all the clothes for every situation.
In fact, they are very popular nowadays and that all real fashion girls have at least a couple of them in the wardrobe.
In this style guide I will show you the best ways to wear gray thigh high boots and how to combine them so that they always look like you are dressed to kill.

White + gray thigh high boots

Gray is an easy color to combine. If you ask for my opinion, I love to see a gray and white together in any outfit combination. Whether it is a sweater, pants or dress. I think this is a whole style of a combination of two colors. It represents simplicity. And you will always make a good choice if you choose these two colors to wear.

Outfit 1: White Jeans

You can safely wear this combination for a relaxed day in the city while hanging out with your friends. It's perfect for chilly days because gray sweatshirts keep you warm all day.
White skinny jeans may not be as typical for rainy or cold days, but wearing them with over-the-knee boots will compensate well. It makes your outfit more cozy but at the same time you get a very nice look. You can add a fedora, or any thick scarf to this outfit, and have a hot chocolate with your friends or boyfriend.
thigh high boots white jeans

thigh high boots

Outfit 2: White Dress

A good pair of gray over the knee boots can be used in combination with a white dress to achieve different effects. For example, you can wear them with a beautiful white dress during a more relaxed day, or with a flowing, more elegant dress for some formal evening events. I suggest not adding too many details. Minimal jewelry and a black bag with a little coat or jacket on top makes you ready for the outside in no time.
white dress gray boots

white dress gray boots

Black + gray thigh high boots

You probably already know the rule of thumb that applies here – black and navy don't go well together. That rule does not apply to this combination: gray and black. I prepared two clothes where you can see how to pair jeans and dress in this color with gray boots over the knees.

Outfit 1: Black jeans

French girls say that black jeans for them is an important piece of fabric found in their wardrobe. I have to admit that I totally agree with them. Black jeans give you a stylish yet uncomplicated look and at the top it can easily be paired. Whether you wear black leather pants or classic jeans, you will be perceived and labeled as a smart fashion girl.
black trousers gray boots

black jeans gray thigh high boots

Outfit 2: Black dress

Pairing nice cotton or silk black dress with high thigh boots was never easier. Without solid jewelry and other details, you get a clean and cozy look. Just add a small bag and you'll look amazing without any effort at all. Try this turtleneck or this classic A-line dress as in the pictures below.
black dress gray thigh high boots

black dress gray thigh high boots

Gray + Gray thigh high boots

Do you make an outfit in just one color? Why not! Some people would say that you should not combine the clothes in the same color as your shoes. This time, I think we can make an exception.

Outfit 1: Gray sweater

Wearing a light gray sweater and jeans is always a good idea. Pairing it with your shoes is the color that gives you a black and white look without so many details. Excellent choice for all occasions.
gray on gray thigh high boots

Outfit 2: Gray on Gray

I have found some completely gray looks. I'm sure you will love them. To complete this outfit you will need a gray dress or long sweater that you can wear as a dress and gray boots! So easy, yes! It looks so elegant and elegant at the same time. Try some of the clothes in the pictures below.
gray on gray thigh high boots

gray dress gray thigh high boots

Jeans + Gray thigh high boots

When I say jeans, I definitely mean blue jeans. They are my favorite clothes. I can wear them day and night without any problems with outfit combinations. I really like how they look together with gray. Especially with gray boots over the knees.

Outfit 1: sweater and blue jeans

I have to admit that this is a pretty common costume but you can wear it during both formal and less formal events. Try wearing a hat and a larger bag (as in the first photo) or combine it with a white shirt with a navy blue sweater over.
denim gray thigh high boots

denim gray boots

Outfit 2: Denim Dress

Denim dress is something I've always wanted to have in my wardrobe, but to be honest I've never found the right one. That's why I was looking for this outfit to share and show how cool you can look. Denim and gray actually go perfectly together!
Denim buttoned denim dress is complemented by a large black belt and a classic canal bag. High heeled boots in gray shade give a nice touch to this outfit.
denim dress gray thigh high boots

Outfit 3: Denim overall dress

Overalls give you the 90s look, but when paired with gray thigh-high boots, this outfit transforms into a modern and clean. Try overalls with white shirt bellows and a beige sweater, just like in the picture. You will remember wherever you dress like this!
denim overall dress gray boots

If you are a member of the first group I mentioned at the beginning of this article, I really hope that I have made you change by sharing all these outfit ideas with you.
Did any of your clothes catch your attention?
If you need some more inspiration you can check out these ideas on thigh high boots.

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