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How to Wear Peplum Top

How to Wear Peplum Top

In a fashion world dominated by button shirts and t-shirts, it’s quite easy to put together an outfit that looks good especially for a casual look. But since I always believe that fashion is both about beauty and fun, the variation is always better. The Peplum top is one of those items that you should only have once or twice a month to avoid looking too similar every day. That being said, as simple as the peplum top looks, the peplum top is not as easy to style as a t-shirt and that is exactly why this blog post exists. I have put together a list of peplum top equipment ideas that I think may be of help to you.

Black Peplum top with cuffed jeans

black peplum top cuffed jeans outfit

This simple outfit really shows the benefit of having a peplum top. You can see that the black peplum top can visually move up the waist. When you pair with cuffed jeans and heels, you really don’t have to look nicer, but it helps your legs look longer and your body looks like a better proportion.

Black silk Pelpum top with gray skinny jeans

black silk pelpum top gray skinny jeans

For a more semi-formal look, you can choose to wear a black silk peplum top and pair it with gray skinny jeans. Wear silver-pointed heels to complement this elegant power equipment. You can see that the peplum top can actually emphasize your curves, so it may be a good idea to wear them more often if you have a narrow waist and generally in good shape.

Slim Fit sweater over white Peplum top

corduroy pants white cropped sweater peplum top

You can also wear the peplum top subtly. For example, you can wear a white peplum top under a cropped white slim fit sweater. For the bottom, wear corduroy pants and heels. Layering with the barely visible peplum top in this outfit just adds a little randomness and uniqueness to make the outfit more stylish.

Wear all white with Peplum sleeveless trousers and wide leg

sleeveless peplum top wide leg pants outfit

I mentioned earlier in another blog post about how to dress in all black clothes, you can actually do that with a completely white outfit. Simply wear a sleeveless peplum top with wide leg trousers and nude sandals. You don’t always have to wear black or gray to dress. Sometimes it is the cut and fabric of your outfit that makes you look like a boss or a boss. Full disclosure: I don’t really like people dressing up as a manager so much, but there are situations or companies where you just have to.

Black Peplum Tube Top & Skinny Jeans

black peplum tube top skinny jeans

This is a really sexy outfit that really emphasizes your curves. Wear a black peplum tube top with black skinny jeans and ballet heels. This outfit is easily the toughest to pull off the list. You should get yourself in a really good shape to try this.

White long sleeve Peplum top & ripped jeans

white long sleeve peplum ripped jeans

This is a casual outfit that is so minimal and so easy to pull off. Just wear a long sleeve peplum top with ripped skinny jeans and heel sandals. The reason why it is quite easy to wear is that the long sleeves make you look more balanced. The suit can be a bit boring, so pair it with a long necklace and an elegant stylish handbag.

Sleeveless black leather Peplum top

sleeveless black leather peplum upper toe boots

This outfit is very interesting and unique. I think it might be one of those surprise outfits you can wear in a formal event. Sometimes you usually wear the most beautiful dress that you can possibly get for a big formal event and think you can really stand out from the crowd. But very often you will find that others do the same and that you do not really stand out. Why not try a blue sea strategy sometimes and have fun with a dark outfit with the sleeveless black leather peplum top and black pants. I have to admit that I will still recommend you to get a beautiful dress 9 times out of ten times, but try to surprise everyone and have fun doing it now and then.

Navy blue top with white skinny jeans

navy peplum top white skinny jeans

This outfit is just to show you that you can wear the peplum top really randomly, as if that is what you wear for grocery stores. Just wear a navy blue top with the white skinny jeans and sneakers.

Blue Peplum top with color matching ballet flats

blue peplum top jeans ballet flats

For an elegant look, wear a royal blue peplum top with ballet flats in exactly the same color. Cuff pants are perfect to go a long way with the top. For those of you who like clothes with similar colors, you may want to check out my blog post on how to wear royal blue.

White lace Peplum top with black skinny jeans

white lace peplum top black skinny jeans platform heels

Here is another really casual outfit with a feminine touch. Simply wear a white sleeveless top at the top with black skinny jeans and nude platform heels.

Gray Peplum top with denim jacket and white shorts

gray peplum top denim jacket white shorts

Up to this point I have shared with you a lot of ways to wear the peplum top by itself. Now you may have the question: how to wear peplum top with a jacket. My sure answer is a denim jacket. A bomber jacket probably works in most cases as well. But any jacket or coat that extends to your waist will generally not look good with the peplum top. So, back to this special outfit idea, wear only a gray peplum top with a denim jacket and white shorts for a beautiful and relaxed spring look.

Black Peplum top with felt hat

black peplum top felt hat outfit

For a unique and artistic look, try pairing a black peplum top with a felt hat. It is very interesting to see how well matched these two seemingly independent pieces are.

White sleeveless Peplum top with cropped black pants

white sleeveless peplum top cropped pants

So there is a list of my favorite ways to wear peplum top. I hope the list can help you come up with your own outfit ideas. For me, I think the tip about which jacket to wear with the peplum top is quite useful. Next time you’re not sure what to wear with your peplum top, try the denim jacket.

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