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How to Wear Rain Boots

How to Wear Rain Boots

When it is always raining or even snowing in the fall and winter, it simply makes you feel that you want to be home and that you just don't want to get humid. You can change your idea if you have a pair of stylish rain boots. Rain boots used to be just about not letting your feet get wet. No longer. They can actually look really good now, especially if you know what to wear with them. In this blog post I am going to show you different styles and colors of rain boots and what to wear to look beautiful. Let's dive right into the outfit ideas now. 

Black rain boots with yellow jacket

black rain boots with yellow jacket

For a smart and beautiful look, you can play with color contrast. Try pair of black rain boots with a light yellow jacket. For the rest of the suit, you want to keep it minimal by wearing slim jeans and navy horizontal striped tee. The reason I really like this outfit idea is that the bright yellow really balances the darkness and drilling that comes with the rain. This outfit can really make you stand out from the rest. 

Gray rain boots with skinny jeans

gray rain shoe with skinny jeans

For a low key, winter style with the girl next door, you can simply wear dark gray rain boots with slim jeans and a white sweater. A scarf and a gray jacket will complement this winter look perfectly. 

Gray boots with Matching Coat and T-shirt dress

black rain boots with gray coat

Here is a good example of how to wear a t-shirt dress in winter. Wear a gray t-shirt dress with black leggings and gray boots. You also want a gray coat and a knitted hat with this outfit. I really like how simple but beautiful this outfit looks. It's a nice way to carry business casual. By the way, you might also want to check out more ideas on t-shirt dresses from our other blog post. 

Red rain boots with gray digging

red rain boots with gray cloak

In addition to gray and black, red is actually a very popular color choice for rain boots as well. For an elegant and feminine look, you can wear a gray dyker skirt, a plaid scarf and skinny jeans with the red boots. 

Yellow rain boots with charcoal

charcoal trench boat rain boots outfit

This is another way to pair a dyke skirt with rain boots. This time, let's try it with yellow rain boots and wooden trench coats. Add some twist by wearing a black and white horizontal striped t-shirt dress or sweater dress. 

Black boots with long sleeve horizontal striped tee

horizontal striped tee black rain boots

This outfit is perfect for minimalist. You simply wear a long-sleeved horizontal striped t-shirt with black boots. You can choose from skinny jeans or leggings. Just a simple and casual street outfit idea works. 

Red boots with military jacket and white sweater

red rain boots military jacket

This outfit idea is another involving the popular red rain boots. Try wearing the red boots with skinny jeans, a white shirt and military jacket. The pink bag is the icing on the cake. These colors just match perfectly. 

Gray boots with matching long sleeve tee

gray rain boots matching tops

Rain boots also look great with shorts. A beautiful way to style is to pair gray boots with matching long-sleeved t-shirt. Khaki shorts will look much better than denim shorts with this combination. It is a perfect suit for fishing and spending time around the lake on rainy days. 

Black rain boots with denim shirt and black skirt

black rain boots wear to work

Can rain boots fit into a semi-formal work suit? Yes, no doubt. They don't look as matching as your heels, but you still look pretty good. Wear a denim shirt and a black skirt with black rain boots, and it's your business casual outfit. 

Gray boots with sweater and dresses

gray rain boots with sweater dress

Sweater dress is an article that you must have for the winter. It can make you look beautiful and feminine. To wear it with gray boots, you want to pair them with a white coat and black leggings. A little twist you can add are the knee high socks. 

Lacing with ankle rain shoes

laces rain boots in ankle

If you want to wear something similar to your usual shoes and boots, try lacing with rain boots. Although I don't really like the idea of ??getting your shoe strings wet in the rain, and I think it's better to have the rain boots higher to avoid getting your feet wet, the shoes definitely look good. 

Black quilted rain boots with leather jacket

quilted rain boots all black

Here's another outfit idea to wear rain boots like a pair of typical boots you would normally wear. Choose a pair of black quilted rain boots and pair it with a black leather jacket, a black sweater and black skinny jeans. The dark all-black suit looks cool and people don't even notice that you're wearing rain boots. 

Rain boots with heels

rain boots with heels

I just want to mention here that you can quite easily get rain boots with heels today. Again, I don't really like the idea of ??having heels in the rain, but there are certainly some people who just want to increase their confidence by wearing heels at work. Here is the solution for you in your rainy days. 

Plaid rain boots with white sweater

checkered rain boots with jeans

I have mentioned a lot of ideas about rain boots, so let's talk about designs. A good one is to wear checkered rain boots with jeans and a white sweater. This combination makes you look casual and beautiful. It's a perfect suit for relaxed hangs. 

Purple rain boots with gray sweater & boyfriend shirt

purple rain boots with sweater

Another beautiful color for rain boots is the color of purple. You can wear purple boots with jeans, plaid boyfriend shirt and a gray sweater. The purple rain boots look just fantastic with this outfit. 

I hope you enjoy the outfit ideas I just shared. Now you know you can look beautiful on rainy days. 


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