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How to Wear Stirrup Pants

How to Wear Stirrup Pants

Strömsbandsstrenden has made a big comeback from the 90's. They were revived on the track showing Marni, Balenciaga and many others.

But we all wondered: Ribbon? The 90's workout garment is making a comeback?
The answer is a resounding yes!

Stairs were originally used as riding bows. To keep the pants in place, riders wore this garment. So you also hear people referring to them as riding pants or simply – jogging. After that period they were used as a dancer's clothing or as part of the ski equipment.

Today they make the big comeback, but mostly as part of the street style. In addition to the pros and cons, all fashionistas around the world love this trend.

Let's see how you can integrate it into your wardrobe. Once you have read this article you will fall in love with this trend too!

Jeans Stirrup

jean stop

To make this outfit look cool, you just need pants and some interesting accessories. Velvet embroidered bag is also one of the hot trends on the street, so be sure to have one at home.
Red shoes with jumper pants make you the main star, whenever you go.

jeans stirrup white shoes

On the other hand, if you prefer more of a classic look, which doesn't include as many colors, you can pair your jeans ladders with the white heels and the black shirt. Or you can just put on a black leather jacket.

Houndstooth Stirrup

houndstooth stirrup

The Houndstooth pattern will never go out of style. Houndstooth paths should be considered a perpetual piece in your wardrobe.
With the detail of the jumper, these high waisted trousers become more cool than elegant. You can wear them with white heels and black cashmere sweater.

houndstooth stirrup rifle

If you like ruffled details, you can easily pair the high waisted pants with the white shirt and gold pointed half positions.

Stirrup pants with long coats

top coat

If you need to add a garment to the combination of jumper and shirt, leave it to be an oversized gown. This tweed rock makes it a perfect sporty-elegant blend of garments.

fur stop yellow

If you prefer to wear a skirt, be sure to buy it in two sizes larger than your size! For big trench coats a big trend now. If you put all this together, you will look like a real fashionista!

coating stop pvc

If you are interested in buying this type of fur, go for it! Both pants and a PVC trench coat are the most important trends in street fashion.

Sportswear Stirrup

sports peak

Mixing sporty and elegant clothes was never as clear as it is today. "It" girls just love to do it and make eccentric combinations. If you are one of them you can try on hoodie, jumper with strap to the side and heels. You can add an elegant bag in burgundy color.

sports bar white elastic

Another solution for a sporty elegant combination consists of leggings with black high heels! The white elastic band around the shoe contributes quite a bit to the look. Pair it with gingham shirt and black leather jacket.

Blazer with Stirrup Pants

blazer peak

This classic outfit is spiced with the addition of pantyhose. They make every combination look trendy, stylish and elegant at the same time.
The tweed blazer goes perfectly with black trousers and interesting and jeweled black pointed heels.

blazer bench from the shoulders

This snow white blazer has a slightly different cut than the classic. The off-the-shoulder model is very popular, so if you like the sweaters like this, you will definitely love this blazer!
If you pair it with the trousers, you get a chic yet pure Parisian look.

blazer bench bench blue

The blue blazer is a little longer which gives you the perfect chance to highlight the body shape.
It looks fantastic when paired with the white heels and black pantyhose.

Sweater with Stirrup Pants

sweater ladder bench

Blue sweaters can be seen a lot on the streets. They are mainly worn by fashion girls. I really like this shade of blue, so let's see how you can combine it with pantyhose.
This can be an ideal work clothes if you are brave enough to put on pants.

sweater ladder bench blue

White trousers and blue sweater combination are perfect for colder autumn days.
Velvet ankle boots are more than enough to say a statement, so don't use other accessories.

shirt navy navy blue

Navy blue jersey with long sleeves is a must this season along with trails!
You can wear it every day. For a more chic look, just add an interesting bag, just like the picture below.

sweater bottom red

Red and black combo is always a good idea. With the details like a red little bag and white shoes, you will look elegant and amazing! Relaxed mix can be worn during the day but also for more elegant occasions.

Beige-Olive Stirrup Pants

beige olive stop

Before the fashion shows, the two of the most famous Italian fashion girls, have their own twinning moment on the street. They also show us how to combine pantyhose with shirts and high heels.

beige bases

The beige trousers with large waistband go perfectly with olive sweater with puff sleeves. All seasonal trends in just one outfit!

green bench

This is basically the same as before but with different color schemes. Olive pants and white shirt with puff sleeves look perfect together, right?

If you are in the "I will never wear jogging pants" group, I really hope these clothes will change you.
No one knew or expected that the upcoming back trends will be so popular, but here they are. They look even more cool and elegant at the moment!
So go to the shops, buy your new jumper and rock the look!

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