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How to Wear Tweed Skirt

How to Wear Tweed Skirt

Tweed is originally an Irish and British clothing. It was used mainly to make outdoor clothing, such as hunting jackets or trousers. The main reason for this was that this material is both water resistant and very durable.

Ater Coco Chanel has used tweed for the famous collection of blazers and skirts, other major brands in the fashion industry also started using it.

If you think this material is still reserved for hunters only, you are not quite right. It's still used in the UK, and the fashion girls love it! A few seasons back, the tweed skirt has returned on the track shows, and it has dominated every season since then. 

I have chosen some of the best costume ideas to show you how to wear this traditional garment.
Scroll down to see how you can design your tweed skirt!


tweed skirt business

French does it best, right? The famous French fashion group loves tweed skirts and coats.
If you like this look, it's very easy to "copy" it. Pair your favorite black shirt with the tweed skirt and put on the black ankle boots.


tweed dress romantic

Baby pink outfit? Why not! This color looks so nice when it's on a tweed garment.
Combine it with the transparent ruffled sweater in the white and baby pink color. By wearing this outfit you get the real romantic look. A great option for dining with your significant other.


tweed skirt dike

As I said before, the origin of tweed came from the UK. With this trench coat you can go into the country's fashion heart – London.

Wear a blue shirt and you can wear this outfit boot in the office and for casual after-hours events.

Polka Dots

tweed skirt dots

As you can see in the picture above, these cute polka dot tights come in a fantastic mix of warm and cold colors! Blue sweater looks like it is handmade knit and the skirt has a warm violet color.

You can combine this outfit with boots over your knees and you will have the casual outfit during the fall days.


tweed skirt sneakers

I love this blend of super elegant and sportswear. Usually you will see fashionistas combine sneakers with the elegant clothes, just like in this outfit.

I don't know about you, but if it's comfortable wearing this combination, I'm in it! As you can see, high heels are not a must for every outfit.   

En Line

tweed skirt a line

A-line skirt made of tweed is a great combination, especially if you love this cut. In the outfit above you can see the fantastic mix of patterns, like snakeskin tweed and knitted.

If you are not a big fan of mixing so much, wear a shirt or sweater in a light color. If you wear a shirt, you can wear the knitted sweater.

White suit

tweed skirt white suit

All founders fit a very elegant outfit choice. That's true, but it doesn't have to be that way. The perfect tweed suit is something you need to have in your wardrobe, as it is eternal clothing. You can wear it all day and night and even wear it for some elegant events.

Black-green mixture

tweed skirt green black

This is a simple yet very interesting and elegant outfit. Midi button down skirt in combination with black turtleneck is great for business meetings and for other types of formal events.

Black stilettos make this outfit look beautiful and stunning. If you want to be more relaxed, change heels with flat ankle boots.


tweed skirt modern

If you liked the mix in the previous outfit ideas, you will probably like this one too.
In this, modern crop top is combined with a high waist pencil skirt, made of tweed. If you want to be even more matching, you can wear a blazer in the same tweed pattern as the skirt.

Wrapped skirt

tweed skirt wrap

Want to look casual and elegant at the same time? It's simple, add a cotton white tee to your tweed combination! It will look like you didn't spend any time getting dressed. The interesting thing is that the wrapped skirt fits perfectly with the red belt around the waist.

Yellow tweed

tweed skirt yellow

This is a really unusual look. The yellow color of the dress gives this outfit color blocks sens, while the rest of the garments are in blue and black color.
One more thing that is very interesting with this outfit is the cut on the jacket. If you plan to wear something similar, all eyes will be on you!

Thigh high boots

tweed skirt thighs high

If you think I'm exaggerating by mentioning thigh-high boots all the time, I have a good reason for that. They are perfect for combining with just about anything! You just have to be creative and include them in all your clothes.

In the image above you can see oversized sweater and tweed skirt combo, which is perfect for colder autumn days. Add a small bag and black over your knee boots to it, so you can walk down the streets all day.

White collar

tweed skirt white collar

Relaxed yet elegant outfit. It consists of black cashmere sweater, white Peter Pan collar and tweed skirt. This collar is very nice and gives the outfit a romantic feel. Wear some nice black flats or moccasins and you will have an outfit ready for everyday occasions.

Tweed seems to be a perfect material for colder days. Depending on your own style and preferences, you can choose the best way to make an outfit that includes a tweed skirt. I gave you some of the ideas on how to do it with sneakers, big sweaters, crop tops or thigh high boots.

I really hope you find something for yourself and that tweed skirt will find a permanent place in your wardrobe.    


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