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Ideas for Wearing Anarkali

Ideas for Wearing Anarkali Dress

Since most of our readers live in the US and the UK, I'm sure many of you may ask: Should I look weird wearing an anarkali dress (also known as anarkali suit or anarkali kurtis) to work or at a party? The short answer is yes. But the interesting long answer is: no, if you wear a modified anarchy dress that has its design twisted to make it look so beautiful and natural in your daily life. Stop thinking that anarkali dresses can only be worn in India or Dubai, let's look at some examples of beautiful anarkali dresses that can make you stand out from the rest.

Dresses you can wear to work

Wearing a dress that blends the elements of anarkali kurtis in mainstream fashion often fits the smart casual dress code that many workplaces suggest. These designs can usually make you look elegant and smart (and somehow make you look slimmer and taller). They also look good with either flats or heels. Here are some patterns I like:

anarkali dress colorful

anarkali dress shell

anarkali dress lady

Anarkali dresses for parties

Anarkali dresses may not be as eye-catching as some yellow cocktail dresses I mentioned in a previous blog post. But I'm sure you are adventurous enough to try different styles for different types of parties and occasions to show different sides of yourself. For parties I have chosen some patterns with lighter colors and with more elements of traditional anarchy kurtis. You will be amazed at how beautiful and elegant some of these designs are. It can completely change your perception of anarchy dresses. 

anarkali dress features

anarkali color pattern

anarkali blue and white

I especially love the last yellow. I think it's the perfect blend of traditional anarkali costume design and modern fashion. And these designs will definitely not be "too much" that makes you weird. They are "just right" and beautiful. 

Why you might want one?

When I love fashion, I'm happy when I get the chance to go to a party or event, because it's time for me to be adventurous and have some fun to make me look different. I want to be a little different from my office and from my peers. And unfortunately, I'm not always in my best shape to show much of my body with a sexy cocktail dress. That's when a unique design can make me look unique, beautiful and safe. I love to add some traditional Indian or Chinese element when I want to stand out from the crowd. (Hopefully, I have a chance to cover some traditional Chinese fashion that passes over mainstream fashion in a future blog post.) I'm always looking for just the right proportion, just the right touch of magic. I know this type of design is not easily accessible from your local stores, but it becomes easy today when you can get all kinds of different dresses from Amazon or other online stores. Meanwhile, anarkali dress is not for all body types, so I suggest you get a budget one online first and see if it suits you.


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