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Jogger Shorts Outfit Ideas for

Jogger Shorts Outfit Ideas for Women

Over the years, jogging pants have become part of mainstream fashion. There is actually a variation of the jogging pants that are not as common but which are equally interesting and beautiful to me. The special item is the jogger shorts. You will be surprised to see how the jogger shorts can be paired with heels to create an elegant and feminine look. To give you a more concrete idea of ​​how versatile they are, I’ve compiled some of the best jogger shorts outfit ideas and I’ll share with you now.

White Print Tee with Gray Jogger Shorts

As mentioned earlier, joggers shorts can be paired with heels to form some beautiful clothes. To start with this list of outfit ideas, I’ll show you this unique way of style. For the top, you can simply wear a large size white tee. Pair it with a very typical pair of gray joggers. Here comes the atypical part. Pair these pieces with white platform sandals to give a feminine touch to the outfit.

Gray jogger shorts with denim jacket and white heels

gray joggers shorts denim jacket white heels

For a very youthful and beautiful look, you can wear a printed tee with a light blue denim jacket for the top. Pair them with a pair of gray mini joggers so you look tall and slim. Use white pointed toe heels and a white leather shoulder bag to give a refreshing and youthful touch to the look.

Jogger shorts with gray jersey costume & sneakers

joggers shorts gray jersey costume sneakers

This outfit is a small variant of a typical running suit that looks low-key sexy. To get this look, you can wear a gray jersey suit over a black bralette. Pair them with gray joggers and a pair of black and white low top converse to complement the outfit with a casual and sporty touch.

Blue vest top with gray joggers & sneakers

blue vest top gray joggers shorts

Now let’s look at a sporty and girly suit that you can really use to jog. For the top, you can wear a blue relaxed fit shaped top. Pair it with dark gray short jogging pants. Wear white sneakers for the shoes to really make this a running outfit.

Wear with black and white striped T-shirt & sneakers

black and white striped t-shirt sneakers

This outfit is the kind of casual outfits you want for casual hangouts. While it may look a little low, it actually makes the low key make your legs look long and beautiful. In detail, wear a black and white striped tee with black joggers. Pair them with white sneakers to complement this casual outfit.

Slip On Shoes with black T-shirt and gray joggers shorts

slip on shoes black t-shirt gray joggers shorts

Here’s another super casual outfit. This time the color tone is a little darker. Wear a black t-shirt for the top. Pair it with a pair of gray mini joggers. Wear black slip on low top shoes to make your legs look even longer and make overalls look more relaxed.

Pink Form Fitting Sports Vest Top with Black Jogger Shorts

pink form fitting sports vest top black joggers shorts

Let’s look at a real running suit that looks beautiful and fun. An easy way to make your outfit look good is to wear something pink. In this case, a pink western top is the magic bit. Pair it with black joggers and orange sneakers to complement this sporty and youthful look.

Two car set of cropped hoodie & shorts

two-piece set of cropped hoodie and shorts

Here is a very unique two-part set. It consists of a gray cropped hoodie and a pair of gray joggers shorts. This outfit is specially designed for those who are jogging enough so that you are already in good shape so it makes sense to show such skin in the waist. For the shoes, you can simply wear white sneakers to run.

White long sleeve printed shirt with dark gray Jogger shorts

white long sleeve printed shirt dark gray joggers shorts

This white button up shirt is a smart casual one that has some black printed details on it. You can knit it in a pair of black jogger shorts to perform the long-sleeved top mini-short knit that makes the legs look longer and thinner. For the shoes, wear black ankle strap with open toe heels to give an elegant touch. For those of you who want to see more clothes of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear black ankle straps.

Black Printed Mini Jogger Pants with Matching Vest Top

black printed jogging pants in matching vest

Here is the kind of clothing that a more serious runner would wear. The pair of joggers shorts here is a unique black print that comes with a yellow elasticated waist. Pair the shorts with a matching vest top. Use blue and white jogging shoes to look sporty and energetic.

White ribbed T-shirt with Blue Chambray Jogger shorts

white ribbed t-shirt blue chambray joggers shorts

To get a greedy and refreshing look, you may want to use the blue and white color combination. Wear a white ribbed cotton shirt on top. Pair it with blue chambray joggers shorts. Pair them with white sneakers to look just like the girl next door.

White oversized V-neck T-shirt with gray cuff with jersey

white oversized v-neck tee gray cuffed joggers shorts

This is a super casual outfit that comes with some very subtle details. The white oversized t-shirt here comes with a v-neck cut that makes it look a little less relaxed and more beautiful. Pair it with gray cuffed joggers and dark gray cloth shoes to complement the outfit with a relaxed and elegant touch.

White and gray striped vest top with black shorts

white and gray striped vests with black shorts

Here is a casual swimsuit for those who are not interested in wearing a bikini. You can shape this outfit by simply wearing a gray and white striped vest top with a pair of black joggers. Wear a pair of red flip flops to complete this casual outfit.

Gray Jogger shorts with Crew Neck sweater

gray joggers shorts crew sweatshirt

For a casual and sporty look, you can wear a gray sweater with a relaxed fit and a pair of matching joggers. For the shoes, you can either wear white sneakers for a more sporty look or you can wear a pair of high-top black and white converse if this is for casual hangouts.

Here are some casual and beautiful jogging shorts outfit ideas that I just shared with you above. As you can see, we have reached a point where the joggers are not just intended for jogging. Try to let them spice up your casual clothes and have fun doing it.

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