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Leather Shoulder Bag Outfit

Leather Shoulder Bag Outfit Ideas

Fashion weeks are the perfect way to find out what's going to be trendy next season. However, garment style clothing became even more important than runways in particular. That is why I have gathered around all the best ideas for leather shoulder bags seen on the streets of Paris, New York, Milan and London.
This year we carry colorful bags. They are usually small, but practical. They have many interesting details in the form of arches, decorated and different color chains. Get ready to see some of the best street style bags for Spring 2018.

Patterned Gucci bag

leather shoulder bag gucci pattern

Guccy's classic pattern is reborn this year on the streets and the track. All that girls wore such vintage bags. There are many stores that recreated this print, so don't worry. You can design it with simple workwear look, or with checkered blazer and white wide pants, like fashionista in the picture above.

Green and blue wave

leather shoulder bag blue brown

Small bags definitely ruled this season. I must admit that I bought some small bags myself. I fell in love with them. It's as simple as that. This is made of wonderful blue leather with a brown handle that looks eccentric and elegant.

Denim dress

leather shoulder bag Goalee

The leather shoulder bag is a great way to spice up your outfit combination. Aimee Song decided to match her bag with a diker skirt and to design these items with black ankle boots, denim skirt and green sweater. This is a great way to wear this casual look.

Colorful suede and black leather

leather shoulder bag colorful suede

The combination of suede and leather was never nicer. When I look at this bag, I want to own one immediately. The suede part is colorful with yellow, red, beige and dark green print. The leather part is stylish and that is what makes this bag unique and very elegant.

Gucci Dionysus

leather shoulder bag dionysus

This famous Gucci bag took the hearts of many girls. Those who love fashion and bags will find a way to pair it with simple and casual items. This girl paired it with simple slim high waist jeans and orange tee. Boots definitely make a statement.

Orange and green combination

leather shoulder bag orange blazer

Orange was one of the colors of the fall season. Along with red and yellow, orange will also be available in the spring. That's why you need to find a way to combine the orange blazer. Is there a better way than with skinny jeans, matching orange pumps and green bag? I do not think so.

Gingham and red shoulder bag

leather shoulder bag gingham

Gold chains look elegant and sophisticated in combination with different bags. This red leather shoulder bag is mixed with oversized gingham top, black jeans and black pumps. You can rest assured that the bag will tell you wherever you go.

Floral skirt and red sweater

leather shoulder bag floral skirt

Ruffles, floral print and nice warm turtleneck sweater make a great combination for spring days. When you add this black leather bag to these items you get a wonderful and very modern combination for both everyday and formal wear. Don't forget to wear leather in burgundy.

Powerful pastels

leather shoulder bag pastel

Pastels were never easier to wear than this fashion season. Purple, soft pink, soft blue and pastel green are beautiful colors to see in fashion values. Personally, I can't wait to buy something and wear pastels in the spring and summer. This purple bag should be the good article to start with.

Orange and red combination

leather shoulder bag orange red

As I mentioned before, (still) orange and red were the colors of the season. When combined, they make a warm and stylish outfit combination. This French blogger decided to wear orange puffer jacket and red vinyl skirt. She added leather shoulder bag in white and orange color as wonderful detail.

All Black Everything

leather shoulder bag completely black

When you do not have the idea of ??what to wear for each day or your office, the best thing to do is to choose black-everything clothes. Black blazer, jeans and shoulder bag are definitely some of the essential items that should be in your wardrobe.

Plaid Blazer and black dress

leather shoulder bag checkered

Plaid blazer looks so good this year. Combined with a black dress and ankle boots, this combination is elegant and very trendy. It is the perfect solution for everyday occasions and for workwear inspo. The bag is small and very stylish.

Burgundy look and brown leather shoulder bag

leather shoulder bag goalee song

Fashion blogger and influencer Aimee Song chose a completely burgundy look combined with the brown suede bag. She matches snakeskin prints on her booties and bag that look fantastic and so elegant.

Plaid and red

leather shoulder bag red checkered

The checkered and red combination looks sophisticated and very modern. If you match these two trends, your outfit will be a super casual and stylish one. Red boots in leather match with the two-tone leather shoulder bag.

Trench and brown leather shoulder bag

leather shoulder bag brown

Match your brown leather bag with a long and large trench coat. If you are planning to buy one, leave it with shoulder pads, long and large, as I have mentioned. They are super trendy now. The best part is that you can wear them with both sneakers and heels.

Brown Bow leather bag

leather shoulder bag brown stylish

If you prefer classic models and colors, this bag may be the right choice for you. It has a classic cut and an interesting arch that makes this look unique and polished. Style it with a beige thick or suede jacket.

Retro leather bag

leather shoulder bag chanel

Chanel retro bag looks amazing when paired with tweed jacket and jeans. This blondie blogger decided to go retro, so she chose a white jacket made of tweed with big front buttons.

As you saw this season, small, retro and colorful bags dominated the scene. All It Girls tried to design them in unique and their own style. I hope you will try to copy some of these ideas that I have gathered for you. Be sure to check out other style guides we have prepared for you.


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