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Leopard Print Blouse Outfit

Leopard Print Blouse Outfit Ideas

No matter how exaggerated and how unnatural some people think the leopard print blouse looks, there are always fans of leopard print clothes who don't care about others thinking and can actually pull them off. It is one of the articles you can describe with the phrase "love it or hate it". No matter which side you are on, it's always interesting to see how you can build an outfit around an eye-catching object like this. What you are seeing are some really cool leopard print blouse kit ideas that I have collected. Let's check them out now. 

Leopard Print Blouse with black skinny jeans

To start with this very interesting list, I let you warm up with this very typical way to design a button up leopard print blouse. You can simply wear it with black skinny jeans. Wear a wide brown leather belt to create some separation. Pair these pieces with black open toe heels to give an elegant touch to the outfit. 

Leopard Print Blouse with High Waist Black Bodycon Wrap Skirt

leopard print blouse with high waist black bodycon skirt

Now let's look at an even more feminine costume you can wear in the office. For the top, you can simply wear a leopard print button. Pair it with a black waist skirt in high waist knee length. Finally, wear light pink pointed toe heels and a blush leather handbag to make this beautiful look. 

Wear with black leather legs & white sneakers

black leather leggings white sneakers

Here is a very interesting attempt to wear leopard print blouse relaxed. To get this look, you can wear leopard print blouse nasty. Pair it with black leather pants and a pair of white low top converse. Wear a black leather bag to add an extra nice touch to the overall look. 

Leopard Print Blouse with high waist yellow midi skirt

leopard print blouse with high waist mustard yellow midi skirt

Here is a counter-intuitive way of thinking that surprisingly often works. It is to match one exaggerated piece with another to form a more natural outfit. As an example of this outfit, you can wear a leopard print blouse with a mustard yellow midi skirt with high waist. You can even finish the suit with a pair of yellow heeled toe heels to look bright and unique. 

Three-quarter sleeved deep V-neck Leopard print blouse

three-quarter sleeved deep v-neck leopard print blouse

To achieve a causal yet elegant look, you can wear a three-quarter sleeve deep v-neck leopard print blouse. Pair it with black skinny jeans and black lace-up heels to keep the suit simple and clean. You can wear a crystal necklace to make the outfit look more elegant. 

Sleeveless deep V-neck Leopard print blouse with matching heels

sleeveless deep v-neck leopard print blouse matching sandals

Here is an outfit that is especially for fans of hardcore leopard print. To get this amazing look, wear a sleeveless v-neck leopard print blouse with a black chinos. Here comes the interesting part. Wear leopard print with open toe platform heels and a handbag with leopard print to complement this all-leopard look. 

Enlarged Leopard Print Blouse with Boyfriend Jeans

oversized leopard print blouse boyfriend jeans

This outfit is a pretty successful attempt to build a casual and stylish street outfit around a blouse of leopard print. To do so, you can choose a slightly oversized blouse on leopard print and load it into a pair of ripped boyfriends. Wear white sneaker to give a casual touch to the outfit. 

Wear with black high waist Chiffon skater mini skirt

black high waist chiffon skater mini skirt

To build a beautiful suit, you can wear leopard print blouses with a black high waisted chiffon mini skater skirt. The skirt's finesse helps balance the brightness of the leopard print shirt. You can simply pair these pieces with a pair of black ballet heels to look simple and beautiful. 

Leopard Print Silk Blouse with washed skinny jeans

leopard print silk blouse washed skinny jeans

If you want more depth in your blouse, you may want to choose a leopard print blouse made from silk. Very interesting, pair the blouse with a pair of washed skinny jeans to create a nice look. Complete outfit with a wide black leather belt and white sneakers. 

Wear with Orange Blazer & Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

orange blazer ripped boyfriend jeans

One of the ways to tone down the leopard print blouse is to wear a blazer on top of it. In this case, an orange blazer is chosen to create a bright and happy look. For the bottom, wear blue ripped and cuffed boyfriend jeans and pale pink heels to make the look stylish. 

Wear with Black Blazer & White Skinny Jeans

black blazer white skinny jeans

Here's another blazer outfit. This time it is a more stylish and professional black blazer that is paired with leopard print blouses. Pair them with white skinny jeans and brown striped sandals to create a chic and artistic look. 

Oversized blouse with Mini White Denim Shorts

oversized blouse mini white denim shorts

To show off your legs a bit, here's an outfit idea that can do just that. Wear a slightly oversized blouse of leopard print on top. Only partially put on a pair of white denim mini-shorts. Pair them with black ankle straps with open toe heels and a black leather case to give a feminine and elegant touch. 

Wear with black pleated skater mini skirt & patterned socks

black pleated skater mini skirt patterned socks

For a lovely look, you can wear a leopard print blouse that comes with a black bow. Pair it with a black plated miniskirt, black patterned socks and black ballet flats to complete the look in a sweet and beautiful way. 

Wear with black straight leg cut dress pants and ballet heels

black straight leg cropped dress pants ballet heels

For those of you who like to dress as a minimalist, you can simply wear a leopard print button with blouse with black straight leg pants. Wear black ballet heels to complement this simple and elegant look. 

Leopard Print Button Up Shirt with White Wide Ben Chinos

leopard print button up shirt white wide leg chinos

To get a look that is both feminine and refreshing, you can wear a leopard print shirt with a pair of white legs with wide legs. You can hide a pair of black ankle straps with open toe heels under the wide leg pants to make you look taller and slimmer. 

I hope you like the leopard print blouse kit ideas that I just shared with you above. There is no doubt that these clothes are quite difficult to pull off, but I also think some of you can actually do it. So why not keep your mind open and try these ideas. Not only does it not hurt, you will actually have fun. 


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