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Light Blue Cocktail Dress
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Light Blue Cocktail Dress Outfit Ideas

If you have to go to a cocktail party next week, what is the color of the cocktail dress you are going to wear? Black, white, silver or red can be some of the most popular answers. Welcome to this blog where we don't really care about popularity, all we care about is how beautiful the results are. Today I will talk about the light blue cocktail dress, something very beautiful that is non-mainstream. To show you some of the ways to style it, I've put together some of the best light blue cocktail dress outfit ideas for you. 

Light blue Halter lace and Chiffon skater cocktail dress

For starters, here is a wonderful light blue halter lace skater cocktail dress. It is a beautiful two-color top where the upper part is a lace halter top and the lower part is a chiffon tulle mini skater skirt. Simply pair it with silver colored ankle strap with open toe heels to complete the suit. 

Light blue gathered waist cocktail dress with silver sequin details

light blue gathered waist cocktail dress silver sequin details

There are quite a few ways that can make you shine in a cocktail party. One of the ways is to wear a cocktail dress with sequin details. It can literally make you shine. As an example of such an outfit, wear a light blue skater dress with some silver sequin details. Wear silver heels for the shoes to give the suit an extra elegant touch. 

Blue sweetheart neckline with white sheer overlay

blue sweetheart neckline dress white sheer overlay

Here is a lovely and ladyike blue darling cocktail dress. It comes with a white clean overlay that covers the shoulder area. In addition, there are some silver details in sequins that are attached to the neckline and waist. To design a dress with so many beautiful details, you can simply wear it with silver clasp with open toe heels. 

Light blue sequin and chiffon tulle cocktail dress

light blue sequin and chiffon roll cocktail dress

This is a fantastic dress that can make you look like a princess. It is a two-tone dress with the upper part of blue sequin and the lower part is a chiffon tulle skirt. The perfect shoes to wear would be the open toe heels in silver. 

Light Blue Halter Skater Dress

light blue halter skater dress

If you are not in the stylish dresses I just mentioned, how should you wear a plain and simple light blue halter skater dress to achieve a low profile yet beautiful look. Silver heels would still be my best choice for shoes. As an alternative, you choose a pair of ligh blue heels with open toe that have exactly the same color as the dress. 

Two-color light blue tulle dress

two tinted light blue tulle dress

Here is another princess-like light blue dress. It is a two toned dress, with the upper part a lace top and the lower part is a tulle skater skirt. Wear open toe patches in silver to complement this outfit that would definitely make you stand out from the rest in a cocktail party. 

Light blue off the shoulder Chiffon cocktail dress

light blue off shoulder chiffon cocktail dress

For a simple but sexy outfit you can wear a blue strapless sweetheart chiffon baby doll dress. Simply pair it with silver-open heels to complement this beautiful and adorable look. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, check out our blog post on how to wear silver strap heels. 

Light blue sweetheart pleated mini dress with floral mesh overlay

light blue sweetheart pleated mini dress with floral mesh

This light blue dress that comes with a light blue floral mesh is just as beautiful and unique. It is a beloved neckline pleated mini dress with the floral mesh covering the shoulder area. Pair it with white heels with open toe heels and a white clutch bag to make this amazing look. 

Light blue belt silk cocktail dress

light blue belt of silk cocktail dress

This is a light blue silk dress with some beautiful details. It has a belt design and also some subtle heart shaped patterns. To build a feminine and slightly more mature look around the dress, wear black socks and black suede heels. 

Light blue shift dress with lace half-clean overlay

light blue shift dress lace semi clean overlay

Here is a light blue dress that is so light that one is almost a white dress. It is a two-layer dress, where the inner layer is a light blue shift dress and the outer layer is a white lace semi-pure overlay. The waistband design makes the dress look so much nicer. Wear silver-banded sandals to complement the outfit in a beautiful and elegant way. 

Light blue Satin Bodycon Mini dress

light blue satin bodycon mini dress

If you have put a lot of effort into getting yourself into a nice shape and you are proud of your current status, a light blue spot bodycon mini dress would probably be the best choice for you to show off your curves without showing any skin. Just wear it with silver open heels to complete the minimal outfit. 

Blue Ruffle Bodycon Mini Dress

blue ruffle boydcon mini dress

This is also a bodycon mini dress. But this time it has a nice ruffle design that is added to the waist. This little ruffle detail can really make the dress look more elegant. Pair the dress with white heels with open toe to complement the simple and beautiful suit. 

Light Blue Cutout Sweetheart Neckline Satin Cocktail Dress

light blue cutout sweetheart neckline satin cocktail dress

If you do not care to show some skin, here is a dress that looks extremely sexy and stylish at the same time. Wear this light blue protruding sweetheart cocktail dress with silver open toe heels to make a fabulous outfit. 

Blue Ruffle Top Dress with lace details

blue ruffle top dress lace details

Here is another light blue ruffle dress. But this time, the ruffle detail is in the dress's chest area. In addition, it comes with an elegant lace detail at the neckline area. Pair this elegant dress with white heels with open toe to shine in a cocktail party. 

Here are the light blue cocktail dresses that I want to share with you. I was really surprised how much bigger the fashion world for the cocktail dress is with all these wonderful dresses. If you want to look good and look different than others for your next cocktail party, the list above is a good place to start. 


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