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Long Sleeve Jumpsuit Outfit

Long Sleeve Jumpsuit Outfit Ideas

When it comes to proms and cocktail parties, most people would consider wearing a beautiful dress. The rest would probably consider wearing pants. Now, there is actually something missing here. Have you ever considered wearing a jumpsuit for the events? For those who have a party to attend every month or even every week, do yourself a favor by expanding your outfit game. Instead of wearing wonderful dresses all the time, let's try a cool jumpsuit outfit for your next party. Today I will talk specifically about long-sleeved jumpsuit. I have put together a list that contains some of the best outfit ideas. Let's check it out. 

Black half-heated V-neck jacket

I'll start with the list with a black loose fit half-heated v-neck jacket that is very easy to pull off. Without sexy haircut such as the deep v-neck or backless cut, this is simply a stylish and unisex dress that can make you look unique and nice in a party. Pair the black jumpsuit with white heels with open toe to complete the suit. 

Black lace sleeve with wide leg jacket

black lace sleeve wide leg jumpsuit

For a feminine and mature look, you may want to consider wearing this black wide leg lace sleeve. To build a stylish outfit around this jumpsuit, you can wear a pair of silver ankle straps with open toe heels and a black clutch bag. This feminine outfit is such a great alternative to a black lace dress. 

Black long-sleeved deep V-neck jacket

black long-sleeved deep v-neck jumpsuit

If you think that wearing a jumpsuit instead of a dress for a cocktail party would only make you look tough and prevent you from looking sexy, you should think twice after seeing this jumpsuit. It is a black long-sleeved deep v-neck jumpsuit that makes you look extremely sexy and elegant at the same time. To keep the cool look of the suit consistent, complement the suit clean with black open toe heels. 

Navy Three Quarter Sleeve Jumpsuit with black open toe heels

navy blue three quarter sleeve jumpsuit black open toe heels

For those of you who are fans of unisex clothing, here is one you should like. It is an outfit that consists of a navy blue three-quarter sleeve v-jumpsuit and black ankle strap with open toe heels. The jumpsuit has an overall waist cut that can easily be made narrower and taller. 

Black wide leg dust jacket with mesh sleeves

black wide leg jumpsuit mesh sleeves

Here is a wide leg jumpsuit that looks a lot like a maxi dress. For those who hate wearing dresses, here is a solution for you to look feminine without wearing dresses. It is a black jumpsuit that comes with black mesh half sleeves and a deep v-neck cut. Wear black heels to complement this elegant outfit. 

Green Tie Midi Wide Leg Jumpsuit

green tie waist wide leg jumpsuit

If you think black or navy is a little too heavy for you, you might want to try a jumpsuit in olive green. This is a long-sleeved waist tie with wide legs, which looks refreshing and creative. Pair the jumpsuit with black heels with open toe to complement the suit clean. 

Gray and white floral jumpsuit

gray and white floral jumpsuit

If you want to look even more eye-catching instead of a solid colored jumpsuit, you might want to try a more colorful patterned jumpsuit. This gray and white floral jumpsuit is a good example of that. You can simply wear it with nude open toe heels to complement this unique outfit. 

Black jumpsuit with small open chest

black jumpsuit small open chest

Sometimes a nice little detail in a jumpsuit can make a world of difference. For example, this black long-sleeved jumpsuit has a small opening around the chest area. Nothing really can be seen through the opening, but the room of imagination makes the jumpsuit look so much sexier. Pair the jumpsuit with bare heels with open toe on the heels to get a stylish and low-key sexy look. 

Denim long sleeve jumpsuit with black heels

denim long sleeve jumpsuit black heels

Denim and jumpsuit are a perfect match you can see from the denim jumpsuit above. To wear the jumpsuit nicely, you can pair it with black open toe heels and a black choker. 

Deep v-neck jacket with black heels with open toe

deep v-neck jumpsuit black open toe heels

Here is another sexy and stylish jumpsuit with deep v-neck. This jumpsuit has a cool detail in the front pocket. Simply wear it with black ankle strap with open toe heels to get a minimal look. For more outfit ideas of similar shoes, you may want to take a look at our blog post on how to design black ankle straps. 

Black scalloped V-neck jacket

black peeled v-neck jumpsuit

Some lace details can often make a dress look more feminine. From this outfit it seems that the same trick works really well for the jumpsuit. This is a black V-leg with wide leg jumpsuit with a drawstring with drawstring in drawstring. Wear it with white heeled Chelsea boots to create a ladylike and artistic look. 

Gray Off Shoulder Velvet Jumpsuit

gray off shoulder velvet jumpsuit

If you want more depth in your outfit, you would have a velvet jumpsuit made to be an excellent choice. This particular is a gray off shoulder velvet jumpsuit. Pair it with silver open heels to complement a sexy and elegant outfit that is especially suitable for those with beautiful shoulders and sleeves. 

White Long Sleeve Satin Jumpsuit

white long sleeve satin jumpsuit

This is an elegant and unique white satin jumpsuit. It's a little hard to pull off, because the color of white requires you to be in good shape or if your love handles would show up. Just wear it with white heels with an open toe to complete an eye-catching full-white suit. 

Black Belted Jumpsuit with pink heels

black belt jumpsuit pink heels

For a high-contrast black and pink outfit, you can wear a black belt jumpsuit with shocking pink heels and a pink suitcase. The black and shocking pink color combination can simply catch people's attention. 

Red backless wide leg jacket

red backless wide leg jumpsuit

For an extremely sexy look, wear this red long-sleeved backless jumpsuit with wide legs. Just pair it with silver heels and you're ready to shine. 

Here are the ideas for the long sleeve jumpsuit outfit that I want to share with you. If you are a little bored of wearing dresses for cocktail parties all the time. The list above should help you expand your creativity a bit. 


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