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Maxi Cardigan Outfit Ideas for

Maxi Cardigan Outfit Ideas for Ladies

For those who like to dress in a refreshing way, you should be very familiar with the design of the cardigan already. Today I will talk about maxi cardigan, a version of cardigan that looks extra refreshing and airy. It is not difficult to design it at all. You just have to make sure you dress in a way that makes you look long and skinny instead of looking clumsy yourself. To make the styling part easier for you, I've compiled some of the best maxi cardigan outfit ideas you can imitate. Let's dive in now.

Black Maxi Cardigan with White Mini Denim Shorts

To start this list that is filled with beautiful outfit ideas, I will show you a refreshing and girly outfit. To get this look, you can wear a white-gray striped vest top with a pair of white denim mini-shorts. Put a black maxi cardigan over these pieces and wear black leather ankle boots to complement this attractive look.

Black and white striped T-shirt dress with Maxi Cardigan

Here is a very iconic outfit that involves the popular dress in black and white striped t-shirt. You can put a black maxi cardigan over the dress so your legs look longer and slimmer. To complement the casual outfit, you can simply wear white sneakers. The result is a windy and simple suit that makes you look very accessible.

Black and white striped top with skinny jeans & gray Maxi cardigan

Here is another outfit that involves a black and white striped article, but this time it comes in the form of a western top. Pair it with dark blue skinny jeans and gray maxi blouse. Wear black crew socks and a pair of black leather boots to add some extra style to the outfit.

Black Maxi Cardigan with white T-shirt & Ripped Boyfriend Jeans

black maxi cardigan with white t-shirt and ripped boyfriends

To get a nice and unisex look, try this outfit that is filled with large sizes. Wear in detail a white big t-shirt with ripped and cuffed boyfriends. Put a black oversized maxi cardigan over them. Complete upholstery with black leather boots.

Heather Gray Maxi Cardigan with Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

Heather gray maxi cardigan with black ripped skinny jeans

To look elegant and artistic, you may want to try this black and gray outfit. To achieve this look, wear a black shirt with a pair of black ripped slim jeans. Place a heather gray maxi cardigan over the pieces. Complete upholstery with a pair of black leather boots and a leather clutch bag to look extra stylish.

Blush Pink Maxi Cotton Cardigan with Black Vest Top & Statement Necklace

blush pink maxi cotton cardigan with black vest top and necklace

To get a portrait and elegant look, try adding something pink to your outfit. For example, you can wear a black vest top with silver necklaces and blue skinny jeans. Use a blush pink cotton maxi cardigan to give a feminine touch. Elegant complete dress with black suede heels.

Heather Gray Long Cardigan with Black Midi Shift Dress

Heather gray long cardigan with black midi shift dress

Here is a very simple and windy look. To create this outfit you can simply wear a black midi shift dress with a long gray gray cardigan. To make the outfit more stylish, you can wear a pair of black crew socks with a pair of black leather heeled ankle boots to create some nice layers.

Crepe Maxi Cardigan with black long-shift dress

crepe maxi cardigan with black long-growth dress

This is another outfit that uses the combination long cardigan and long dress. In this case, the long dress is a black shift dress while the long cardigan is a crepe maxi cardigan. You can simply wear white sneakers to make the outfit look casual and refreshing.

Blush Pink Crochet Long Cardigan with Maxi White Flared Skirt

blush pink crocheted long cardigan with maxi white blown skirt

You can definitely carry a maxi cardigan to the office. Here is a good example that looks elegant and beautiful. To achieve this look, you can wear a white and pink vertically striped button up shirt with a long white maxi flared skirt. Lay a long blush pink crochet cardigan over them. Complete outfit with pale pink heels.

White Maxi Lace Cardigan with gray Relaxed Fit pants

This is a very adorable and ladylike street outfit. To achieve this stunning look, you can wear a white oversized blouse with a pair of gray casual fit pants. Pair them with white crochet lace maxi cardigan and a pair of white slender toe heels to complement the outfit in an elegant and ladylike way.

White cardigan with black long sleeve Mini Shift Dress & Leggings

white cardigan with black long-sleeved mini-shift dress and leggings

In order to look stylish and artistic, a black and white outfit can usually do just that. To get this look, wear a black long sleeve dress with black leggings and black leather shoes. Wear a white maxi cardigan to make this outfit an artistic and unique one.

Wear with Black Shift Mini Dress & Scarf

black shift mini dress and scarf

Here is a business casual outfit that uses a cool layering technique. Wear a black mini-shift dress with a black scarf. Pair them with black leggings and black leather boots to look cool and dark. Tinted down the dark a bit by wearing a white maxi cardigan.

Gray long cardigan with black sweater & blue ankle jeans

gray long cardigan with black sweater and blue ankle jeans

Here is a very casual and windy suit that can make you look like the girl next door. To form this suit you can simply wear a black fitted sweater with a pair of blue leggings with simple legs. Wear a gray maxi cardigan and a pair of gray and white cloth shoes to complement the outfit relaxed and elegant.

Black long cardigan with white print Tee & Blue Denim Shorts

black long cardigan with white print tee and blue denim shorts

To make your legs look extra long and slim, here's a little trick you can use. You can wear a black long cardigan with a pair of blue denim mini shorts. For the rest of the suit you can wear a white print tee and black leather boots to stylishly complement the suit.

I hope you liked the maxi cardigan outfit ideas that I just shared with you. For those of you trying to look more refreshing and windy, the list above should be a good place to start.

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