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Mid-Calf Boots Outfit Ideas

Mid-Calf Boots Outfit Ideas

Midi boots, also known as midi boots, are a kind of shoe that you choose when the weather is neither here nor there. If it is spring it is too early for sandals but too warm for long and warm winter shoes. And in the fall, you can’t wear sneakers when it rains, but you still don’t want to wear your winter Canadian boots. Mid calf boots usually hug the middle calf on your leg and because of that they are also known as tights. The biggest flaw in these types of boots is that they can make your legs look shorter than they actually are. It may even happen to the highest of supermodels. But if you choose a good pair of boots, which are both flattering to your legs and match your body shape, you will get some combinations of killer gear. Let’s see how to swing middle calf boots without looking awkward. Here are the 14 best outfit ideas, just for you!

Long knit for winter days

mid calf boots long sweater Here is an idea for a warm and beautiful outfit that you will appreciate when the cold winter days arrive. Pair your long knit sweater with a super comfortable jeans and a white T-shirt. For an extra trendy look, try wearing your middle calf shoes made of brown leather and burgundy bag.

Floral dress and velvet

middle calf boots velvet This floral dress is ideal for everyday walks, but it can also help you on your way to formal occasions. If you pair them with these velvet mid calf shoes, you get a super trendy and relaxed outfit combination. Mix the styles by adding a bomber jacket or long jacket.

Wrap skirt and Mid Calf boots

mid calf boots with shawl This is a great inspo for work clothes! Pair your mini wrap skirt with an elegant black shirt for a stunning office look. This fantastic outfit combination looks equally chic and very fitting. Pair it with pointed toe with mid calf shoes.

Casual look with boots

middle calf boots green sweater If you are looking for a way to design your mid-calf boots for each day here is a great example! Wear them with the green sweater with the button down and skinny jeans. It is really good and comfortable every day look.

Sweater and pleated skirt

mid calf boots sweater pleated skirt One of the biggest fall trends is midi and A-line skirts. This is why you should consider wearing this cozy and loose outfit combination on cold autumn days. Pair your beige pleated skirt with a big cozy sweater and black boots. It is a great option for relaxed evenings spent with your friends.

Velvet patterned jacket

The best type of jeans you can choose to wear with midi boots are the straight cut jeans. The trap should be cuffed and just above the rubbing of the boots. That way your leg will look good and you will look very modern. Add this animal printed velvet blazer for a stunning chic look.

Lace and knit

mid calf shoes lace dress If you like to mix materials and feel good in your combination, my suggestion is to follow this girl’s instructions. She makes it perfect. Pair the long camel shirt and wear it in your lace-silk dress. It will look like you are wearing a skirt, and that is the fantastic fashion trick! Wear mid-calf shoes with this cozy combination.

Mini skirt made of leather and white tee

mid calf shoes in leather skirt This is one of those clothes that is equally comfortable but also has the dose of sexiness. It is great to go out or have a casual drink in a bar. It looks really modern and elegant together with the middle calf boots.

Blue Wrap Coat

mid calf boots blue coat If you are looking for a good coat that will keep you warm during the snowy winter days, I have already found one for you! This blue wrap coat is long and looks very stylish. Pair it with the chic white boots and you get the unique and very trendy outfit look that everyone will notice.

White Fringe Skirt

mid calf boots white skirt Block heel boots are very “in” this fall. That is why you should definitely consider buying a pair. Wear them with this black and white combination of black and white for a modern and minimalist look. The black leather jacket gives this outfit a cool wild vibe.

Two colored Mid Calf boots

mid calf boots two-color Fashion bloggers lost their minds about these two colored boots. They were their foremost obsession during the recent fashion season. If you like to follow fashion trends, you can easily design these mid-calf boots with mini skirt in patent leather, black tee and lots of jewelry. Round it off with the nylon base.

plaid Pants

mid calf boots plaid pants The checkered and checked pattern is the main trend of the autumn season. You can see the girls from the fashion world wearing such pants all the time. Pair it with the black boots and you’ll get a killer combination for the winter.

Pink is the color of autumn

middle calf boots pink You may say I’m crazy, but you should know that pink is the most worn color this fall season! It is very trendy to wear pink coats, dresses, but most of all to wear pink boots. If you also want to look modern and very eccentric, try this combination to go out.

Tulle and sequins

mid calf shoes lace sequins If you like to sparkle and be unique in all kinds of situations, wear this short dress and black mid calf boots. It’s a stylish outfit that gets all heads turned in your direction. Do a little trick and wear modern short-sleeved tights from fishing nets that just peek out of the boots. Mid calf or socks may be your new favorite shoe. It is perfectly paired with both relaxed and elegant staples. It’s a good time for you to wear them with jeans – cuffed or cropped or with mini skirts and long dresses. You will definitely look modern and elegant. In addition, these boots will give you a great dose of comfort. If you like these outfit ideas, make sure you read the other style guides I have prepared for you! I hope you enjoyed reading this post!

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